How To Collect Data With Forms on Fire

Forms on Fire Review

Forms on Fire Review


Human beings can be everything but not omnipresent, meaning that we can be everywhere simultaneously; therefore, as human beings, we need data to make informed decisions that would affect our existence.

Data is simply another word for information. But in computing and business, data also refers to machine-readable information as argued to human-readable.

Data can also be anything specific to you or an entity you intend studying about. For example, it covers demographics, location, email address and other identifying factors that might be useful in business.

Data helps you understand and improve business processes to reduce wasted money and time. Every company feels the effects of waste. It depletes resources and ultimately impacts the bottom line.

Without data, how do you know who your customers are? Without data, how do you know if consumers like your products or if your marketing efforts are practical? Without data, how do you know how much money you are making or spending? Data is key to understanding your customers and market.

However, it can be easy to get lost in all the data you have if you don’t have the right tools to help you understand it.

Everyone seems to have an opinion about everything these days. As a result, making real positive change happen within an organisation can be challenging because it is unlikely that everyone will agree out of the gate.

Luckily, if you have the backing of good data on your side, you will be in a much better decision to push your ideas forward.

In addition to identifying problems and disorganisations, data also gives you the power to see your strengths and to implement the same methods across your organisation.

Identifying your high-performers and understanding what they are doing differently will give you the tools you need to develop strategies and assist programs in areas that aren’t doing quite as well.

So many tools have been proscribed and created to solve the growing data collection problem, but not all of these tools aim to solve the problem.

In this article, I will recommend one of the best tools created to help you collect data effectively, and this tool is called Forms-On-Fire.


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About Forms on Fire.

Forms On Fire is a website with a mobile app for capturing and dispatching mobile forms such as inspections, audits, safety reports, orders, and many other tasks. 

For on Fire was created for businesses in construction, agriculture, field service management and companies in various other industries. to help them capture and manage their data effectively.

Users can select from a library of more than 140 pre-designed form apps or produce their custom form and data-driven apps using the drag-and-drop form designer. No coding experience is required. Arrangements can be designed to align precisely with existing conditions created in Word or Excel.

While using Forms on Fire, Your apps will obtain text, numbers, dates, photos, video, audio, annotations, barcodes, near-field communication (NFC), signature, GPS locations, mapping, etc.

Users can automatically send forms to other remote users and send notifications back to the office via email, with the capability to send emails instantly, after a delay, or according to user-specified conditions. 

Using Forms on Fire, users get the opportunity to design their forms and then use the forms on their iOS, Android, or Windows device to capture information. The mobile app works both offline and online.

Why should You Collect Data With Forms on Fire?

Digitise your forms and workflows using our no-code cloud software and reward your employees with the most advanced, rich mobile data collection and workflow system on the planet.

Forms on firework both offline and online to help you get the latest versions of your most important things – like forms, data sources, documents and tasks – on whatever device you’re using.

With Forms On Fire, you can create beautiful reports using your favourite productivity applications: Word & Excel. Fast design, stunning outcomes.

Forms on fire come alongside unique features that make it stand out among the best when it concerns data collection.

In this section, I will spell out why you should drop off whatever tool you used in the past to collect data and turn it over to Form on Fire to collect data.

1. Forms on Fire is Mobile.

Forms on Fire come with full mobile support that allows you to create and customise documents for data collection right on your mobile phones, such as Android and IOS apps.

With the mobile app of the Forms on Fire platform, You are presented with the leverage to collect information directly on your smartphone or tablet, whether you are online or offline, also with an intuitive online dashboard for mobile task management, user security and tools to customise your app, an easy to learn drag and drop form and other familiar report design tools and the ability to integrate with hundreds of systems out of the box, with our pre-built connectors that lets you scale beyond anyone.

2. Forms on Fire Can be used Offline.

Another fantastic feature that comes with forms on fire is working both online and offline, which gives you more flexibility. For example, when using Forms on Fire, data can be input when there is no access to an internet connection and resubmitted when it has internet access.

3. Forms on Fire Come with beautiful pre-made templates.

Another fantastic feature that comes with the Forms on Fire platform is choosing from existing form templates to suit your business needs. You can choose templates based on your business needs, such as Hospitality, Tech, Field Service, Manufacturing and even design custom forms to suit your business.

4. Can be used with No-coding Experience.

Forms on Fire also enables people with no coding experience to build unique structures with little or no coding experience.

The user experience makes it easy to create forms from scratch without prior coding experience, which means anyone with or without any technical background can decide to use it.

5. Drag and Drop Builder Support.

Drag and drop is a functionality by which users can select an object or a section of text and move it to the desired location and “drop” it there. Drag and drop is a part of most graphical user interfaces but is not found in all software.

To execute this action, the user must highlight the text or select the object to be moved, then press and hold down the left mouse button to grab the thing.

The user then drags the object to the desired location while still holding down the mouse button. When the mouse button is released, it “drops” the thing in that location, either moving or copying it, depending on the program.

Forms on Fire comes with a built-in drag and drop builder to allow end-users to help make form building easy.

6. Seamless Integration With Other productivity third-party APIs.

Have you ever thought while using Google Maps about how one app can deliver such relevant information based on your location? The answer is Application Programming Interface or more popularly referred to as APIs.

APIs are an excellent programming shortcut that helps developers and coders build an app or website.

It provides them with numerous functions and operations instead of building one from scratch. To put it simply, at its core, APIs allow applications to communicate with each other.

Nowadays, whether you take notice or not, APIs are everywhere. From Google Maps to Facebook, various other APIs allow such organisations to integrate almost any operations.

Forms on fire come built-In with multiple support for third-party apps that allow you to do extra; examples of these APIs include; Google Drive, Trello, Dropbox and many others.

7. Analytics Support.

Organisations make use of Business analytics so they can make data-driven decisions. Business analytics gives the business an excellent overview and insight into how companies can become more efficient, and these insights will enable such companies to optimise and automate their processes.

It is no surprise that data-driven companies that use business analytics usually beat their counterparts.

Business analytics also offers enough support and coverage for businesses looking to make the right proactive decisions. Business analytics also allows corporations to automate their decision-making process to deliver real-time responses when needed.

Efficiency is one area of business analytics that helps any organisation achieve immediately. Since its inception, business analytics have played a key role in helping business improve their efficiency.

Forms on Fire keeps helps your business make an informed decision by allowing have access to real-time and accurate data analytics.

Forms on Fire Pricing Plans.

How To Collect Data With Forms on Fire

Forms On fireworks offline and gets you the latest versions of your most important things – like forms, data sources, documents and tasks – on whatever device you’re using.

With Forms On Fire, you can build beautiful reports using your favourite productivity applications: Word & Excel. Fast design and stunning outcomes, as stated in the previous paragraphs. In this section, I will spell out an area vital to every software application, which is pricing.

Forms on Fire comes with great pricing, making it easy for people to subscribe. In addition, forms on Fire come with three-tier pricing, namely Standard($20), Premium ($28)and Enterprise($36).

How To Collect Data using Forms on Fire.

Collecting data allows you to store and analyse critical information about your existing and potential customers.

Collecting this information can also save your company money by building a database of customers for future marketing and retargeting efforts. You no longer need to do too much to contact potential consumers within your target audience.

In this section, I will show you how to get started with forms on Fire and start making money.

1. Logon to the website.

How To Collect Data With Forms on Fire

All you need is a web browser such as Google chrome to get started, launch your browser and visit

2. Register With your details.

How To Collect Data With Forms on Fire

It would help if you got an account set up before you access features on forms on fire. For example, you would be required to fill in your personal and business details, such as First name, Last name, Email, phone number, and name of the organisation and choose a server where you want your form to live.

3. Activate your account.

How To Collect Data With Forms on Fire

After concluding with the process above, you would be required to login in with the details provided to you via your email address; these include your email and a custom password provided to you by Forms on fire just as you complete your registration.

How To Collect Data With Forms on Fire


4. Start exploring the dashboard.

How To Collect Data With Forms on Fire

After your successful login, you will be presented with your dashboard, which allows you to design forms, integrate third-party tools and manage your account.

Forms on Fire Pros and Cons.

Every software business has its various ups and downs, and this does not exclude Forms on Fire. In this section, I will state some of the pros and cons that I and users all over the world ran into when making use of Forms on Fire.


1. The most helpful thing about Forms on Fire is flexibility. It’s a fresh canvas; you can create any form you require.

2. It is simple to use, and I’m not that tech-savvy.

3. It’s completely customisable per site, so, It allows us to see what’s happening in the field (all of the fields) in real-time.

4. It is adaptable and can integrate with other platforms.

5. It provides flexibility and can be tailored to whatever your team needs.

6. It is easy to create forms and, importantly, offline capabilities


1. In-depth training opportunities would be suitable; getting started on your own would not be helpful.

2. The built-in data dashboards and analytics are adequate but not excellent. However, these can be bypassed by exporting data to another platform using the integrations or API, and custom dashboards and reporting can be built there.


Data allows organisations to measure the effectiveness of a given strategy. When strategies are put into place to overcome a challenge, collecting data will allow you to determine how well your solution is performing and whether or not your approach needs to be tweaked or changed over the long term.

Data will help you tell (both good and bad) decisions. Whether or not your strategies and decisions have the predicted outcome, you can be confident that you developed your approach based not on guesses but on good solid data.

Good data allows organisations to establish baselines, benchmarks, and goals to keep moving forward. Because data will enable you to measure, you will be able to establish baselines, find examples and set performance goals.

A baseline is what a specific area looks like before implementing a particular solution. Putting all to a close, your company needs to start collecting data now and can only come to reality with Forms on fire. Follow the link below to get started.



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