(Hostnownow Review) How To Host a Website in Nigeria

hostnownow review

hostnownow review


One of the major factors that kill the economy of any country very fast is purchasing utilities and services from another country.

The African economy is becoming weak day by day because of the over-reliance of survival on leading economies of the world and this has also affected the exchange rate.

One of the very potent ways to overcome this challenge is to buy made-in-Africa startups or utilities.

In this article, We are going to be discussing how to host a full-blown website here in Nigeria or any other African country of your choice.

When you log in to a website like Bluehost or Godaddy, one thing you discover when trying to purchase a Webhosting service is the fact that the exchange rates are usually too high, most especially if you live in a third-world country like Nigeria.

The most annoying thing about this is that Nigerians still go ahead to buy things outside of their borders, though the service might seem top to be quality and irresistible, the effect on the economy and value is more important.

Let me break this down more, whenever you scream Arsenal, Man U, Barcelona, or you patronize any foreign service what happens is that you just weakened the economy of your country.

The exchange rate is what kills the economy. For an average American buying a web hosting services at the rate of 100 dollars is way too cool and cheap for them, after all, that is equivalent to their wages in one day, but bringing it to the Nigerian context, and average Nigerian graduate earns less than $100 a month, now you see, imagine if such an individual want to get started with a website, then he has to save for over 6 months to get started, I hope you now see the difference.

If you prefer buying from foreign hosting companies, then it is not a bad idea, in fact, I even wrote an article on one of the very global Webhosting company called Bluehost, and here is an article I recommend you read to help you get started.

There are so many web hosting companies in Nigeria but the sad part of it is that they all have a lot of discredits, In this article, we are going to be talking about that I have tested and trusted and it is called HostNownow.

About Hostnownow.

Hostnownow is a Webhosting company based in Lagos, Nigeria, they began operation barely 10 years ago and I must tell you that their services are superb and pocket friendly.

When most clients ask me to design websites for them and they don’t have enough to get started with, I often subscribe to the services of this particular web hosting company and I must tell you that apart from being an indigenous company, their services are so damn excellent.

Why You Should Subscribe To Hostnownow.

Here is some very valid reason why you should subscribe to the services of Hostnownow.

1. No exchange rate at all.

While starting in this article I discussed the importance of buying a local-based utility, and one point I made was the fact that the continuous practice of buying local-based utilities and service will further strengthen the economy.
If you want to save yourself the stress and hassle of trying to buy a website at a different exchange rate then you have to start using African made startup.

2. Services Are cheap.

I also gave an example of how much a graduate earns here in Nigeria as it is far very low as compared to what an America earns in a day.
The best way to go around this is to get started with local based web hosting companies.

3. Top-Notch Customer Support.

Hostnownow is barely starting, they are less than 10 years old and this has made their customer support very great.

I personally love them because whenever I run into a problem I can easily contact support for immediate clarification. This has made them an amazing web hosting service based here in Nigeria.

4. Multiple Payment Options.

Another reason I love and recommend this platform anytime is because of the flexible payment options, they are initially powered by Paystack which allows you to pay with various web technologies such as direct bank transfer, USSD and so on.

Pros and Cons Of Hostnownow.

When it comes to choosing a software service, I usually say something about it being not 100%, every software service you see online today has it own up and down, but it better to choose a service that has more merits than demerits.

In this section, we are going to be discussing some few merits and demerits of this amazing internet company called Hostnownow.


When it comes to getting a cheap hosting company in Nigeria, I usually recommend Hostnownow because of the clarity they provide when it comes to web hosting services. There are major reasons why HostNowNow continues gaining ground in the Nigeria web hosting market. Here are some of the major reason why Hostnownow remains top on my list when it comes to hosting website here in Nigeria.

1. Server Uptime & Speed Uptime.

Web Hosting is important, but nothing is of higher quality than your web host providing basic network reliability. HostNowNow is splendid when it comes to network integrity and lists it as one of its key features. As a webmaster, you don’t have to worry about your website uptime because Hostnownow got you.

2. Speed.

HostNowNow Speed is very effective besides the server uptime which has remained at an incredible pace of 99.97% above the industry standard of 99.94%

Recently, HostNowNow Server has shown great quality for a Nigerian startup, with the provision of speedy server measuring up the international standard.

3. Affordability Pricing.

This is one spot I recommend to my web design clients who hope to design a website with little or no cash, Hostnownow is your friend. They provide one of the cheapest web hosting solutions in Nigeria with pricing starting at N6,000/yr without a renewal price increase.

If you are just beginning, HostNowNow has some coupon code you can use to score vast deals on their website.

4. Easy to Use

HostNowNow is easy to use and very beginner-friendly. All HostNowNow web hosting packages come with a dedicated cPanel. The cPanel interface is just simple as web hosting can get. All you’ve got to do is click on the icons and get to work, thereby making it easy to develop your website at ease.

All you need to access your website is provided by the cPanel interface, With HostNowNow’s simple cPanel interface, you can locate all of your websites and email addresses from one place.
And one key distinctive focus that also comes with HostnowNow cPanel is the 1-Click Script Installation for several programs like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Just in case you are a Python developer and you need a host your website with cPanel, you can also make use of the python script hosted on the Cpanel.

5. 24/7 Customer Support.

If there is one thing that has made me stay with this company through the thick and thin, then it is the effectiveness of their customer service.
No matter when the time when you drop a ticket, you will get a response in just a few minutes.

The supporters at the telephone and live chat are not tech-savvy, in my view communicating with the technical support via their help desk have been proven to be more efficient in case you need tech support.

HostNowNow offers telephone and live chat support and technical support via their help desk @

6. Free .ng domain and SSL.

HostNowNow shared hosting packages come with free com. ng, org. ng, or net. ng domains. But to enjoy it, you have to place domain and hosting together. HostNowNow also offers let’s encrypt free SSL certificate along with its shared hosting plans, which is valid for a period of three months.
In this case, you have to buy an SSL alongside your hosting plan. Search engines now consider it as a major Google ranking factor

If your website is not using SSL or the HTTPS symbol, as shown above, most of these search engines will deliver warning messages to your potential customers/clients, making them leave your website and drop your ranking.

7. Free webSite Migrations.

HostNowNow is a trustworthy web hosting when it comes to site migration. One of the greatest things here is that site migration is carried out free. Just reach their support and they will be happy to transfer your existing website for free. HostNowNow also grants free domain transfer as well as upgrades at no price.


Now that we took down the merits of this company, they also have some major turn-offs that I would like to share in this section, even with these cons that are to be mentioned, they are still one of the greatest companies to partner with when it comes to Webhosting in Nigeria

1. Customer service is not knowledgeable enough.

Hostnownow has the best customer service response rate for a business, and this has made them outstanding.

While the customer support team can now respond to inquiries with lightning-fast speed, I discovered that they are not too skilled with technical questions.

You have to be very good at web design and development, or else you just have to seek the answers via Google.

I had a bad time when they created an alternative to cPanel called Direct Admin, I could not access my web hosting panel, and I remembered having to request support and no relevant answer was provided, only to google it and find out about the new update. If I was not technical enough, I would have been stuck there till eternity.

2. Limited Bandwidth & Space.

HostNowNow hosting packages arrive with limited bandwidth and space. You will need to either upgrade or your site simply become unreachable when you consume your allotted resources.
Bandwidth services are allocated monthly, unused bandwidth allotted for the month can’t be transferred to another month.

It is hence fit if you are just starting online, I encourage you to pick their unlimited package to get started with, the allotted resources should be enough for a moderately small website, however, as the need for bandwidth and space increase, you can simply upgrade to other hosting packages that supports unlimited hosting.

Hostnownow Pricing.

Getting started with Hostnownow is very easy because of their very cheap pricing.
Coupled with their cheap pricing, you also get a chance to select from various payment and pricing option, which starts from as low as N350 per month to N1200 per month.

The pricing plan Hostnownow are attached with code names such as Larva, Butterfly, Robin and so on, you are free to select a monthly based plan, yearly or even Bi-annual plan.

Here is an image that depicts each of the pricing.


1. Shared Hosting plans.

Just in case you want to get started as quick as possible, you can get started with the shared hosting plans on the go.

hostnownow review

2. Cloud Hosting.

Do you need extra huge servers? then you can get started with cloud hosting plans for a start, here is an overview of the plan.

hostnownow review

How To Buy A Domain And Webhost At Hostnownow.

I am going to be showing you how you can get started with buying your domain name and host from Hostnownow.

1. Log on to the official Hostnownow website.

hostnownow review


To get started with Hostnownow you have to open a web browser and logon to the official Hostnownow website, and here is how it is going to appear.

2. Type and search your domain name.

The next thing to get started with is to search and check the availability of your prefered domain name.

hostnownow review

If such domain name is available then you get to choose it, if not you get alternative picks to help you go buy.

There are multiple domain name extensions to choose from such as a and .ng.

3. Choose your hosting plan.

hostnownow review

The next step is to choose your prefered hosting plan, it can be monthly, yearly or even Bi-annual.

Make sure to study the bandwidth and choose the plans that are best suited for the kind of business that you want to operate.

4. Fill in your details and make payment.

hostnownow review

The last and final step is very straight forward and easy, if you are a new customer, then you would be required to fill in some personal details and then proceed to payments.

Get started.

HostNowNow proposes a lot of tools, features and things to help develop your hosting experience for the money.

They remain one of the very cheap web hosts around, with good uptime results, speed.

The bottom line is, if you’re looking for a suitable budget web host, or are about to build a website for your business, and you require a suitable web host for an organisation website, then Hostnownow gots your back.

If your budget is small and your website needs increase over time.

You can quickly upgrade your pricing plan to a more exceptional package and still staying within a flexible budget with all the tools you need to help your personal website or business grow.

Recently upgraded their entire server to a far better and reliable one, check them out today

Now that you are all cool with the walkthroughs, it is time to get started.


What do you think?

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