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How To Stay Online On Fiverr

How To Stay Online On Fiverr

How To Stay Online On Fiverr


As a freelancer on Fiverr, staying online is essential to attract potential clients and secure job opportunities.

The more active you are on the platform, the higher your chances of getting noticed by clients and receiving orders.

However, it can be challenging to remain online all the time, especially if you have other commitments.

This article will provide you with tips and strategies on how to stay online on Fiverr and increase your chances of getting more job offers.

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How Do I Stay Online On Fiverr?

Staying online on Fiverr can help you receive more orders and increase your chances of finding new clients.

It’s important to be available and responsive when potential clients are searching for freelancers to hire. Here are some tips on how to stay online on Fiverr:

1. Use the Fiverr mobile app.

The Fiverr mobile app is a great way to stay online even when you’re not at your computer. You can receive notifications for new messages and orders, and respond to them quickly from your phone.

2. Keep your computer on.

If you’re working from a computer, keep it on and connected to the internet even when you’re not actively working. This will allow you to receive notifications and respond to messages promptly.

3. Set your online status to “Available”.

Fiverr allows you to set your online status to “Available”, “Busy”, or “Out of Office”.
Make sure to set your status to “Available” when you’re actively looking for work.

4. Respond quickly to messages.

When you receive a message from a potential client, respond as quickly as possible. This will show them that you’re available and interested in their project.

5. Offer quick turnaround times.

If you can offer quick turnaround times on projects, make sure to mention this in your gig description and communication with clients. This will make you more attractive to clients who need work done quickly.

6. Optimize your Gig schedule.

Fiverr allows you to set your Gig schedule, which is the period during which you are available to work.

Make sure to optimize your schedule to align with your availability and maximize your potential for bookings.

7. Set up custom notifications.

Fiverr allows you to customize your notification settings so that you receive notifications for the specific types of activity you are interested in.

For example, you can set up notifications for when you receive a new order or when a client sends you a message.

8. Respond quickly to messages.

Clients on Fiverr are often looking for fast responses, so it’s important to respond to messages quickly.

If you take too long to respond, clients may assume you are not available and move on to another seller.

9. Use the “Out of Office” feature.

If you are going to be unavailable for an extended period, make sure to use the “Out of Office” feature in your Fiverr profile. This will let clients know that you are not currently available and when you will be back.

10. Offer fast delivery times.

Clients on Fiverr often look for quick turnaround times, so offering fast delivery times can help you stay competitive and increase your chances of receiving orders.

11. Be proactive in your communications.

Don’t wait for clients to contact you. Reach out to potential clients by sending personalized messages and proposals. This will help you stay top of mind and increase your chances of receiving orders.


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How To Stay Online On Fiverr

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Staying online on Fiverr is essential for building a successful freelancing career on the platform. By being available, committed, and engaged, you can increase your chances of landing jobs, building your reputation, and growing your business.

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