What Are The Trends That Will Soon Affect The Advertising Industry?

What Are The Trends That Will Soon Affect The Advertising Industry?

What Are The Trends That Will Soon Affect The Advertising Industry?
What Are The Trends That Will Soon Affect The Advertising Industry?


Trends are an ever-changing event in the advertising industry. Emerging technologies and evolving market demands are the factors affecting the rise of innovative trends. And along with economic uncertainties and global issues, they define the future of advertising.

From a marketing perspective, trends are a powerful tool to build your brand’s name in the industry. They give you a better way to connect with your customers, nurture those relationships, and grow the business in general. 

But just like other uncertainties in the advertising sector, trends also come and go. They have evolved from traditional print, radio, and TV ads to new marketing strategies that capitalize on the internet and online platforms.

With all these changes, it will always be wise to leverage trends to get you one step ahead of your competitors.  We’ve listed some trends that will soon affect the advertising industry. Keep on the lookout as we break them down for you.

1. Big Data Analytics in Research

It goes without saying that you must examine a lot of data to follow the ever-changing advertising industry.

Today, big data technologies provide digital marketers with new and incredibly efficient ways to understand consumer behaviour, wants, and preferences. 

Big data analytics is considered one of the most advanced technologies available today. It is being utilized in advertising, especially in customer research.

It helps you get information about your customers to personalize your ads based on their interests. In other words, big data analytics provides you with a way to meet the needs of your target audience and turn them into potential customers.

With the estimated 150 trillion gigabytes of data needing analysis by 2025, more advanced tools to analyze them are essential for businesses in various sectors.

In light of this, big data analytics and its evolving features are just what you will need in the evolving advertising industry. And it will soon progress in several aspects, including customer engagement and meeting market demands.

2. Authentic and Story-Driven Content

Similar to how people would disregard other types of marketing like TV commercials, posters, and even billboards, many won’t hesitate to skip or click the “x” button of a pop-up ad if they can.

No matter how we try not to look at it that way, it is usually an automatic response. The advertising industry in this modern world needs more than plain advertisements, even if they have amazing graphics.

In light of this, the call for authenticity and story-driven content in ads is one solution that marketers are taking into consideration.

Producing video content that features real-life and relevant stories is one thing that they focus on to connect with customers. Because in story-driven content, your brand can show the human side of your business. 

The good news is you can choose not to be on your own when producing this type of content. You can build a partnership with influencers as it is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies today.

These people usually have a loyal following because of creating relatable and genuine content. With their help, you can quickly build stronger relationships with your target audience.

3. More Short-form Video Ads 

Due to how quickly everything moved forward in the digital age, people had little patience for anything, including video advertisements.

In light of this, advertisers should make video ads as short as possible, even if the length allowed on different platforms may vary. 

According to an analysis by Hubspot, short-form content is second on the most effective trends marketers are using.

It is also found that the duration for video advertisements to be considered short-from varies depending on the social media platform.

On Instagram, it should be 30 seconds, 45 seconds on Twitter, and less than a minute on Facebook video ads. 

With this in mind, digital entrepreneurs must ensure that all the seconds spent watching are worth it and impactful.

But with resources and knowledge, they can produce short yet engaging video ads to boost customer engagement.

4. Social Media Optimization (SMO) 

More than making video advertisements, it is also best to optimize your content on all social media platforms. If Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which includes paid media and SEO, is used for search engines like Google and Bing, SMO focuses on social media sites. There are many social media platforms that you can leverage in this digital age, including Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

The goal of SMO is also the same in SEO, which is to direct people to your website to learn more about your brand and the products/services you offer. In order to do this, you must produce unique and compelling content while also doing paid ads to increase visibility and traffic.

5. The Use of Artificial Intelligence

Almost every part of the economy is being influenced by artificial intelligence, including the advertising sector.

And right now, digital marketers utilize this technology to produce ads, optimize content, and monitor their performance in real time.

Beyond that, AI also plays a significant role in data processing, which helps identify patterns and the best marketing strategy.


The advertising industry changes from time to time as the market demand increases and more technology emerges.

Along with this evolution, trends are also being developed, which help businesses connect with customers better and increase sales.

That said, it is only essential for advertisers to be aware of these movements in the advertising industry. We hope this article helps you thrive in the upcoming years.

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