How To Add Videos To Google Business Profile

How To Add Videos To Google Business Profile



Google My Business (GMB) recognizes the power of multimedia, offering a platform that allows businesses to showcase their products, services, and ambience.

Beyond photos, videos have emerged as a dynamic tool for conveying brand identity and sparking customer interest.

This guide is your gateway to unlocking the potential of video content on your Google Business Profile.

Whether you’re a boutique retailer looking to exhibit your latest collection or a restaurant aiming to showcase your culinary creations, understanding how to add videos to your GMB profile can take your online presence to the next level.

Let’s explore the steps to seamlessly integrate videos, enrich your profile, and captivate your audience.

How Do I Add Videos To Google Business Profile?

Google My Business (GMB), a platform designed to enhance your brand’s online visibility, has embraced the power of multimedia by allowing businesses to add videos to their profiles.

These videos serve as dynamic windows into your world, offering a glimpse of your products, services, and unique offerings.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of adding videos to your Google Business Profile, enabling you to create a more engaging and immersive experience for potential customers.

1. Access Your Google My Business Account.

Begin by logging into your Google My Business account. Ensure you have the necessary permissions to edit your business profile.

2. Navigate to the Photos Section.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll land on your GMB dashboard. Locate and click on the “Photos” tab in the menu. This is where you can manage your photo and video content.

3. Choose the “Videos” Option.

Within the “Photos” section, you’ll find a tab labelled “Videos.” Click on this tab to access the video uploading interface.

4. Click on “Post Videos”.

On the “Videos” page, you’ll see an option to “Post Videos.” Click on this button to initiate the process of adding videos to your profile.

5. Select Your Video.

A window will appear, allowing you to select the video file you want to upload. Click the “Select video” button and choose the video file from your computer.

6. Review and Upload.

Once you’ve selected the video, a preview will be displayed. Review the video to ensure it accurately represents your business. If everything looks good, click the “Next” button.

7. Add a Captivating Caption.

Just like photos, videos benefit from informative captions. Craft a concise and engaging caption that provides context and encourages viewers to watch the video.

8. Confirm and Publish.

After adding the caption, review your video details one last time. If everything is in order, click the “Publish” button to make your video live on your Google Business Profile.

9. Monitor Performance.

Keep track of how your videos perform by regularly checking the insights provided by GMB.

You can learn about views, engagement, and the overall impact of your video content.

10. Optimize Your Videos.

Consider optimizing your videos for search by using relevant keywords in the captions and descriptions. This can improve the discoverability of your videos within the Google search ecosystem.

11. Experiment with Video Types.

Explore various types of videos that can enhance your profile. These could include product demonstrations, behind-the-scenes footage, customer testimonials, and virtual tours.

12. Maintain Consistency.

Consistency is key to creating a strong brand presence. Ensure that your videos align with your brand identity and messaging across all channels.


Adding videos to your Google Business Profile is a strategic move that can elevate your online presence.

By using videos effectively, you can engage potential customers, showcase your offerings, and provide a more immersive experience.

Remember, videos have the power to tell stories and evoke emotions, making them a valuable tool for connecting with your audience.

With this guide, you’re equipped to create and integrate compelling video content that sets your business apart in the digital landscape.

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