How To Start a New Business While Keeping Your Day Job

How To Start a New Business While Keeping Your Day Job

How To Start a New Business While Keeping Your Day Job


Making more money is not about working hard these days; it’s about working smart, and if you doubt me, ask people who have more than three jobs and check out if they solved their money problems.

You will be shocked that their financial status barely changed; most times, they don’t even have enough in savings; this is not to mock or insult them; the truth is that the game rules have changed.

The rules don’t apply anymore; back then, it was wise to go to school, get job security, save, retire with a great pension plan and maybe you will get lucky.

If you still subscribe to this, you are in for a surprise because you will be disappointed.

If you are looking for extra income, a change of pace, or excitement in your life, why not consider starting a new business venture? As you will see below, it is possible to create a new business while working a day job!

1. Choose an online business idea that can be done from home

The first step is to choose a suitable business. As you already have a day job, the best idea is to create an online company that can be run from home. There are many different options available, including:

1. Start a YouTube channel.

YouTube has more than 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors In total, and it gets more than 14.3 billion visits per month, a little high than Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon and Instagram.

Over time, YouTube has become an online video hub where we can watch music videos, how-to tips for any project, or watch something funny to make us happy.

Business owners have realised the massive influence that videos on YouTube have; videos go viral each minute, unlike other social media platforms that are pretty stingy with their traffic.

Having a YouTube channel can help you build your credibility by showcasing your personality and, in the end, making more money.

Building a YouTube business as a side-hustle while keeping your day job can become an enormous media business if done with preparedness and caution.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to get started with YouTube; check out the link to the article below.

These are some of the most popular options, but there are more. Think about what you enjoy and what you are good at. For example, perhaps you have a hobby. If so, can you turn this hobby into a potential business?

2. Choose a method of selling/providing a service/making money

Once have you chosen the industry, area of business, or type of business, you must understand HOW to make money. This could differ significantly depending on the type of business you wish to create.

For example, if you want to create handmade crafts, you need to create an online store from an online store creator like Shopify. Alternatively, if you wanted to share your hobby experience, you could create a blog and generate revenue via affiliate marketing. 

Look at the business model you have chosen and understand how to monetize it.

3. Create a business name and branding

It would help if you now had a clear idea of what your business will do and how it will make money. It is now time to turn your attention to branding! Branding elements you must create include:

  • A business name
  • Colour schemes
  • A business logo
  • Marketing slogans
  • Graphics to be used for web content

The name of your business is the first step. Without this, you cannot effectively create other branding elements like a logo design. The business name should be catchy. If relevant, it should also reflect what your business does and its geographical location.

If you are struggling with name ideas, you can use a business name generator to help. These automated tools use AI technology to choose random names based on keywords you enter.

4. Build the relevant platform to sell/promote your business

With a core brand created, it’s time to monetize your business. This involves making your primary operations medium – somewhere you can promote your business and potentially sell directly. 

What platform you use depends on the type of business. For example, if you want to sell products you create by hand, an online store would be your primary platform. Alternatively, you need a blog and website if you are giving hobby advice and making money via affiliate marketing.

A website is generally a great starting point. You can find a range of simple and easy-to-use website builders like Wix and Squarespace. 

5. Use online marketing like social media for promotion

Lastly, once your platform and branding are established, you can start marketing your business. This is vital to gain exposure and attract your first customers.

Social media is a great marketing tool. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be used for free. You can create business profiles and start building a loyal audience. Also, consider improving the SEO of your web content and listing your business on local business listing websites.


As you can see, it is perfectly possible to start a business, even if you have a full-time job! It is hard work, and it does require effort. However, it can transform your life and allow you to take a new, exciting path!

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

I teach you how to make money online.

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