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Properly optimizing your blog post for search engine is the best and most sustainable way to keep your blog running even while you are long gone.

Optimizing your blog posts for search engine keeps the traffic coming for a very long time and this is not a guaranteed long term process as you still have the duty to come back and update each of them to keep ranking.

If your blog is not about solving problems or personal development like mine then i think you don’t really need to worry about search engine optimization.

I’ll make myself clear in a very short while.

If your blog is all about viral content like news, entertainment, celebrities then you don’t need to worry about search engines because all you ever posted is not going to be useful after 24 hours of breaking and this means that you will no one will waste their time to go look up the search engine to find that information after one week of going viral.

I hope you understand, just in case you might still be confused i am going to get practical by stating a real life example.

BBC or CNN is an online news journal that cover viral and trending topic related to politics, entertainment and news in general.

As at the time of writing this blog post, the current trend going on globally is the plague called Covid-19 A.k.A Coronavirus.

BBC is going to get a lot of traffic for breaking news on the epidemic for the moment.

Let’s say 3 years from now, when the epidemic is gone, no one is ever going to bother looking up the search engine again because the trend is gone and those information are no longer useful.

Though they might be useful to some very few people in the medical sector or to the research department of any other country.

But the average man around the world will care less about it.

Just a simple advice for a few of you who have blogs for the sole purpose of news publishing like BBC and CNN, don’t loose hope you can still become big like these brands.

My advice to you is to concentrate more on the use of social media.

platform like Facebook, Twitter are very useful when it comes to trends.

My advice to you is to create a Facebook Page and a Twitter page and do paid advertising to grow your reach or your page likes.

Don’t waste your time trying to grow organically because you might eventually not and if you do, it may take a very longer period of time

Organic is dead on social media, organic only exist on search engines now because one of the main aims of Google is to make information all over the globe accessible to the common man.

Google is more interested in evergreen contents. while social media reacts to trends.

So if you have a viral website like i mentioned above then i’ll suggest you pretty turn your back around and follow the aforementioned advice or you can still follow up and get mode details if you like.

Now back to where we started, maybe you started a blog on blogging hacks,SEO or entrepreneurship like mine then this article is for you because your blog’s success is dependent on the search engine.

Many years from now, what you write on your blog post will still very fresh and useful and you can confirm that with blogs like MOZ, NeilPatel and Shoutmeloud.

These Blogs have been written year ago, and i mean like 10 years back, and they are still very much relevant.

People are still searching for them on the search engine.

What is A Blog Post ?.

A blog post are just series of contents in form of text, images or videos or simply the combination of the three of them to form something meaningful content to the desired reader.

My Personal experience.

Now to justify my claim, i would like to document my personal experience when i started this blog.

As at the time of writing, i started this blog like 6 months ago with very crippled knowledge of blogging.

My previous blog was based on viral contents so i thought that would work for me now that i have become an expert in a certain field.

I started this blog, bought a wonderful theme from themeforest and started blogging contents without proper keyword research, content that where very short and to crown my mistakes up.

I stared running paid advertising on social media.

I had over 3k Likes on Facebook but i discovered that my contents where not even usually clicked or even read by my followers.

Not that i was writing rubbish but social media is not for very serious minded people.

People on social media are basically seriousness people.

They are on the platform to react and talk about trends, not personal development or learn about making money.

They simply do not care.

No one is searching on topics like How to start a blog and make money on social media, no one ever look up on keywords like Top businesses to start today on social media.

All they ever care about is trend from celebrities, general news and trends all over the world.

I am not saying that social media users are silly, and very less ambitious.

All i am saying is that they simply search for problems to their solution via the Google search engine.

So the best place for a blog like mine to be is on the search engine period.

Immediately i understood that, i went back to the basics over again and re-edited my blog post from the scratch.

I deleted useless blog post and merge the ones that where similar.

Also accompanied with my auditing process was very intense keyword research and guess what Boom!!! after three weeks my search engine traffic bumped all the way up.

I started ranking for more keywords and the traffic came in.

Hope you learn from that.

Here is an article on some very few mistakes i made as a blogger.


How Do I Create A Blog Post That Rank On Google.

Now the billion dollar question for those that cares to listen is.

How Do i write a Blog post that rank on Google ?.

I am going to take your very deep series of practical steps that can help your blog post rank on Google and trust me when you start applying this hacks then you begin to experience boost in your search engine traffic.

Now before diving in, i’ll assume you have a blog that actually is in the business of making people and i mean your blog is about highly useful contents like mine for example.

The next check is to also affirm that you are doing proper keyword research using any seo tool of your choice.

Most SEO tools are not free, but if you are really broke and you want accuracy then i recommend that you make use of the Google Keyword planner Tool.

Also you need to make use of Google search Console.

It is a Tool that helps you track your website’s search engine growth.

Google analytics gives you an overview on the general growth like traffic gotten from social media and other sources but the Google search console gives you an insight only on traffic gotten via the search engine.

Hope you now understand.

If you have not done the above mentioned hacks on your blog then you need to do it right away.

After creating a Google search console property for the first time then you have to wait a very short while before data and insight starts to appear.

Now i’ll assume that you have done the above, then now is time to start hacking your way around creating very search engine friendly contents.

1. Title.

The first thing that would appear in search engines are the title of your contents, it is what appears on Google when people make a search query related to your article.

So you have to jazz it up and spice it up.

Make it very attractive and worthy to click.

My hack and advice to writing a blog post title is to do so using guided keyword research.

Lets assume that you want to write a blog post on best business ideas in 2020.

The next thing you do it plug those keyword into the a keyword research tool.

Get your data and facts about the inflow of those search queries and after wards pick two or three of those keywords.

I prefer long tail keywords because they are less competitive and they very good for organic traffic.

I am going to drop a link on my post on keyword research after this section.

Now you got those keywords, the first thing to do is to include one of those keyword phrases in your blog post title.

Try rephrasing your blog post title to suit that keyword and Boom!!! Thats all.

Another thing you can do in cases like this is to add a time stamp to it.

And i mean something like.

10+ Best Lucrative Business Ideas For You In 2020.

You see the timestamp validates your blog post even if you wrote it many years ago and you should continue to update as the years go by.

There are so many articles already written on what you intend to write and it’s best practice to set your own article aside with the use of timestamps.

2. Introduction.

The next task ahead of you would be to start your article with an introduction.

The first three lines of your articles will appear in the Meta description of your blog post on Google so you don’t have to joke also with that aspect.

This section of your article should contain a summary of what your blog post is about.

You should make sure to nail it in this section.

And i mean the first two to three lines should be point hit.

Most people read that section before actually clicking your blog post when it appears on the search engine.

It is what attracts them at first sight, they want to know if it something they have probably read sometime ago , or something new that they had never seen.

3. Body.

Now the main article and punch lines should be embedded in the body of section of your article.

Things concerning all you intend to write about.

In my own opinion the body section of your article should contain sup topics of what you intend to write about.

This can make your blog posts very lengthy and rank for more keyword and even get more search engine visibility.

Let’s assume you want to write about

10+ Best Lucrative Business Ideas For You In 2020.

Subtopics in this article can contain.

  • What a business is.
  • Why you think they should embark on a business.
  • How they should choose a business they want to embark on.
  • List of Business they could embark on.

This subsection can make your blog post very informative and in turn would lead the search engine rank you higher.

Please also take note that this section should all be highlighted in a H2 Tag, make sure you don’t have them too clustered.

Give space and breath for your readers to assimilate the message you are trying to pass across.

One mistake i see most bloggers do is try to wrap of the content section of their blog article in one whole paragraph, Splitting it into smaller H2 tags can help boost your preparation and help you read up more on the topic so as to do proper justice to it.

You will eventually get rewarded with top search engine rankings.

Just after doing your keyword research i suggest you read up on similar articles that have ranked on the search engine.

Study the articles very well and write yours to beat theirs.

This can only be done by writing richer, longer and a more detailed article.

Make sure to read up like at least three to four reference articles combined with your own words and mind you make sure that you don’t copy and paste as this sends a bad signal to Google about your website and cause you to be relegated down below.

I told you that with the advent of machine learning, it has become more difficult to cheat the Google Spiders responsible for crawling websites all over the world wide web.

And lastly always ensure that you add deep link in your contents.

Link to other similar articles on your blog post.

Deep linking is also a factor for considered by Google to rank your contents.

3. Conclusion.

Now you have written an article that is so!!! Bad and you want to wrap up.

Most bloggers just ignore this part with a two sentence and close their contents.

This section should be for mainly two basic reasons which is to render some final piece of advice and to recommend a product or a service that might eventually be of help to them.

If are writing a post related to an product linked to an affiliate then it would be very wise to have a recommendation section before the conclusion.

The recommendation section should state what you are trying to sell.

This section should contain many use cases of what you intend to sell and lastly it should have your affiliate link or banner attached to it.

As a blogger you should have more than source of making money and one i recommend is the use of affiliate marketing.

In fact every article you write as a blogger should sell something in the end.

Don’t just keep on writing like a fool!.

If you are writing about a clothing or a shoe brand like Nike or Tesla or an online free tool make sure you obtain an affiliate link so that you can make reference to it in your post.

You never can tell, that post can go viral and you make a lot of money from your affiliate link, Just so that you can understand.


Finally in this section before i finally close the curtain on this article.

The use of grammar on your blog post is key, I understand that we are all still learning the mastery of the worldwide English language whether it be American or British.


How long should my content be to rank on Google ?.

This is a question not to many blogger love to ask because they simply do not have deep understanding of search engine optimization.

Now it’s time to help you.

The length of your content matter a lot, if you want to rank on Google.

Here is an graph that i was able to get online.


In this you can see that content of over 2400 ranks better on the search engine.

I’ll encourage you to do more on your contents so that you can rank better

What do you think?

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