How To Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche

How To Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche

How To Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche


The first and important decision to be made by any aspiring and new bloggers who intends to start a  profitable blog is to choose the right niche. As little and unserious as choosing a blogging niche might seem to appear to a new blogger it has a lot to do with how successful you will become as a blogger.

Choosing a blogging niche has a lot to do with how successful your blogging career will be in the end. The quicker you understand the process of selecting a blogging niche the faster your success becomes.

What is a Blog Niche ?.

A blogging niche is what your blog is all about. That particular thing you intend to blog about is called a blogging niche.

For example, let’s say your blog intends to write about a broader topic like sports, entertainment and tech or you intend to grow slimmer by blogging about a single topic. All the above mentioned are regarded as a blogging niche.

My personal experience.

Alright, I am going to narrate my personal experience in this section and I hope you are going to learn a lot and even correct yourself if you are about to make that mistake.

I started my first blog in late 2014, I was intentionally motivated to blog because I loved tech, and I was also seeking other legit ways of making money.

I learnt the basics information needed to start a blog and I was up and running finally on a free Blogspot platform by Google.

I know you think I must be crazy, well you can’t blame me, I never had money to even buy a domain talk less of starting a blog.

So I had no option but to make use of the quickly available content management platform available at that time and unfortunately, it was Google Blogger.

Here is an article where I wrote an article for Blogger and WordPress. I had my blog set up in my little way and I was ready to blog.

Now was a time to decide on what to blog about and this was where the blogging niche thing came in place.

To correct me and not confuse those of your reading this blog post, I did not follow the right procedure for blogging.

Choosing a niche was supposed to be the first step to be taken, I spent a lot of time lamenting what blogging platform to make use of.

Well, it was not my fault anyway, I had no one to guide me properly and so I did things radically hoping I would make money in no time. Deciding a niche for my blog was the first mistake I ever made.

I had my decision influence by a popular blogger in my country at that time.

I still admire her passion and also the fact that she is very successful enough to be earning close to $50,000 monthly from blogging. Her name is Linda Ikeji you can check out her blog to see what her contents look like.

So going back to where I started I was influenced by her and decided to blog on something that was not my passion, and was not even good at.

At the beginning of this section, I mentioned the fact that I had a sole interest in Tech, web development, Entrepreneurship and digital marketing as a post right now on this blog.

Going back in time then, I choose a niche in gossips and entertainment. To cut a long story short, it was not up to a year that I eventually fizzled out.

I am not saying that entertainment and Gossips is not a good blogging niche but it had nothing to do with my passion or interest.

To buttress more on this, I will explain further in the next section. You can check out my article on my blogging mistakes.

Why You Should Choose a Blogging Niche.

There are so many reasons to spend time brainstorming on a blogging niche before deciding to start a blog. If your goal is to make money, then you need to choose a specific topic that all your content will revolve around.

To drive this point home, I’m going to outline the specific reasons why focusing on one niche is a must if you’re starting a blog today.

1. It Builds Trust With Your Audience.

Writing about one topic or a group of related topics in depth helps you establish yourself as an expert. Your blog becomes the go-to resource for that particular topic.

This makes your blog becomes more trusted and reliable, and in the long run, you can create a viable audience for yourself.

Back in the days when I used to read about technology resources, one of my go-to websites was Techcrunch which had all resources related to tech.

2. It Helps You Grow Your Readership At An Exponential Rate.

Do you Want to drive lots of visitors to your blog quickly? Then all you have to do is Solve a specific problem for a specific group of people.

One of the mistakes that most bloggers make is to blog about too many topics, resulting in an undefined audience, you don’t want to go through this route as a blogger.

Concentrating on a particular niche can help reduce so much stress on you as a blogger and also result in huge audience growth.

3. It Aids Search Engine Optimization.

Google has rolled out many updates, one of them being the EAT algorithm update which centres around expertise, authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any blog. To put it differently, traffic is to a blog what tenants are to a landlord. With traffic, you don’t have a business.

With this update being in play, Google has dedicated its full capacity to ranking blogs that focus on core areas than junky blogs with all sorts of content.

When it comes to getting organic traffic from Google, having a niche is critical. It all comes down to one factor: relevance.

4. It Makes Planning Your Content Easier.

Having a focused niche is also beneficial when it comes to planning content for your blog. Brainstorming blog post ideas and doing keyword research becomes a seamless process.

You don’t have to decide between a multitude of different ideas before you write, all you need is to think thoroughly on just one topic and write as much as you can about it.

How To Choose A Blog Niche.

Choosing a blog niche just because you feel it is right for you is a sign that you are most likely to fail as a blogger, there are so many factors to put into consideration when you are about to decide on what blogging niche is best for you, and in this section, I am going to be showing you some yardstick to put in mind when you are about choosing a blog niche.

1. Choose a Blog Niche Based On Your Passion and Interest.

You probably would be writing consistently on a singular topic for a very long time and sometimes forever.

Your blog visitors would think of you as an authority and an expert, they would throw questions and contribute to a post via the comment section.

You need more than just a blog to be able to be successful, your blogging content and topics should be fueled by Your passion and interest in a particular topic.

you don’t have to get a PHD in a particular topic or a blogging nice to be qualified to talk about a particular topic because nobody cares or wants to know about that.

All you just need is Interest and the undying passion to help you forge through storms of discouragement and downtimes.

You can start a blog on a topic you want to learn about. That is the beauty of blogging because it helps you do proper and well-orchestrated research to deliver excellently in all your blog posts.

It could be an interest, a hobby, your work, or it could even be. You don’t have to be an expert on this topic. It just has to be a topic that gets you excited when talking about it. Here is an exercise to carry out to help you pick a blogging niche.

Pick a pen and write down 10 topics off your hands without making any reference then you are ready to start blogging on that topic.

I’ll take myself as a perfect example I started this blog without proper knowledge of Search engine optimization, all I just know is web development and digital marketing with paid advertising using Facebook and Google.

I learnt and practised paid advertising for over 4 years and I decided that I needed to do something more predictable and reliable so I started to start blogging on what I wanted to learn about and that was Search engine optimization, growing without paid Ads and earning online via multiple income streams.

And I must tell you that I have learnt a lot just by reading a lot from top SEO experts in the industry. So lesson number one is that you should choose a blogging niche based on Interest and Passion.

2. Choose A Blog Niche Based On the Audience.

The first reliable step to choosing a blog niche is based on passion and interest, but in most scenarios, You might find very few persons interested in this particular topic and this might affect your blog readership and inflow of traffic.

So many bloggers complain that they don’t get enough traffic and give up but very few care less about the major cause of their failure.

In most cases, their failure is usually in their blogging niche. Imagine blogging about Jazz music or some sort of very irrelevant niche only relevant to your language then you should forget about ever-growing big.

Because we have very few people who love Jazz music or care to know about your cultural beliefs.

Doing Keyword research would help you understand the rate at which your audience is searching for that topic you intend to write about beforehand.

So you get an idea if it is worth writing about. I am not saying that most blogging topics are foolish and not advisable to blog about, in fact, you have to blog based on your interest and passion as earlier mentioned in this article.

But in cases when you discover that your selected or preferred blogging niche would likely not do well then you need to choose a shoulder blog niche.

A shoulder niche is a topic that is closely related to your blog’s main topic. So for example, if you blog about some boring Jazz stuff then you can choose a shoulder niche on the use and definition of musical instruments.

People are more likely to search for that than any of those boring singular Jazz stuff. This is why I recommend this next section in these articles which deals with keyword research tools that would help you find a relevant blogging niche.

The use of keyword research tools is your first yardstick in having to decide on the best blogging niche to start writing about.

For those readers that are new to keyword research, is simply a practice search engine optimization professionals use to find and research search terms that users enter into search engines when looking for products, services or general information.

You need to be sure that visitors are looking for what you intend to write about before having to start writing about it, see it as market research, you want to be sure that you have an audience, actively waiting for you.

Coming from the previous paragraphs I told you about the need for doing proper research blogging.

Here are keyword research tools that can assist you in choosing the best blog niche.

1. Google Keyword Planner.

How To Choose a Profitable Blogging Niche

Google keyword planner is a keyword research tool owned and managed by Google Inc.

It was designed alongside the Google Ads platform to help advertisers decide relevant keywords for their search engine advertising. Google keyword planner is so sophisticated to the extent that it allows you to choose proper keywords based on various locations and suggestions. Google Keyword Planner is free to use.

TRY IT NOW  – Google keyword planner

2. Ubbersuggest.

most profitable blog niches

Ubbersuggest is a free keyword planner owned by online Search Engine Optimization expert Neil Patel.

Neil Patel has been in the industry as far back as the late ’90s and has built a very huge reputation in Blogging and search engine optimization.

I have learnt a lot from his blog post’s and his YouTube channel. I have used Ubbersuggest briefly and I must confess that it is a great tool.

Ubbersuggest allows you to do; Keyword Research, general Website Audit, Generate content ideas., See Backlinks., Get details of high converting pages on your website. The drawback encountered while using the Ubbersuggest platform is the lateness to respond to the request and the inadequacy in data fetched most times. But I recommend the use of Ubbersuggest any day.

TRY IT NOW – Ubbersuggest

3. SEM Rush.

most profitable blog niches

SEMrush is a software as a service (SaaS) company based in Boston that sells online visibility and marketing analytics software subscriptions.

The software can provide intelligence data including website traffic information, keywords, projected AdWords spend, site audits, topic research, lead generation, and other SEO-related data
SEM Rush is not free and it comes with a cost based on subscription. You can get started with as low as $99 every month – $399 per month depending on your choice of package.


4. Ahref.

most profitable blog niches

Just like any other Keyword research Tool. Ahref is another wonderful tool that allows you to do amazing SEO hacks and most importantly to perform keyword research. Ahref is not a free tool though they offer their uses a trial version.


5. Google Trends.

most profitable blog niches

Unlike other keyword research tools, Google trends is not a keyword research tool because it does not tell help you hack SEO in detail. It is just responsible for understanding how a particular term or keyword is being on the search engine based on various locations around the world.

Google Trends can also be utilized as a keyword research tool on a minimum level but not to be fully relied upon. If you need more details on keyword Research then the above mentioned four is to be subscribed to.

3. Choose a Niche Based On Demand.

There is various blogging niche out there but not all are capable of making money as expected.

So for you to start a blog and not achieve fruitless efforts you have to choose a niche that is very trendy and is likely to get a lot of queries from the search engine. Here are some very few that I would like to recommend based on search engine performance.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare is just as important as anything. There are so many people seeking guidance on their health and one of the first things they do before and after going to the doctor is to do quick research on the internet to find natural remedies to their pending health care issues.

The healthcare niche is just as profitable as every other blogging niche with a lot of money-making potentials such as; Ads, Consultations, Affiliate marketing and so much more.

2. Love and Relationships.

This niche is very popular because of newlyweds and young people who are in a relationship. They simply waste no time in seeking relationship advice. If you have a gift for relationship tips and advice then you can start a blog related to that niche.

Accompanied by a blog you should make sure you leverage social media effectively. You would like to build bonds with audiences that would last. The love and Relationship niche is a fast selling and growing niche because of the problems it poses to solve.

It also comes with a lot of money-making potentials such as; sales of eBooks, Ads, Sales of personal merchandise and many more.

3. Makeup and Skincare

There are more women than men in the world and this has made the makeup and skincare industry a very lucrative one. Starting a blog on this particular topic would not be a bad idea at all. So many young ladies and beauty enthusiasts would die to get information concerning this niche online, and would not even mind paying for information and merchandise made available from this type of blog.

There is so much money to be made from this niche, most of which includes; Ads, Affiliate marketing, eBook sales and many more.

4. Sports.

Who doesn’t love sport? maybe you should search for Christiano Ronaldo on Google and see how many search queries are made in his name every single day, Or better still go to the U.K or Nigeria where I come from or try to visit the U.S then you see the amazing number of sports lovers all over the world.

Sports Blogging is one niche that is hot and will continue to stay hot till the end of time. So many people browse sports blogs for information such as Football betting prediction tips and many others.

There are so many income streams attached to sports blogging, most of which involves; Ads, Affiliate marketing and many others.

5. Movies.

I am not saying you should create a hosted cloud and begin to upload movies, you might be arrested for doing that in the very long run.

I mean movie review websites can be a very profitable niche. Anytime a new movie is released, so many people go online to search for that movie to get deep insights before even going to watch it.

Movie review websites would remain lucrative and generate a lot of income for any blogger writing about it. There are so many ways to make money from this blogging niche most of which includes; paid Ads, Affiliate marketing and many more.

6. Games.

Just like movies, games are also becoming a very huge industry with the overpopulation of young people, the need and importance of gaming is becoming very big.

So many people need to know what’s happening in the game industry such as, what new game console is trending, walkthroughs of difficult video games.

There was a time when I was playing a Video game called ‘GOD OD WAR’ on PS2 back then, at a point in time, the game became very tough and I did not know what to do, I remembered that I had to look up a Google and I was able to discover a blog that provided me with valid walkthroughs on how to go through with the game. This niche has a lot of earning potentials such as; Ads, Affiliate marketing and many more.

7. Fashion.

Both men and women’s fashion is a great deal in the blogging industry. There are a series of search queries going online to make inquiries about a fashion trend or simply buy it.

The fashion blogging niche remains one of the most versatile niches to embark on.

There are so many people searching all over the internet for the latest and trendy fashion blog to help them guide their fashion decision; One I know here in Nigeria is called Asoebi Bella. She talks about Nigerian fashion and native attire, and she makes a lot of money from it. It comes with a whole lot of money-making potentials such as; Ads, Affiliate marketing and many more.

8. Tech.

If not tech, then what ?, Tech is one of the biggest niches in blogging. Blogging about things related to Gadgets, Tech startups and all things related to Tech. Most of the richest bloggers majorly blog on the tech niche, talk about blogs like TechCrunch and many others.

The Tech blogging niche holds so many opportunities and one that remains untapped. It also comes with numerous money-making avenues such as; Ads, Affiliate marketing and many more.

9. Fitness.

The Fitness niche contains blogs that share exercises to help people get their bodies into shape.

Many people go online to learn about the latest trends in fitness, and they go as far as even googling all they need to know. This is a fine advantage for you as a fitness blogger to tap into this huge resource.

Making money as a fitness blogger is unending because there are so many things that can be monetized, some of which includes; Ads, Affiliate marketing, sales of online courses and many more.

10. Food and Drink

The Food and Drink niche contains blogs that share all sorts of recipes for delicious dishes and drinks so people can recreate them at home.

The Food and Drink niche is one niche that remains untapped in the blogging world, so many stay-at-home dads and moms need these resources to be able to prepare the best meals while they are at home.

This blogging niche has been designed to bring lots of money from ads, Affiliate marketing, course creation and sales and many more.

11. Interior Design

The Interior Design niche contains blogs for people who want to create beautiful and stylish homes through interior design.

Some so many people would not hire the services of a professional interior designer, and one way that they seek to do this themselves is by googling it, who knows, your blog might just be the next pool for resources when it comes to interior designing.

This blogging niche remains untapped and has been speculated to generate a lot of money from ads, affiliate marketing, and online courses.

12. Marketing

The Marketing niche contains blogs focused on the art of promoting and selling products or services.

The rate at which entrepreneurs are increasing has become reasonably high and they need resources that can help their business and one of the most important resources out there is on marketing, every business owners need to understand the latest marketing trend.

Do you have existing knowledge in marketing, then you can start a blog on this blog and begin to make money through various means such as; consultation, eBook sales, Ads, selling courses and affiliate marketing.

13. Starting an Online Business

The Online Business niche contains blogs that help people start their own business online and make it turn a profit. So many newbies on the internet are seeking out legit ways to make money, and one of the foremost sources that they consult are blogs; you can serve as a guide by starting a blog for the sole purpose of this.

There are so many income streams attached to this blogging niche, and they include; Ads, affiliate marketing, eBooks sales and many more.

4. Choose A Niche On What Your Are Knowledgable About.

To build an authority site, it helps to have a good base of knowledge and experience with your niche topic. This is one of the important factors to consider when starting a blog, and it does not mean you have to be an expert, as many new bloggers mistakenly believe.

For instance, if you want to start a blog about personal finance, you don’t need to have a degree in any financial topic, You just need to be one step ahead of your target audience.

A good way to discover the topic you know the most about is to ask yourself this question: if I could give a keynote speech at a major conference about one topic, what would it be?. Knowledge does not just come from reading books, but also from life experience and one way to begin monetizing your life experience is to start a blog.

5. Pick a smaller niche.

The blogging world seems to be saturated with a certain variety of niches, dominating, some of these niches include Tech, Marketing, Fashion and many more.

Creating a blog around these niches attracts lots of competition and it might take you a long time to rank the SERPs and win in some audience, I am not saying that you should not explore these niches, all I am saying is that you will find it difficult to rank as a new blog.

One way to go around this is to choose a micro-niche based on the niche you intend to write about, let’s say you want to write about fashion, for example, you can decide to do talk about African Fashion instead or better still men’s wear or fashion for children, this way you would get ahead of the competition in a just a matter of time, by the time you have built enough domain authority and backlinks, then you can now digress into general fashion.


With various keyword tools everywhere it’s very hard to choose which one because all serve the same purposes. But I am going to be making recommendations depending on what level we are at in the SEO industry.

If You know you are starting very new and have very little money then I recommend that you stick with Google keyword planner. It belongs to the owners of the search engine itself, so they have the best algorithm and keyword analysis that can help your website rank on Google.

I use Google keyword planner every time and I must confess that it’s very accurate and it works very well. If you are an expert and you want to rank on pretty much all search engines all over the world such as Yahoo, Bing and all other Chinese and Russian search engines like Baidu then you can subscribe to the remaining rest. But anyway what’s the point, Google rules the search engine world.


Just in case you need to build your blogging income on other means here are articles I recommend you read.

Final words.

Dear reader, I want you to know that we are predestined to meet in this world but maybe not physically, I am so glad that we could meet on this platform today.

I want you to know that I value relationships and friendship and I want to get to know you more, connect and express feelings towards each other.

That is why I am appealing that you drop your email in the email subscription box below, you never can tell we might have solutions to the problem of each other and even help ourselves from there.

You never can tell, great relationships start from somewhere, don’t forget to drop your email.

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Written by Udemezue John

Udemezue John is a web developer, digital marketing expert, and a Serial Entrepreneur.

He Started his digital marketing career at a Health and Wellness network marketing company where he learnt to create paid Facebook ads and Google ads.

He brings a unique, uncensored approach to his travelling experience and writing.

He is also a seasoned investor, a finance education expert currently exploring the stock market and Cryptocurrencies.

His work is published in major publications on, and many others.
Udemezue John started my journey as a digital nomad in the year 2013 after completing his high school, to seek financial freedom, and also to help small and large scale businesses seek the financial freedom they need.

Life is to be enjoyed. You can connect with me on twitter


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