10+ Significant Lessons Learnt From Blogging

Significant Lessons Learnt From Blogging

Significant Lessons Learnt From Blogging


I have started over three blogs in the last few years, and I am glad to tell you that only this blog remains successful so far; I will be stating some life lessons that you should learn if you decide to start yours.

What are some of the Lessons learnt From Blogging?

1. Blogging Is The Best Way To Influence.

Many people stress themselves because they want to become brand influencers on social media. 

After so many years of hard work, they get considerable followership only to discover that they are not driving enough engagement.

Most of these individuals with huge followership and verified accounts even go around pleading for brands to sign them up.

I am not again a Social media influencer; all I am saying is that there is a better method to become a trustworthy influencer in your industry, and that method remains Blogging.

2. Quality Content Matters and Not Quantity.

Most newbies become bloggers and begin to post every junk they find online; At the same time, they think they are developing a solid look for their blog; this can damage their reputation and discourage readers from reading their blog or even taking relevant actions.

The blogging formula is easy for newbies bloggers; Pick a niche, write relevant content on that niche, even if it’s only 100 articles you can produce, leave it that way and let Google do the rest for you.

The Longer You Stay, The More Relevant You Become.

Just as the real estate industry works, the same applies to Blogging; all you need do is try and stay longer and don’t give up.

The hardest part of Blogging is the first one, and a half years after that, a significant breakthrough comes.

The breakthrough in blogging only comes if you write relevant content; if your content is based on viral pieces, this is not for you because you have more work to do.

3. Your Blog Is Always Yours.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have policies that should not be violated when these rules are broken; you have to dance to the music.

These guys won’t care if you have over Ten Million followers; once these policies are violated, you go down; compared to when you run your blog, everything that you do belongs to you, and nobody gives you the rule to abide with.

4. There are Diverse Ways To Make Money Blogging.

So many bloggers are fond of singing the famous melody called “Google Adsense” the downside is that when these guys eventually get banned by Google Adsense, they give up hope on Blogging and do something else. On earth, the wealthy blogs do not use Google Adsense, though most do.

There are over 30 ways to make money as a blogger; I wrote a guide to help you get started; click the link below to learn more.

5. Patience Is Key.

Patience is one virtue that is scarce among newbies bloggers; they want instant gratification for all their supposed hard work. Of course, these gratifications will come, but you need to be very patient for them to become a reality.

Most bloggers do not make money in the first years, but as time goes on, it begins to change, and overnight, a fruitless blog begins to generate thousands in dollars.

Blogging is not magic, and you have to invest deeply into it before you start getting results; Blogging is a 24-Month plan; most blogger becomes successful after 9-months, the majority after a year and so on.

7. Don’t Go Too Narrow When Choosing A Niche.

Another lesson I learned was the need to choose a shoulder niche as a blogger; blogging on a single niche can be challenging to compete with other established brands in that industry.

Many shoulder niche topics can blend with all kind of niche blogs, some of which includes motivation, entrepreneurship and even marketing.

This blog majorly deals with digital marketing but focuses on three other shoulder niches, such as Travels, Motivation and Entrepreneurship, which helps bring supplementary traffic to another post.

Imagine dealing with marketing experts like MOZ, Neil Patel, and many of these established brands that have been in the business longer than I was.

It would become tough to rank alongside these guys, and even if I eventually do, It would take time.

I know that the law says to pick a niche and write about that niche passionately, but to avoid putting your eggs in one basket, you should also divert a little bit.

8. Don’t Go Too broad When Choosing a Niche.

Most bloggers take it as a routine to post as much content as possible because they think having more content brings more traffic to your blog.

Unfortunately, this makes them go very broad in their niche; most blogger even goes to the extent of adding a news section to their niche blog.

The downside of going too broad when Blogging is that your audience would not take you too seriously and eventually doubt your authenticity; they would also not see you as an authority.

The bottom line is, don’t go too broad to have many articles on your website; a website always says, Blogging is not about the quantity of your content but the quality.

Blogs with less than ten quality content rank well on Google and even generate more organic traffic than websites with thousands of meaningless content.

Go after quality content as a blogger. This can only be achieved by developing yourself on a particular topic and studying other blogs in your niche; you can use other blogs as a yardstick to build your blog authority.

9. Don’t Waste Time On Paid Traffic.

One mistake I see most bloggers make is trying to run paid ads to an article on their blog, and I laugh when I see these ads on Google and even Facebook.

The downside of this is that such traffic would get a very high bounce rate, which means getting clicks that do not convert, and this is because they stumbled on your ad by chance; in other words, they were not hungry for that information, which means that they are likely to take it for granted.

It would help if you created a hunger for information, and one way this can happen is by optimising your content for search engines; this way, only people who seek out this information would get access to it and value it.

10. Social Media Is Not Your Thing as a Blogger.

I know it’s an honourable tradition to use every possible means to promote your blog, most especially the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The truth about these platforms is that they only work for websites/blogs with viral content. I mean blogs that post news content, entertainment, and buzz when I say this.

If your blog niche is tied around marketing or other serious places, you might find it very difficult to generate traffic or even engagements via social media.

As a niche blogger, not all social media are worth your time, and I mean this, you should focus on optimising your blog for search engine traffic to attract the right kind of audience.

Audience acquired via organic traffic can then be converted into social media followers; trust me, organic traffic is the best when it comes to engagement on social media.

When I started this blog, I tried running paid ads on my Facebook page to convert it to traffic on my blog, but guess what? It was a complete waste of time because not even up to 10% of those followers engaged my website.

So I focused more on search engine optimisation for all my articles, most of which I converted into my Twitter followers, and I suggest you do so.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Hello, I'm Udemezue John, a web developer and digital marketer with a passion for financial literacy.

I have always been drawn to the intersection of technology and business, and I believe that the internet offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and individuals alike to improve their financial well-being.

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