10+ Significant Lessons I Learnt From Blogging

Significant Lessons Learnt From Blogging

Significant Lessons Learnt From Blogging


Blogging is more than just a digital diary or a platform for self-expression. It is a dynamic and ever-evolving medium that has the power to teach us valuable life lessons, far beyond the confines of the virtual world.

Whether you are an experienced blogger or someone considering starting a blog, the insights and wisdom gained from this creative pursuit can positively impact various aspects of your life. In this article, we will delve into over ten significant lessons that blogging imparts to its practitioners.

From enhancing your communication skills to building resilience and understanding the nuances of audience engagement, blogging is a masterclass in personal and professional growth.

I have started over three blogs in the last few years, and I am glad to tell you that only this blog remains successful so far; I will be stating some life lessons that you should learn if you decide to start yours.

So, let’s explore the profound and practical life lessons that emerge from the world of blogging, and how they can enrich your journey, both online and offline.

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What are some of the Lessons learnt From Blogging?

Blogging is more than just a means of self-expression; it’s a dynamic platform that offers valuable life lessons to those who embark on the journey of creating and sharing content.

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting, the insights gained from the world of blogging are invaluable and extend far beyond the confines of your digital space.

In this article, we’ll explore more than ten significant lessons that blogging can teach you, from improving your writing skills to understanding the power of perseverance and resilience.

1. Blogging Is The Best Way To Influence.

Many people stress themselves because they want to become brand influencers on social media.  After so many years of hard work, they get considerable followership only to discover that they are not driving enough engagement.

Most of these individuals with huge followership and verified accounts even go around pleading for brands to sign them up.

I am not a Social media influencer; all I am saying is that there is a better method to become a trustworthy influencer in your industry, and that method remains Blogging.

2. Content Is King.

Successful blogging requires consistency. Regularly posting content not only keeps your audience engaged but also cultivates discipline in your work habits.

3. Your Blog Is Always Yours.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have policies that should not be violated when these rules are broken; you have to dance to the music.

These guys won’t care if you have over Ten Million followers; once these policies are violated, you go down; compared to when you run your blog, everything that you do belongs to you, and nobody gives you the rules to abide by.

4. There are Diverse Ways To Make Money Blogging.

So many bloggers are fond of singing the famous melody called “Google Adsense” The downside is that when these guys eventually get banned by Google Adsense, they give up hope on Blogging and do something else. On earth, the wealthy blogs do not use Google Adsense, though most do.

There are over 30 ways to make money as a blogger; I wrote a guide to help you get started; click the link below to learn more.

5. Patience Is Key.

Building a successful blog takes time. The patience and perseverance cultivated in blogging are vital qualities for achieving long-term goals in any endeavour.

Blogging is not magic, and you have to invest deeply into it before you start getting results; Blogging is a 12-month plan; most blogger becomes successful after 9-months, the majority after a year and so on.

7. Don’t Isolate Yourself in a Specific Niche.

Niche blogging is always advised by Pro Bloggers because It is believed that it’s easy to build a reputation and trust as a blogger in a tiny niche.

However, this may not usually be the case as you have to compete with so many other bloggers in the same niche who have been way before you.

Scenarios like this usually require you to build tons of high-quality backlinks to succeed which takes time.

Content is king when it comes to blogging, and you should create as much as you can also don’t forget that topical authority is a thing when it comes to blogging. So create as much content as possible in any niche you intend to expand on.

8. Don’t Waste Time On Paid Traffic.

One mistake I see most bloggers make is trying to run paid ads for an article on their blog, and I laugh when I see these ads on Google and even Facebook.

The downside of this is that such traffic would get a very high bounce rate, which means getting clicks that do not convert, and this is because they stumbled on your ad by chance.

In other words, they were not hungry for that information, which means that they are likely to take it for granted.

It would help if you created a hunger for information, and one way this can happen is by optimising your content for search engines, this way, only people who seek out this information would get access to it and value it.

9. Social Media Is Not Your Thing as a Blogger.

I know it’s an honourable tradition to use every possible means to promote your blog, most especially the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The truth about these platforms is that they only work for websites/blogs with viral content. I mean blogs that post news content, entertainment, and buzz when I say this.

As a niche blogger, not all social media are worth your time, and I mean this, you should focus on optimising your blog for search engine traffic to attract the right kind of audience.

Audiences acquired via organic traffic can then be converted into social media followers; trust me, organic traffic is the best when it comes to engagement on social media.

When I started this blog, I tried running paid ads on my Facebook page to convert it to traffic on my blog, but guess what? It was a complete waste of time because not even up to 10% of those followers engaged on my website.

So I focused more on search engine optimisation for all my articles, most of which I converted into my Twitter followers, and I suggest you do so.

10. Self-Expression and Authenticity.

Blogging encourages self-expression and authenticity. It reminds us of the importance of being true to ourselves in a world that often demands conformity.

11. Self-Discipline.

Blogging is a self-driven endeavour, and maintaining discipline is essential. This discipline extends to managing time, setting goals, and staying organized.

12. SEO and Marketing.

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing is crucial for a blogger’s success. These skills are valuable in the digital age, whether you’re promoting your blog or a business.

13. Building Resilience.

Not every blog post will receive a positive response. Learning to handle setbacks, criticism, or low engagement helps you build emotional resilience and cope with life’s challenges.

Hey there, dear reader! We hope you’re enjoying the content on our blog. Did you know we have a treasure trove of other insightful articles waiting for you?

Check out the link to the articles below to learn how to be productive and scale your blogging business.


Blogging is a rich source of life lessons that extend far beyond the confines of the digital realm.

From enhancing your writing skills to teaching you patience, adaptability, and the importance of networking, the skills and insights gained from blogging are invaluable in your personal and professional life.

As you continue your journey as a blogger, remember that the lessons you learn along the way are just as important as the content you create.

Embrace the growth and wisdom that blogging brings, and apply these lessons to enrich your life in meaningful ways.

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