How To Make Money Online Playing Games

How To Make Money Online Playing Games

How To Make Money Online Playing Games


Games are fun because they give us a way to escape reality. since the digital revolution began, gaming remains one industry that has played a huge role in entertainment globally. Gaming can become a medium of entertainment at the same time help you build passive income.

Making money playing games has become a viable revenue stream for many in the last few years.

With so many different platforms to choose from and amazing games coming out, the video game industry has seen a massive increase in players. Playing video games can be a great way to unwind and might end up becoming a great way to earn some extra money.

With the invention of modern gaming, it has become easier to make money online while doing what you love. We’ll go through how to make money playing games in this article.

What is Gaming?

Gaming refers to playing electronic games, whether through consoles, computers, mobile phones or another medium altogether.

Why should I become a Gamer?

The positive effects of video games are numerous, from better memory and problem-solving to improved mood and social skills.

The next time someone tells you that you play too many video games, kindly sit that person down and explain the benefits of gaming to such a person.

1. Gaming helps boost memory.

As a person ages, their memory naturally declines. Regular video game play may be a great way to keep your mind sharp even as you get older.

Many video games require some serious strategy and concentration, which is the foundation for memory development.

If you are prone to get lost on your way to the store, video games may be able to help improve your memory for directions.

With 3D graphics and immersive audio, video game environments are extremely rich in stimuli helping you bring the artificial environment into real life.

2. Gaming improves perception and vision.

When faced with a complex environment with competing stimuli, your brain creates a perceptual template that helps you determine what is important and what is not.

This improved perception has valuable real-life benefits, such as being able to keep track of your friends better in a crowd or find something you have dropped in the grass.

3. Gaming helps in decision-making.

Car racing video games like Need For Speed or Call of Duty require you to stay on your toes and make decisions quickly.

Faster decision-making is beneficial in everyday life, as you can accomplish more when you make trivial decisions quickly.

Just like being faced with an ambush in a shooter game, quick decisions are important when facing a dangerous situation in real life, and gaming can help improve such.

Also, playing games like Civilization or SimCity, you have to plan and make decisions now that will benefit you down the road.

These games train your brain to recognize potential outcomes and implications of your choices to make the best choices for your desired result.

When a person practices these skills in a virtual world, they will be able to better apply them in the real world.

4. Gaming enhances your Problem-Solving skills.

Almost every genre of video game involves problem-solving, whether it’s figuring out a puzzle, finding the fastest escape route or even killing the enemy.

These problems can involve both memorization and analysis to solve them, as well as a little creativity. Obstacles in video games are often very open-ended without a lot of instruction, meaning players must experiment with trial and error.

When your attempt to solve a problem in a video game fails the first time — or the first 10 times — you are also learning how to be resilient and persistent when facing challenges in real life.

5. Gaming helps improve your mood.

When the player is fully absorbed in a game playing, they do not have time to worry about work or bills. Video games can be a perfect way to give your brain a break from the anxiety and stress of everyday life.

Video games can also be a great way to relax and unwind and in the long run, can improve a person’s mood and make them happier.

6. Video game helps improve Social Skills.

Regular play of video game play can improve social skills and reduce anxiety. When players can take on fictional personas in a virtual world, they are free to experiment with social interactions, which then teaches them what good social behaviour is, as they can then be more confident when interacting with others in the real world.

Participating in heroic gaming with other players encourages communication and cooperation that carries over to real-life interactions.

7. Gaming enhances Youthfulness.

As your brain ages, your memory, focus and ability to multitask all begin to decline. While young people are often able to juggle several different mental demands at once, older people may find it difficult to stay focused even on a single task.

There are many ways to keep your brain young, such as by doing puzzles, eating healthy, exercising and even playing video games.

As the older players continued to train with the game, however, they experienced improved multi-tasking abilities, short-term memory and long-term focus.

How do I make Money Online Playing Games?

Globally, about two in five people play video games, with the number of gamers estimated to grow from 2.95 billion in 2022 to 3.07 billion by 2023, according to a report by game market research firm Newzoo.

This huge industry employed nearly 300,000 workers in 2020, which also can employ more people if needed.

There is a huge opportunity to build passive income in the gaming industry with just a few people who are aware. Do you want to make money online by playing video games? Here is how it can be done.

1. Become a Video game developer.

Another way to earn as a gamer is to develop the games yourself. Game developers at major companies like EA earn an average salary of up to $83,000.

Developing video games is very a very tedious task and demands lots of dedication to become perfect.

Alternatively, you can become a solo game developer and make money through game sales and in-game purchases.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on this blog on how you can become a successful game developer. Check out the link to the article to learn more.

2. Livestream on Twitch.

Most people prefer watching other people play games while they watch, and appreciate your effort in doing so.

Anyone can stream their gameplay in real-time for the world to see to build a large audience The biggest platform for video game streaming is Twitch.

Make sure your internet upload speed is fast enough to handle the stream, in addition to having a powerful enough PC for whatever games you’re playing.

While streaming video games might be like an opportunity, It takes a long time to build a live-stream audience. You need thousands if not millions of views to get them monetized.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to make money online with Twitch. Check out the link to the article to learn more.

3. Start Blogging about gaming.

Blogging is another avenue to build passive income as a gamer. Some people makes research on popular gaming topics and your blog can serve as an avenue to reach out to that audience.

If writing for an existing site, you can get paid on a per-article basis as a freelancer.

If starting your site, you can monetize your traffic with ads, Patreon subscriptions, or similar.

Lots of people want to write about games for a living! If writing for an existing site, you’ll likely have to work for next to nothing while you establish a portfolio and prove your skills.

If starting your site, it’ll take years to build an audience which can be monetized. I wrote a comprehensive guide on this blog on how to start your blog. Check out the link to the article to learn more.

4. Start a Gaming Podcast.

Podcasting also comes with an avenue to build passive income gaming online. You’ll need to build a sizeable audience before you see any revenue.

Your show must be compelling enough for people to tune in. If it’s boring, shallow, has poor production quality, or is inconsistent, the show won’t succeed.

Have a lot to say? Try creating a daily, weekly, or monthly show related to gaming. It could be an opinion-based roundtable discussion, a series of interviews with high-profile players, tips and tricks for a specific game, or anything else that’s interesting.

Podcasts can be monetized with ads, sponsorships, and other forms of monetization. In particular, this format can also be supported through Patreon subscriptions.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on this blog on how to start a Podcast and become successful. Check out the link to the article to learn more.

5. Contest in gaming Tournaments online.

Most modern games developed come in-built with regular competitions in which anyone can participate.

If you’re skilled enough to join an esports organization, you may be able to earn a livable salary through winnings and sponsorships.

6. Get Paid to Test Games.

Once a game is fully developed it undergoes phases of various tests before it is released to the general public.

Near the time of completion, developers need outsiders to playtest their games with fresh eyes.

As a playtester, your job is to check over everything the developer wants you to look at, which includes finding and documenting bugs and other issues.

7. Start a Gaming YouTube channel.

YouTube remains a top video platform online with more than 2 Billion views each month. Many game players make money in the gaming world via a YouTube channel.

You can run live streams or pre-recorded videos of your gameplay for others to watch as you go through the game.

You can also post video game tutorials, gameplay tutorials, reviewing games, and general gaming tips on your YouTube channel to boost your following and monetize your channel.

You will earn a percentage of ad revenue when your viewers watch video or banner ads on your gaming videos.

I wrote a comprehensive guide in this blog on how to start a YouTube channel and become successful. Check out the link to the article to learn more.

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