How To Make Money Online With Quillbot

How To Make Money Online With Quillbot

How To Make Money Online With Quillbot


With rising use cases online, AI remains a major technology player on the internet. Modern software has functionality that we couldn’t have imagined a couple of decades ago, thanks to advances in AI technology. The writing industry has explored rapid deployment when it comes to AI.

However, it has evolved to be much more than that. Primarily of interest to us is the grammar checker, which inspects your document for typos, spelling mistakes, and other grammatical issues.

Quillbot is one of those AI tools which has continued to disrupt the writing industry.

What is Quillbot?

Quillbot is an AI-based writing tool that has several core functionalities. Its primary purpose is as a paraphrasing tool that uses artificial intelligence to rephrase your writing in several different styles.

It has since become an affordable and powerful tool, consistently adding new features.

Why do I need a Quillbot account?

Quillbot is an affordable AI tool with some powerful features, good for authors in all industries. The best part is that it comes at a very reasonable price. There is a free version of Quillbot, and in fact, it is quite useful.

The Quillbot free version gives you access to many of the tools (not the plagiarism checker), though the amount of usage you get is limited. Here are some reasons why you need a Quillbot account.

1. Quillbot can be used for Vocabulary enhancement.

One major reason writers choose Quillbot is its vocabulary enhancement feature. In addition to improving writing, this feature is excellent for building vocabulary.

If you just want to change a word or two, this feature can be utilized to make proper sense of your sentences. But it can also be used to change the whole sentence.

2. Quillbot Thesaurus is powered by AI.

As you try to rephrase your sentences, Quill Bot gives you the flexibility to choose the synonym that you like. There’s a list of AI-powered thesauri listed with every changed word in the sentence.

3. Quillbot can be integrated with Other industry-related Word-editing software tools.

Quillbot comes with an advanced feature that allows you to integrate QuillBot into different text editors like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

4. Quillbot comes with its Grammar check.

Quill Bot is an all-in-one tool for writers as it comes with a state-of-the-art grammar check tool. Quillbot has a Grammar check that further makes your sentence structure better. It uses Neural Language Processor to make proper sense of your sentences and paragraphs.

Instead of manually reading every word for spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors, you can simply run a Grammar check on QuillBot.

5. Quillbot has a Summarizing tool.

Another reason why writers love Quillbot is the fact that it comes built-in with standard summarizing tools that allow QuillBot’s AI to sift through research papers, news stories, or extensive emails to find the key pointers and provide you with a high-level overview of the subject.

6. The Plagiarism Checker.

Most writers try as much to avoid plagiarism, making work less scaleable. The Quillbot plagiarism checker is great for academics and online writers.

It quickly spotted anything that looked even mildly plagiarized and help suggest a re-written format.

However, even with the premium account, you are limited to 20 pages per month. That’s fine if you only need this for the occasional paper, but if you write for a living, that is not nearly enough.

7. Quillbot comes with a Citation Generator

Quillbot makes it easy to enter the book or the article that you are citing, enter the citation style that you want, and it will automatically churn out what you need.

The citation generator is another handy tool, especially if you’re writing nonfiction or an academic article and need to cite your sources.

How do I Make Money Online With Quillbot?

QuillBot is an all-in-one AI writing tool that combines different editing features to help users create clear and concise sentences.

Quillbot has been around since 2017, amassing over 50 million users worldwide since then.

QuillBot is primarily web-based, but it is also available as an extension on Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs.

Do you want to make money online with Quillbot? Here is how it can be done.

1. Start a blog.

Blogging is a tried-and-true method for writers to make money online. Blogging requires dedication and consistency, and it will also take some time for your blog to gain momentum before you see much income, but it is possible.

The first step to starting a blog is picking your niche. This is the topic you’ll write about, and if you can provide a unique perspective, your readers are more likely to stick around.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to start a successful blog. Check out the link to the article to learn more.

2. Self-Publish a book

Publishing your book is an incredibly rewarding experience, as you have control over every step of the process.

This can be a double-edged sword, however. After starting down the path to self-publication, many authors realize that while they love writing, they don’t love obsessing over font and margin options or negotiating with cover artists.

And even if you use a free service, such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, you’ll need to spend money on editing, cover design, marketing, and advertising.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to write a successful e-Book. Check out the link to the article to learn more.

3. Start a YouTube channel.

Video content is exploding in popularity, so now is a great time to get your foot in the door and add some script-writing experience to your resume. Another way to make money with Quillbot is to write scripts for video creators.

If you understand scriptwriting’s technicalities, you can bring in money by partnering with a video creator.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to start a successful YouTube channel. Check out the link to the article to learn more.

4. Start a Podcast.

Starting a podcast is another way to make money online with Quillbot. Show notes are a written online resource for podcast listeners that accompany each episode of a podcast.

Every podcast approaches show notes a little differently, but typically, they are brief, easy-to-scan episode summaries that often include additional relevant resources.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to start a successful podcast. Check out the link to the article to learn more.

5. Become a freelancer writer.

Ghostwriting is not just for celebrity autobiographies; a lot of blogs and websites hire ghostwriters, too.

One of the ways Quillbot makes writing easy is by helping you write fantastic content for your freelance writing business.

When you see a byline on an online article or blog post, there’s a pretty good chance that the named author didn’t write that content.

If you’re okay with taking home the paycheck but not seeing your name on the byline, seek out ghostwriting gigs.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to become a successful writer. Check out the link to the article to learn more.

6. Write resumes.

If you have a knack for creating effective resumes, you can find freelance work writing resumes for job hunters.

Quillbot can help you create the perfect resume without hassle. As a similar way to get paid to write, you can also specialize in LinkedIn profiles. Many professionals are willing to pay for an optimized profile that can help them land work.

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