How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic

How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic

How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic


Blogging has been treated as one simple business models online, most blogging experts recommend that you to write about what you care about and sooner or later it will get to the right people via the search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO experts have since then set out to really understand the criteria as to what makes a blog to rank on the Google search engine result page (SERP), they came out with a lot of factors, out of which backlinks was discovered.

Backlinks have been directly correlated with organic traffic, to blog, and this has been proven by so many top SEO experts.

In the section below I am going to be pointing out some of what these top SEO experts have to say about backlinks.

1. Brian Dean – Backlinko.

Brian Dean is an American SEO Expert and here are some of the key reference point he made on his blog while addressing the importance of link building.

How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic
In other words, what this statement means concerning backlinks is that the more websites link back to you the higher tendency for you to rank on the SERPs


How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic

Another top search engine optimization platform also spells out the importance of link building to any SEO related strategy.

3. Alexa Blog.

And lastly, the official Alexa blogs also references the need to build backlinks as an SEO sustaining strategy. Here is what was written on their blog.

How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting, also called Guest blogging is the act of publishing content on a similar blog niche with a higher search engine ranking or a domain authority to Attract traffic back to their website, Boost their domain authority, boost their brand credibility and awareness, and develop relationships with blogging peers in their industry.

Benefits of Guest Posting.

As stated in the section above, guest posting can be applied to many use cases majority of which includes backlink building, which directly impacts the SEO of any website involved.

Most people guest post to build backlinks to boost their SERP rankings and get more organic traffic, but in this section, there is more to guest posting than just building backlinks.

1. To Your Blog Domain Authority.

The domain authority of your website Guest posting on other high-quality blogs directly boosts your backlinks which increases your domain authority.

The more top-ranking blogs links to you, the more your Google sees you as an authority.
This is why you should go after blogs with very high Domain Authority when guest posting.

2. To Get Organic Traffic.

Another major reason why bloggers guest post is to get organic traffic from the SERP.
It has been discovered that guest posting increases backlinks, which in turns boost your website search engine visibility to be able to get substantial organic traffic to your website.

3. To Build Brand Trust.

The next and major reason why people guest post is to build online brand trust, imagine when your brand is being mentioned by a very top authority website, the results tend to rub on you and sends a strong perception about your brand on the internet, and trust me people would want to do business with you because of your credibility.

4. Develop And Build Relationship.

Another reason why blogger subscribes to guest posting opportunities is to build a credible relationship.

Starting a blog without any relationship can be hard as a newbie in blogging, even though you write really great contents, people are not going to see you as an authority, but with the right relationships in place, you are going to get mentioned by the top and established bloggers in your niche, which will enhance your blogger profile.

What comes to your mind when you hear of names like MOZ, Neil Patel, Harsh Argawal and Brian Dean just among the very few to mention, they appear as authorities because they have developed quality relationships over the years

5. Build Backlinks.

Backlinks have been correlated with the way a website ranks on the SERP, this means getting more backlinks to your blog via guest posting can help you rank more and boost organic traffic.

Most people guest post tp get more backlinks in an attempt to impact the way their website ranks on Google.

How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic.

Guest posting is the most difficult part of search engine optimization, and not too many bloggers have enough stamina to take part in this task.

Guest posting is a process that requires a lot to be in place, and this is why I am going to be taking you through every step one after the other.

1. Get A List Of Websites.

Guest Blogging has to do a with building backlinks, and this cannot be done without the help of other websites.

You need to get another reputable website to point out to your own website, all I am saying is that the first ingredient needed to begin link building is a full list of websites that accepts guest post.
There are over 1 Billion websites all over the world and only a majority of them accepts guest post pitch from other bloggers, also bear in mind that you should create a list of website that accepts that are relevant to your niche, and also carry a much higher domain authority than yours.

In this section, I am going to curate a list of websites that accepts guest posts.

1. Project Life Mastery.

How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic

Project Life Mastery is a life coach, entrepreneurship and motivation blog. It is owned by popular YouTuber, and life coach Stefan James.

Project Life Mastery has a D.A of 51, and organic search traffic of more than 100K page views a month.

Website –

2. ShoutMeLoud.

How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic

ShoutMeLoud remains one of the popular blogs on the internet, it was created by Indian born Blogger, Harsh Argawal, I grew up knowing ShoutMeLoud.

ShoutMeloud covers a very significant blog niche called Blogging, though other niches such as entrepreneurship and digital marketing have been flaunted on this blog, its chief niche remains blogging.

Everything you need to know about starting a blog, and even becoming productive with your blog has been published on this blog.

ShoutMeloud has a D.A of 64 and a monthly estimated organic traffic of over 500K page views per month.

Website –

3. Hubspot.

How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic

Hubspot is an American startup that focuses on developing digital marketing tools for business such as; social media marketing, content management, web analytics, landing pages, customer support, and search engine optimization

Hubspot has a D.A score of 80, ranks for more than, with estimated traffic of 20 Million page view per month, and is currently ranked 711 all over the world.

Website –

4. Mashable.

How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic

Mashable is an American entertainment, culture, tech, science and social good digital media platform, news website and multi-platform founded by popular Blogger Peter Cashmore.
Mashable has a D.A score of 82, with estimated organic search traffic of over 15 million page views monthly.

Website –

5. Moz.

How To Guest Post For Blog Traffic

Moz is a digital marketing blog, that was created to help bloggers and online business owners to navigate the hard part of online marketing, most especially SEO.

Most started as a small research website where SEO related kinds of stuff were posted, it then later became a bigger business after so many of its existing users requested to consult with it.

Moz has a D.A of 76 and estimated organic traffic of over 1.6 Million page views per month.

Website –

2. Understand Their Guest Posting Guidelines.

After identifying these websites, the next step is to check out their guest posting guidelines.
These guidelines are usually described in detail on a page on their website, it usually carries information on the type of content to write about, the length of the content, and most cases the dynamics on how the content should be written.

Do not be surprised that most of these guest posting opportunities come at a price, you may be asked to pay a certain fee if you, however, do find yourself in a position like this one, and you a fortunate enough to be able to make a payment, then you may go on, but if you can’t, then move on to the next website with free guest blogging opportunities.

3. Extract The Appropriate Contacts.

Now That you must have read out their guidelines, the next step is to get a list of appropriate contact to reach out to.

Most of these websites have a contact page, which can be used to reach out to the appropriate person-In-charge, but you may not be lucky enough to get a response on time.

The next step is to extract the appropriate emails attached to the desired website by using an online tool called

4. Prepare Contents.

Content is the next step to take after you might have finished up on the first three steps.

Most bloggers feel obliged to write contents for guest posting purposes because it stresses them out, and this is among the major reason why most bloggers don’t practice guest blogging.

I have good news for you, even if you are not able to lay your hands on a content written by you, then you can outsource the task to writing freelancers online, and pay them a token for their service.

Online writing freelance websites allow you to hire the services of a writer by spelling out the desired topic, length of words, and finally making payments. After payment might have been made, the next thing is to wait for your writing piece to be delivered to you.

I usually recommend you prepare a lot of contents for guest blogging opportunities, to be on the safe side you should have at least ten articles waiting in line to be published, and make sure they are unique and also not been posted anywhere on the internet.

Example of a freelance writing website includes; HireAWriter, Fiverr, Upwork and many more.

5. Send Out A Pitch.

After you might have written out these contents, the next thing you want to do is to send out a pitch. Guest blogging pitches are usually emailed to the desired website to be published upon.

When sending out a guest pitch, the title and the body of your email should be as convincing as possible.

In this section, I am going to be sending giving some certain examples of some guest post pitch templates that you can draw your inspiration from.

Dear _____________,

My name is _____. I discovered your website from ___ and thought it the perfect opportunity for me to reach out to you. I have become a fan of your work and enjoy reading your content. I specialize in (your niche) and I believe my writing style and yours matches perfectly. I would love to be a contributing writer for your site/ pitch my guest post idea. I’d like to write an article entitled ( __ ) as I believe it will resonate deeply with your audience and give very valuable information and a fresh point of view on the subject matter. The article will explain ____ and provide details on how to ______

I’ll be a great contributor for your blog/website because (list your best strengths and qualifications, such as

  • I complete and submit all work in a timely fashion
  • I’m very skilled in extensive research and analysis
  • I’m dependable, enthusiastic, and enjoy working with others

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to working with you!

All the Best,

(Your signature)

6. Follow-Up.

Sending out guest post pitches is not enough as you have to also follow-up on responses, if no response comes after 48-hours, then you have to send a follow-up email to ensure that your message was delivered and read by the blog author.

Follow-up emails should be sent after the first 48-hours, while the second follow-up email is sent after one-five days.

7. Connect On Social Media.

The next thing to do after you seem not to get any response as regards your pitch is to reach out on social media platforms.

To be honest with you, most bloggers are very bad when it comes to reading and responding to emails, most of them have reached the peak of their successes so don’t want to collaborate with other upcoming bloggers, not all bloggers are generous with their platform.

If you find yourself in this position, the next thing to do is to try to reach out to them on social media platforms such as Linked and Twitter.

Why You Should Not Guest Post.

To be honest you, there are so many benefits attached to guest posting, but it does not change the fact that it remains one of the hardest parts of SEO.

The major reason why bloggers guest post is to build backlinks, which has been correlated with organic traffic. The more backlinks a website has, the more organic traffic it would generate.

1. Backlinks Can Be Generated Naturally.

In the section before now, I stated the fact that one of the major reason why blogger guest post is to build backlinks, which will affect their search engine rankings, and increase their organic traffic.
Do you know that backlinks can be generated naturally even without guest posting to build backlinks? all you just need to do is write, authoritative content, and backlinks will come on it own.

2. Guest Posting Is Expensive.

Most people outsource freelance writer to prepare guest posts for them while they work full time on their blog, which can be very expensive.

Having to hire an extra writer to write articles for you most time can cost you a fortune, most writer charge over $50 per article which not too many new bloggers cannot afford.

3. Guest Posting Makes Bloggers Unproductive.

When attempting to guest post, you pitch the best topic to a more blog with higher traffic than you, and most times they get all the credits while your blog suffers lack of attention and sufficient content.

In my own very little understanding, it would be better to spend time adding quality content to your blog and allow Google to do its job, in ranking you, It may take time but just trust the process.

4. You May Get Rejected.

This is one of the most annoying parts about having to put so had efforts into guest posting, only to get rejected at the end of the day.

Most of these websites in question do not even have qualitative contents as you do, they are only privileged to have started long before you did, so they have gained Domain authority, and ranked for more keywords than you do.

To wrap it all up, if you feel the need to speed off things than usual, then you should prepare your minds for a countless number of rejections.


Like I have always said, when starting a blog, you need lots of patience, the major secret to success as a blogger is by publishing authoritative contents, look at the other blogs that do what you do, borrow ideas from their respective blogs, make it better, and add it all up to your own blog.

In the long-run, you become better than they are and even end up ranking higher on the search engine, also make sure that you are not copying word for word, so as not to end up ranking lower than the initial source where you picked it all up from.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Udemezue John is a web developer, digital marketing expert, and a Serial Entrepreneur.

He Started his digital marketing career at a Health and Wellness network marketing company where he learnt to create paid Facebook ads and Google ads.

He brings a unique, uncensored approach to his travelling experience and writing.

He is also a seasoned investor, a finance education expert currently exploring the stock market and Cryptocurrencies.

His work is published in major publications on, and many others.
Udemezue John started my journey as a digital nomad in the year 2013 after completing his high school, to seek financial freedom, and also to help small and large scale businesses seek the financial freedom they need.

Life is to be enjoyed. You can connect with me on twitter


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