How To Make Money Online With Flutterwave

How To Make Money Online With Flutterwave

How To Make Money Online With Flutterwave


Money has always been a medium of exchange. Its form has changed from time to time. Back when it was traded by barter, which later was transformed into gold, and in its latest form which is digital.

Every day money is constantly in circulation between businesses and individuals, and this process needs to be accelerated as quickly as possible.

The relevance of financial technology (FinTech) would play a major role in the advancement of developing economies and Flutterwave is already doing it.

What is Flutterwave?

Flutterwave is a Nigerian fintech company that was founded in the year 2016. It provides financial services that help businesses with payment operations for their international clients. Although Flutterwave mainly operates within the African continents (over 11 African countries.

Why do I need a Flutterwave account?

Flutterwave is a proudly African company with offices located in cities across Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa.

Flutterwave is indigenous and understands the challenges hence it is changing the game in Africa by developing an easy-to-use platform for sending and receiving money among businesses and individuals on the African continent. Here are some of the reasons why need Flutterwave as a business and as an individual.

1. Flutterwave has a Wider reach in Africa.

Flutterwave is an API that enables payment options across different countries in Africa. This means that Nigerian businesses, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, and other African businesses can receive and send payments from international financial services like visa, verve, MasterCard, etc by integrating one API.

This technology strengthens and supports businesses that will scale across Africa and international markets.

2. Flutterwave can be trusted.

Flutterwave was founded three years ago, this startup is led by an awesome team of fintech experts, software engineers, and entrepreneurs.

And since then it has processed more than 16 Billion dollars in payments with more than 500K transactions daily, over 1200 developers building and working on Flutterwave, and 50 African banks as partners. Flutterwave is already initiating a cashless economy, and very soon everyone will catch up.

3. Flutterwave allows you to create Payment Links.

Flutterwave comes with a feature that allows businesses to send a custom payment link when clicked can be used to make payments. This link can be used in a Single Charge link, a Subscription (Recurring) link and a Donation Page.

4. Flutterwave comes built-in with a shop feature.

We now see that eCommerce is becoming mainstream globally and more businesses are willing to move their businesses online.

Flutterwave has made this possible with the integration of a shop feature which allows a merchant to host products and accept payments.

With the FLutterwave store, businesses can create an online store, List products, add product images, and descriptions and go online.

You only needed to send your Store link to your customers for them to buy from you. In the last 11 months, the Flutterwave Store has grown to over 20000 Stores across Africa.

5. You can generate an invoice with Flutterwave.

An invoice is one way to assure your customer that they did business with you. If you run a service business and you’ve always wanted a way to send invoices to your customers, Flutterwave has a feature that allows businesses to do this with ease.

With Flutterwave Invoices, you can create a digital invoice that contains all the necessary information your customers need. With this digital invoice, your customers can pay directly from the email they receive after you send the invoice.

6. Flutterwave allows an organizer to host events.

Apart from being a FIntech company Flutterwave also comes with features that allow event organizers to use its platform to host events.

Flutterwave Events is another way you can get paid through Flutterwave. If you are an events organiser and you’ve always wanted a solution that can help you sell tickets online, look no further because Flutterwave has this feature built-in to its platform. This solution is exclusive to merchants who signed up as registered businesses.

7. Flutterwave comes with an awesome mobile app.

Mobile is an avenue that should not be left unexploited by tech startups and Flutterwave has also flexed its muscle in the mobile sphere by making Flutterwave mobile.

The Flutterwave Mobile app turns any smartphone into a mobile POS. You can generate a payment link inside the app and share it with anyone to pay you, using their card as they’d do with a physical POS.

However, the Flutterwave Mobile app goes one better, it’s a mobile POS that accepts more payment types than any physical POS can accept.

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Written by Udemezue John

I teach you how to make money online.

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