How To Make Money With Google Adsense In 2020

how to make money with google adsense

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Over the years various method and strategies of making money online have been introduced, among all the most interesting and quicker ways of making money for any online beginner is the use of Pay-Per-click advertising platforms like Google Adsense.

I am not justifying pay-per click advertising as the best as the best way of making money online.
In actual fact every blogger should have many ways of making money via their platform that is why i recommend reading the article below on starting a blog and Affiliate marketing.

Google Adsense have become the major source of income for so many bloggers and have accounted for over 10 billion dollars in settlement each year.

What is Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is a program created by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience.

These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

They can generate revenue to the publishers on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

Google Adsense Stats You Should Know.

In case you never heard about Google Adsense or still doubt how legit the platform can be, here are facts and statistics to justify the platform.

1. AdSense launched on 18th June 2003 and since then has been helping websites of all sizes to earn money by serving ads.

2. Around 12 million websites worldwide use AdSense.

3. AdSense publishers earn 68% of the revenue generated from every ad click, whilst Google retains 32%.

4. The Google Display Network, including AdSense and Google owned properties, serves 6 billion impressions per day.

5. Google AdSense supports ad-serving in 46 different languages.

6.Every year, Google pays over $10 billion to its publishers.

7. AdSense can pay publishers in over 51 currencies of the world.

8. Google AdSense platform is also available for games, videos, mobiles and search products.

Why You Should Use Google Adsense.

Here are the reasons why you should make use of Google Adssense as a blogger.

At this point you might have already committed to moving forward with Google Adsense but even so I wanted to share some candid thoughts on why I have chosen to use it for not only this blog when I first started advertising but on many other blogs as well.

1. To Make money.

Making money as a newbie blogger can be difficult because of so many reasons.

But with the Google Adsense program you can start earning from the first day you start blogging.

For example i got my Google Adsesne just after two week of creating my blog and i started earning in the first day of blogging.

This can only be possible with the use of Adsense.

So many top Seo and tech expert do not recommend the use of Google Adsense  due to an unknown reason know to them but in my opinion i will always recommend the use of the Google Adsense program anytime

2. Global monetization.

The use of Google Adsense platform allows you to monetize your platform globally.

The unique factor about the Google Adsense platform is that it sells the ad space on your websites to advertisers globally

3. Analytics.

Google Adsense is built with a unique platform that allows for accurate tracking of conversions, page views and impressions.

The inbuilt Adsense Analytics is unique and makes it very easier to track accurate data and information.

4. Very few restrictions.

Unlike any other Pay-Per-click advertising, hey all come with hard core restrictions that allows only very few high websites with very high organic traffic and this is very bad for newbie bloggers who might likely not get enough traffic.

5. Easy To Start.

Also, unlike other pay-per-click advertising platform. Google Adsense is very easy and quick to set up and begin.

All you need is a Google account and a new website or blog

6. Owned By Google.

As the name implies, Google Adsense is owned by Google, Inc.
The Google Adsense have been currently reported to be paying over $10 Billion to it’s publishers yearly.

This has added more credibility to the platform and has made it the most trusted online advertising platform

Google Adsense Requirements.

1. Google Account.

Google Adsense is an advertising platform owned by Google, Inc and we know that Google only permits a single Google account to make use of all it’s service.

The Google Adsense platform is not left behind in all of these.

You can get started with the Google Adsense by getting a Google account.

2. Website/ Blog.

The Google Adsense is designed by Google to help publishers sell Ad space on their own website with the sole aim of sharing profits.

A website is needed to get started with Google Adsense.

Here is an guided article on how you can start a blog from below to top.

Sadly not all kind of website’s are permitted to enroll in the Google Adsense program.

According to Google Adsense, the few website that are allowed to be approved into the program are.

1 . Blog site.

2. A forum Website.

3. An online tool website

3. YouTube Channel.

YouTube Channel is also a recipe that is needed to make money with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense introduced Ads to YouTube and this allows it creators to make money via the program.
Here is an article on creating and monetizing a YouTube Channel.

Google Adsense Approval Tricks You Should Know.

As juicy as Google Adsense might sound, so many people still find it hard to get through this platform as many of them do not get approved for over six months and more, some even get banned in the process.

The most unbelievable part in this story is that i got my Google Adsense approval in just one week after i created my Blog.

Are you among those few ?, This section would guide you properly on how you can prepare your platform for Google Adsense approval.
The first step to preparing your Blog/ Website for Google Adsense approval is.


1. Choosing A Niche and Prepare Contents.

Before you ever think on starting your own blog or creating a platform make sure you settle scores on what niche you want to offer and start creating contents that tallies along your selected niche, most especially make sure they are not plagiarized or copied contents, make sure they are unique.

Make sure you have at least 10 – 20 publishable contents on ground before starting out.

2. Choose A Top Level Domain Extension.

Domain extensions like .com .ly matters to your quick Adsense approval, preferably i suggest you make sure you go for a .com domain extension.

You can can check here for the approved domain extension approved by Google Adsense.

Here is an article to guide you deeply on selecting a domain.

3. Use Responsive Web Design Or Buy A Premium WordPress Theme.

Most times most bloggers do not know that the design of their website matters to Google and this in most cases delay their Adsense approval.

If you are using a blog engine like WordPress make sure you buy a premium theme alongside your website. You can purchase a premium theme from

4. Remove Unused Pages.

Make sure you ensure to strip off all unused pages on your website leading to no where or carrying false claims as described on the initial page make sure your have pages such as disclaimer, About us, privacy Policy pages alongside your website as they are necessary to your Google Adsense approval.


Google Adsense Success Stories.

In order to convince you that Googe Adsense has really changed the lives of various blogger all over the globe.

Here are some very few Adsense success stories from top and notable bloggers all over the globe.


1. Pete Cashmore –

Pete Cashmore is the CEO and Founder of the most popular blog ‘Mashable’ which was founded in 2005.

He created this blog at the age of 19, when he lived in Banchory in Scotland, in North Scotland.

When he started his blog, then he didn’t wonder ever that Mashable would become the most popular website. He left his study and didn’t join University.

When he started his blog, then he didn’t ever share about this to anybody else even his parents too.

Every time, he engaged in writing and just writing. He wrote his articles and then published.

All time, there were no any work at that time he did, except writing.

Now after a strong struggle, where he is, we all are well aware.

Earning: $10,00,000/month

2. Courtney Rosen –

Courtney Rosen is the founder of

One of another most popular website of the world where lots of articles and 170,000 videos are published about how to’s with step by step instructions and guide.

Earning: $650,000/month

3. Shawn Hogan – DigitalPointSolutions.

Shawn Hogan is the CEO and founder of Digital Point Solutions. He started this website since 1999 and still running this and providing useful informative stuff through it.

The website is very useful for bloggers, web developers and internet marketers.

Earning: $550,000/month

4. Kevin Rose –

Kevin Rose is the founder of

He also served as production assistant and co-host at TechTV’s The Screen Savers.

From 2012 to 2014, he was a venture partner at Google Ventures.

He is also currently a board member for the Tony Hawk Foundation.

Earning: $500,000/month

5. Markus Frind –

Markus Frind is a German internet entrepreneur, and the CEO and Founder of PlentyofFish, the world’s biggest dating website.

The website was founded in 2003.

Since from 2003 until 2014, its revenue has reached up to 100 million US dollars.

The company has only 75 employees that are hard working and experts in programming, networking and customer service representatives.

But on July 14, 2015, the dating service was sold for $575 million to The Match Group.

Earning: $450,000/month


Here are also list of other top Google Adsense earners you might need to also Know

1. Harsh Agrawal –

Hash Argawal is an Indian blogger, he owns the once trending blog called shout me loud.

In my very early days of starting as a blogger i used to know him a lot and i got a lot of usefull tips and tricks on blogging.

according to him he started blogging in December 2008 and implemented AdSense on ShoutMeLoud in 2009.

Here is an overview of his Google AdSense income 2009-2018:

  • 2009 – $1,860.05
  • 2010 – $7,235.44
  • 2011 – $10,771.13
  • 2012 – $6,884.83
  • 2013 – $6.224.20
  • 2014 – $4471.08
  • 2015 – $5673.39
  • 2016 – $3962.62
  • 2017 – $2464.65
  • 2018 – $905.44

You can click the link to learn about his Google Adsense earnings.

I also have a list where i wrote a well detailed article on blogging and i just think you should look at it.


Google Adsense Policies.

Alongside becoming the biggest players in the advertising industry, Google adsense also have a very strict policy that does not tolerate excesses for illegal and cheat publishers that might want to disrupt their program and here are a very few of them drawn out from their Adsense policies.

1. Invalid clicks and impressions.

Publishers may not click their own ads or use any means to inflate impressions and/or clicks artificially, including manual methods.

Breaking this into a layman’s language this section simply means that you should now in any way click the ads being displayed on your website.

So many people become greedy and think that they can fool the Google Adsense and begin clicking the ads themselves so as to gain more clicks and make more money.

But i tell you, Google Adsense tracker is quite different from all others. Its is designed to tracks clicks based on your IP address.

So if you are blogger, updating your website on the same IP and clicking ads on the same IP or computer then you are likely to get banned.

2. Encouraging clicks or views .

Except for rewarded inventory, publishers may not ask others to click or view their ads or use deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks or views.

Most websites that offers downloadable content usually does this and i must say that in no time you will get banned from using the Google Adsense permanently.

Do not use deceptive methods to make people click the Google Adsense banners.

3. Content policies.

Publishers should not place AdSense code on pages with content that violates the Google Publisher Policies.
Contents that includes p*rnography,betting or quick rich schemes would be totally banned from the Google Adsesne program.

To learn about the Google Adsesne publishers policies 

4. Site behavior.

Sites showing Google ads should be easy for users to navigate. Sites may not change user preferences, redirect users to unwanted websites, initiate downloads, include malware or contain pop-ups or pop-unders that interfere with site navigation.

5. Use supported languages.

Google publisher products do not support all languages. Applications for participation in these programs can be for sites with content primarily in the following languages.

If your website or blog is not in English language then you should consider reviewing the official languages supported by Google.

You can check out the full Google Adsense policies here

Google Adsense Alternatives

In case you need to subscribe to other ad netwoks similar to Google Adsense or you got banned and appealed without any good response then here are a list of high paying alternatives.

1. is an industry-leading technology company in the advertising space that develops innovative digital advertising products for both publishers and advertisers.

All of their payments are made now via Payoneer

They used to offer Paypal but not anymore, unfortunately.

They pay on a NET 30 basis. takes only 2 days on average to get your account approved and will give you an extra 10% over your earnings for the first 3 months!

Website –

2. Properller Ads.

Propeller Ads is one of the biggest advertising networks available nowadays for publishers and advertisers.

They started working in 2011 and quickly developed into one of the biggest networks with great CPMs.

I’ve made several thousand dollars with PropellerAds with sites that aren’t approved for Google Adsense.

They specialize in monetizing websites for the following niches: entertainment, videos/movies, games, dating, finances, software, gambling and more.

If you’ve got a website in those niches, you could make more money with Propeller than with Adsense.

Website – Propeller Ads

3. AdSterra.

Adsterra is a great advertising network for publishers with great CPMs and a lot of different ad formats for both mobile and desktop traffic around the world.

They pay on via wire transfer, Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments, etc.

Adsterra has updated its minimum payment requirements and you can withdraw your money once you go over $5 USD, which is pretty convenient for small webmasters.

Their ad formats include many categories like display ads (banners), popunders, direct links, web push notifications, video ads, etc and their platform allows you to filter and select the type the ads you like to run in your site to get the best CPM for your traffic.

Website –  Adsterra

4. Infolink.

Infolinks is one of the largest monetization networks in the world today, helping more than 200,000 online publishers in 128 countries earn money from their unused ad space.

Their native and contextual ads work perfectly with all ad solutions and don’t interfere with the user’s experience.

Their platform is very simple to integrate into your site, and is open to any publisher, big or small, with no setup fees, no minimum traffic requirements for page views or visitors and no hidden commitments.




As a blogger any day and any time i would recommend the use of Google Adsense to anybody.

The above mentioned Google Adsense alternatives are very strict and have not established authority yet so you might very hard to earn very good commission if you website is not generating a lot page views every month.


Just in case you need to build your blogging income on other means here are articles i recommend you read.

What do you think?

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