How To Make Money Blogging In 2020

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One of the reasons most people decided to start a blog is to make money off knowledge being offered via your blog posts.

Just to make it official, this series is going to show you various ways on how to monetize your blog.

Just to let you know, there are various kind of bloggers but for the benefit of the topic in this article would elaborate on only two types and by my understanding they are:

1. Hobby Bloggers.

Hobby bloggers are bloggers that simply blog for the sole purpose of interest only.

There is usually not sort of monetization technique attached to the way and form they blog.

In a more plain and general term, they blog for the sole purpose of themselves.

There blog simply showcase their travel experience, lavish lifestyle and nothing else.

A Perfect example of a hobby blogger is a blog name JTo fashion.

This website is owned by the daughter of a Nigerian billionaire called Femi Otedola and her name is Temi Otedola.

You can check her out, she is preety hot.

I am sure you would like her Lol!!!.

Well this pretty young lady can be characterized as a hobby blogger.

Her blog is a showcase of her lifestyle which mainly contains her birthday parties, travel experiences and how rich she parties and enjoys life with the rest of her foreign friends.

Her blog does not contain any ingredient of a money making venture.

She blogs anytime she likes and majorly content that nobody would would like to read probably except if you already know her and you want to know her better.

She does not care about search engine optimization, or any hack that other bloggers stress themselves over.

Any blogger in this category is a hobby Blogger.

Face it, if you fall into this category of bloggers i’ll advice you to forget about ever making money from your blog and this is due to many reasons.

It’s not a big deal if your blog does not make money as a hobby blogger after all the main reason why you created it was to do other things.

You can actually check out her website JTOFashion

2. Commercial Bloggers.

This are the second group of bloggers, they are bloggers like me.

  • They blog for the sole purpose of making money so therefore they try as much to put a lot in place like.
  • Search engine optimization to attract traffic.
  • They build their social media Fan pages via top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • They worry about contents and how to make money off every content they post
  • They become affiliates and recommends products and books to their readers for the sole purpose of making money.
  • They source out for paid advertising platforms and sign up their platform for the sole purpose of making money in return.

Now you see the difference between the two categories of bloggers.

Now is the time to ask yourself a very big question on which category of blogging you fall into.

If you started blogging with very little understanding on blogging and you eventually stumbled on how rich a single blogger can be and now finally decide to start blogging for money, i’ll recommend you click the link below to read the article recommended written on this blog to help you get started to becoming a money making blogger like me.

My Personal experience.

Like i always do in few of my blog posts i like to narrate real life experiences especially pertaining to me.

I started so many blogs in time past and did not make a dime because i lacked basic understanding of how to turn any blog into a money making venture.

I made a lot of mistakes before even starting and some of them i would state and shed very little light on.

Some of them includes.

  • Choosing the wrong blogging niche.
  • Choosing the wrong blogging platforms.
  •  Blogging very illicit contents.
  • And lastly, choosing a singular income stream which was based solely on Google Adsense. Which i was eventually banned from.

Till date i have not been able to recover my previously banned Google Adsense account.

I wrote and appeal various times but all to no avail.

I am not worried anyway because i understand the blogging terrain better than before.

I now have various forms of making money as a full time blogger.

This is more reason i recommend that you read this article on my Blogging mistakes.

It a very nice article, in which i highlighted my blogging mistakes in a more detailed context.

You would learn a lot from it and see the need to adjust if need be.

Here is a link to the article.

4 Ways To Make money Blogging.

Alright we go to the main section and reason why i published the article and this is the part where i want you to pay serious attention to.

There are various way you can make money as a blogger, you just have to choose the one that works well and faster for you.

Also it is always very wise to have more than one blog income channel this would help you build capacity and develop to be a better blogger.

The first and the most popular way to earn money as a blogger is.

1. Pay-Per-click advertising (Google Adsense,

This is the most popular and very quick way to start making money from your blog right from the very first day you start blogging.

This means of making money simply allows Pay-Per-Click advertising platforms to sell Ads spaces on your behalf to their advertisers for the sole aim of income sharing.

Pay-Per-click business models simply connects you with their advertisers and pay you by how much traffic and conversion such adverts converts on your websites.

You get paid by the amount of Traffic generated from your website i.e Impressions and how many click through rate an advert campaign got through your website.

You might be wondering how possible and legit this process is because if the way things are going underground that you don’t know about.

Most, if not all of these Pay-Per-Click advertising platforms Provides you with inbuilt analytics software’s embedded into their dashboard.

You get to see the tracking and analytics anytime you login.

Just in case you wonder how these events and activities would be tracked, You would be given a custom code to install on your website any time you get approved on as a publisher on their platform.

Such code would be embedded alongside your website and would be used to track all your activities and Ads displayed on your website displayed per-time.

Now that you see how Pay-Per-click advertising actually works, now you feel like getting started right away.

There are various Pay-Per click advertising platform out there but the one i usually recommend for bloggers who are just starting their blogging journey is the us of Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a pay-per-click advertising platform developed and managed by Google, Inc.

It simply displays ads from Google advertisers on your website or blog and shares profit with you.

Google Adsense has pays over $10 Billion USD to it’s publishers.

I am saying this to you just so you know.

There is no better way to start monetizing your website as a blogger than with the use of Google Adsense.

Payment is made monthly to via your desired payment method.

And payment is made in over 130 different currency including the USD as the default currency.

There are several bloggers around the globe both in developed and rural nations all earning cool money from Google Adsense program.

The Google Adsense program knows no barrier, and this had made it the most preferred source of income for so many bloggers.

I have an article i would like to recommend that you read.

It contains very deep details on Google Adsense.

If you are just getting to know about Google Adsense then this article is for you.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is another very wonderful source of income for bloggers all around the world.

The business model behind affiliate marketing makes it a very sustainable and reliable scheme.

Affiliate marketing simply centers around you as a middle man.

You simply get paid by any successful sale generated from you.

When you completely sign up as an affiliate to any brand online you are given a unique deep link which can be shared in your blog post, social media, email marketing subscribers and so many others.

You get paid by how many buyers or successful sales made through your link.

Just like pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing platforms allows you to track all your earnings via a custom dashboard which you get to access with your login credentials.

You can earn a lot with affiliate marketing as a blogger, there is no limit to what you can earn as an affiliate, there are no restrictions whatsoever.

This has made affiliate marketing stand out among all forms of making money online.

You can build a successive and reoccurring income via affiliate marketing.

There are various affiliate marketing platforms out there and a lot to choose from but here is one advice for you as a blogger.

Don’t go and start signing up as an affiliate for every brand that offers you great commission.

You should go for affiliates that are inline with what you write as a blogger.

Affiliates that aligns with your contents tends to make you more money.

For example, lets say you write on Fashion, you should promote affiliate related to fashion because this would better speak with your audience and at last convert them to successful customers.

You might be worried about getting successful customers when you are a very new blogger.

This is exactly what i would advice you on.

You Should post that align with your intended affiliate.

For example you signed up as an affiliate for a fashion designer, all you would just need to do to get sales is to write an article about that fashion brand or include him in your very high paying post related to fashion.

The second thing you can do to promote your affiliate links is to send them as a broadcast to your email marketing subscribers.

That is why i recommend list building when starting out your new blog it helps you gather potential buyers and customer because they believe what you do.

Another thing You should know as a blogger is that your audience sees you as an authority.

They tend to believe what you recommend to them.

Here is an article on affiliate marketing , i recommend you read it.

There is a whole lot to learn from it

3. E-Book publishing.

Going back to what i said in the previous section, the day you decide to become a blogger that day you become a teacher to so many anonymous persons online.

As a blogger all you basically do is solve problems.

Thank God for the search engines.

You get even more lucky when the search engines indexes your post and get it out to the right person anywhere on the globe.

Such a person shows you appreciation by commenting on your post.

The more comment you get the more your post becomes more relevant.

Why am i saying all these ?, I am saying all these because as a blogger people tend to believe in your principles and views.

you can then leverage on that to offer them a paid product created by you.

This product can be anything from a physical product to an information product.

Just in case you blog very well on a particular topic and you tend to get feedback regularly then you can package an E-Book for you audience.

You might be wondering how you are going to sell them, very easy.

WordPress Plugins like Woo commerce allows you to sell both physical and information product.

Here is an in depth guide on setting up an online store.

You can integrate a custom payment processor alongside your platform.

Here are payment processor platforms you should know.

4. Consulting.

This is the most viable means of income when coupled with other sources like Affiliate marketing and E-book publishing.

sadly, it does not work for all blog niches, only vert few blog niches tends to benefit from this and some of them are.

  • Health and Wellness.
  • Marketing.
  • Real estate.

Your blog readers will most time need a clearer definition of some of your certain blog post and this would make them seek for a better mode of conversation which might involve the use of Emails, Social media, Phone calls and physical meetups.

This blog of income can be very lucrative if you intend to offer a product or a service in the end or else you might just be wasting your time.


5. Sell Private Ads.

Selling private Ads is a form of advertising that allow you to directly sell advert space from companies around you on your website.
This form of monetization is usually utilized by high traffic generating websites and huge and busy blogging niches like.

News website and buzz basically get a lot of attention from credible companies to place ads on their behalf for a token.

Websites such as Huffingtonpost utilizes this form of blog monetization technique.


In the course of narrating and gently breaking down this form of blog monetization techniques you must have noticed that i stated out some specific niche and the monetization techniques that works for them on the Go.

A news website generating lot of traffic in a month can make use of pay-per-click advertising, Google Adsense and selling private ads.

While other blogs that falls into slimmer and narrow niches can utilize pay-per-click advertising, Affiliate marketing, E-book sales and consulting so don’t get it twisted.


Starting out as a blogger can be very hard, you might not make any money at all in the very first few months or even the first year.

You should experience drought as a blogger in at least the first three months of operation and at most six months..

If you do not earn any money in the first year blogging then you must be doing something very wrong.

That is why i recommend this post on my blogging mistake.

It is a post that highlighted my personal failures as a blogger when i first started as a blogger.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Web developer| Digital Marketer| Entrepreneur


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