How To Become A Music Artist And Make Money In 2020

how to become a music artist

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It has been discovered that over 90%  of music artist are being discovered and this has been because of the very short knowledge of most talented music artist.

All they know is just to compose and compose more songs, little did they understand of the music business.

Music distribution are platform or agencies that are responsible for taking your songs to the end user and in most cases collect a certain percentage for doing that.

Music distribution platforms are middle men between an artist finished songs and his end users or listeners.

Music distribution has been around for many years, majorly since music started going electronically with the use of Audio Cd’s and the likes.

Old school or traditional distribution got records into specific music store and record labels directed fans to buy from such music store.

Distribution platform make profit from commissions placed on such sales of songs.

Present day music distribution platform utilizes the same business model but on a modern platform like I Tunes, Spotify, Tidal and many others.Instead of mass producing Cd’s and physical Album cover, Songs are taken to the above mentioned platform in just few clicks.

Royalties are paid when your song are bought or heavily streamed.

What Is Music Distribution ?.

Music distribution is how music gets delivered to the listener.

Traditionally, distributors enter agreements with record labels to sell to stores.

However, digital distribution changed all of that by cutting out the middleman allowing artists to distribute music directly to online stores while keeping almost all their royalties.

So many artist in Africa have little or no knowledge on modern day music distribution, yet most of them distribute intellectual knowledge for free and yet get paid nothing.

This post would help you jump start your career as a music artist and show you the modern way of making huge money from your song.


Music Industry statistics you should know.

Just to be practical a bit, here are few data and information needed to validated the music industry.

So if you are not making the money you desire as a music talent then you need to get the required knowledge to succeed.

Here are some basic statistics you should know about the music industry.

1. The music industry is definitely one of the fasted growing industry after technology.
In 2019 revenues generated from music annual revenues have grown from $14.2bn to $19.1bn, and could be a more bigger industry next year.

2. Total streaming revenues grew 34.0% to nearly half of all revenue, driven by paid streaming.

3. The top 1% of artists earn 77% of recorded music income.

Most artist do not earn up to this over here in Nigeria and sometimes all over the world because of the inflluence of record labels.

You need to step up your music entrepreneurship knowledge in order to make it big in the music industry.

4.The total value of the recording industry was $15 billion in 2015.

5. In 2016, streaming revenues went up 45.2%, driving 3.2% global growth.

Webites like SPotify and amazon music are top players in the music streaming business..

6. 90.7% of all artists are undiscovered, 6.8% are developing, 1.4% are mid-sized, 0.9% are mainstream, and only 0.2% are considered megastars.

More reason why you need this post.

7. 15% of artists only sell one album per year, 82% are unsigned, 33% never sell any albums at shows, and 24% of musicians have mailing lists that have less than 50 subscribers.

You why you need a better understanding of marketing as a music artist.

8. An estimated 68 million people paid for music subscription services in 2015, more than 8 times the level of 8 million people in 2010

Top Music Distribution Platforms.

There are tons of music distribution services out there. Keeping 100% of your royalties is key. Educate yourself on all their fees and what you’re getting into before you decide.

Some say they don’t take a cut, but there are hidden fees in some cases. Do your research very well.

Below are some platforms your should explore.

1. Landr.

Landr Helps you get your music to online music stores like spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and every streaming platform.

2. TuneCore.

TuneCore is an American  independent digital music distribution, publishing, and licensing service that help musicians sell their music on stores like Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music and every streaming platform.

3. CD baby

Cd baby helps you sell your music everywhere and pays you weekly.

4. Record Union.

Record Union is an online music distribution platform that helps you distribute you music to music stores allowing you to keep almost all your royalties.

Record Union takes around 30-40% from each sale and stream .

How much your receive from the remaining royalties depends on which royalty level you have chosen when you publish your release on Record Union.

5. Routenote.

RouteNote is a solution, powering music distribution to a global market.

They let you distribute your music online. Artists and Labels can choose which stores and streaming services they want to upload their music to and even control pricing tiers and which countries can show their music within those stores and streaming services.

Routernote offer both free and premium services. With free distribution you’ll keep 85% of the royalties; with premium distribution you’ll keep 100% of the royalties.

unlike every other music distribution platform Routernote do not display live Stats  but everything will be reported before payments are made.

Payments are automatically made within the payment cycle (between the 15th – 20th of each month) providing the $50 threshold has been met.


Octiive is a provider of major label resources for independent artists, labels and musicians.

Your music will be available on 600+ online sites in over 140 countries around the world including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Beatport.

Octiive now provides monthly royalty reports for all artists and label partners!  Most distributors reach only a small handful of retailers, in very few regions, while Octiive gets your music onto hundreds of retailers in 140+ countries.

Octiive send payments either via physical check (U.S. Only) or PayPal.

Please note that there is a $20 administration fee for payments made via check.

There are no admin fees for payments made to your PayPal account. Payments are made by the 15th day of the following month after you claim your royalties.  Unclaimed royalties will simply carry over to the next month. is one of  the best music distribution platforms around now with a very understandable user interface, you can sell your music on Itunes, Spotify, and Tidal for free

How To Hit Stardom As a Music Artist

If you would agree with me, long gone are the days where hitting stardom or making hits was very difficult.

Nowadays with the help and assistance of the internet, all you just need do is record your track and make series of hits all the way from the comfort of your studio.

I included this section for young and aspiring music artist who are talented but don’t know how to go about reaching the peak of their career.

Though aside not being a web developer I  know how to beat the drums and play the keyboard very well though i do gospel more of church stuffs.

I love good music and i want to contribute to entertainment cos our young people are very intelligent and talented.

I have a lot of aspiring musicians as friends, and I often do feel their pains when they struggle in obscurity.

Let me quickly debunk some myth popularly known to you.

  • You need to Know people and have connection to hit stardom in Music- My brother this is a big fat lie, gone are the days when this applied, nowadays any one who is sure of his/ her talent can hit stardom anytime.
  • You need money to Blow,hit stardom – This is the biggest and most useless thing to believe, though money is needed, but you don’t need to wait till you are rich like Dangote, or come from a rich home like Davido to make a hit.
  • You need to belong to a record Label to hit stardom – My brother and sister, the gift is in you already, and no body can help make you except you. Stop believing in this ideology. In fact majority of these record labels only misused and mismanages artist.

Stardom can be achieved even from the first day you discover and decide you want to do music.

I’ll walk you through some few steps that would help you vastly achieve greater heights in your musical career.

1. Branding.

As a music artist, Branding is key, you have to behave like a public figure even before you become it. One out of the numerous ways of branding is constant photography and always looking good in appearance, Obtain a business card, get a brand logo.

As an aspiring music artist you need to be always conversant with your looks and how you appear in the general public and on social media, this would help you build your fan base.

Going for photo shoots once a while will help you get on the top of your game.

2. Social Media.

I always recommend artist to build good reputation on social media, from the first day you take the decision to become a music artist, you should set up a Facebook Business/Fan page for your self.

Your Instagram account should no longer be a personal account but a fully customized business account. This places your fan base at you finger Tip also owning a twitter account is not also a bad idea at all.

Create Public figure pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud. It would help you grow.

3. Use Of a Website.

Many of our top artist don’t take this serious anymore, they all rely and depend on the use of social media. As a music artist, owning a website is very healthy for your career.

Fake news can easily be debunked before they go viral, genuine news about tours can also be posted there. You see why you need a website as an artist, that is why so many music artist in Nigeria get their career truncated by Fake news. Owning a website can shield you from all of that.

Here is a link to an article on setting up a website.

4. Music Distribution.

I will come a little hard in this section, We have a whole lot of uneducated music artist in Nigeria, all of them simply share their songs to Bloggers and local promoters for recognition. If you are still doing this, you will never hit stardom and you might tarry so long in obscurity.

Any song you are releasing should appear first in music distribution channel, i mean ITunes, Spotify, Tidal. All these mentioned platforms helps you sell your song and make money.

If you don’t know how to take your music to these platforms, i would list some services below.

Theses services charges as little as 9USd to publish your songs on those previous mentioned platform for a whole year. You can also cash out from sales of songs.

5. Paid Promotion.


Now, you have been able to implement the above steps, don’t just sit and wait for miracle, subscribe to paid advertising via Google and Facebook.

Boost your Facebook and Instagram Fan Page till you are satisfied and have gotten a huge number of audience cos your fan base is what defines your success in Showbiz.

Place a Google ads to end at your website. Whenever you release a song don’t wait for miracle,go ahead obtain the Itunes link, get a cover photo for advertisement and promote the h ** ll out till your joy is full.

Don’t wait for the big guys in the to sign you a record label deal. Make and create your own legacy.

Spending at least 100k in the Nigerian currency on Facebook ads would at least build your fan base to 1M, which is enough to launch you to stardom.

It is better than even giving your money to online promoters who at the end of the day eat your money and share intellectual properties to local bloggers around.



Becoming a music artist is not a days Job it just need consistency and belief in one self.

Don’t be in a hurry to sign a record deal with any record label no matter how big they seem to be.

That is one mistake being made by some music artist.

Also remember to treat your talent as a special gift.

Quit sending your music on low life blogs.

Always do it the right way.

Music distribution first, then other follow.


What do you think?

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