How To Discover Your Talent and Make Money

How To Discover Your Talent

How to discover your talent and make money


While growing up, I used to hear too many things about self-discovery and one of them was that every human being alive on the surface of planet earth is unique, and there are no duplicates.

Though biologically you might have twins with the same resemblance they are not the same psychologically, everyone is unique and so is every talent.

There is always something unique to you that no one ever finds easy, and it is for this reason that you should work very hard to discover your talent.

Some so many people discovered their talent, and in the long run, things became very easy for them in life.

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This article has been created to help answer the above questions with clarity. Make sure to stick to the end to get a comprehensive understanding.

Why You Should Discover Your Talent.

When it comes to the issue of talent discovery, not too many people are ready to comply, most people take it seriously when they were younger, but they ignore the topic as they got older.

Ignoring the topic of talent has caused so many to be displaced in the journey of life, one issue about ignoring the issue of talent discovery is the fact that the person in question would not feel satisfied deep down if they are not exploring.

When you don’t discover your talent or develop your talent, there is likely a chance that you will struggle in life and feel empty. Here is some major reason why you should take the issue of talent more seriously.

1. Discovering Your Talent Helps You To Be Fulfilled.

When a person fails to discover his/her talent, then frustration becomes the order of the day, such a person is never going to fit into the society at large, and even if he finds a place to fit in, deep down in his/her mind there would never be peace.

When you discover your talent you give in no room for depression and fulfilment comes instantly.

2. It Helps You Work With The Right People.

Discovering your talent helps you move with the right people in the sense that you all have the same thing in common, and this will help you get to the top very fast.

When you discover your talent, maybe in music or technology, then you would select your friends that do the same thing that you do and this would further sharpen you and enhance your talent.

3. You Will Eventually Become Rich.

One of the main reasons that people remain poor is that they don’t discover and nurture their talents in life.

Check out the billionaires and successful in life, and you would be shocked that they were people who discovered and nurtured their talents.

How Do I Discover My Talent?

You may have already found your talent. It might be playing soccer, fixing cars, or solving math problems.

Right from the day you were born, hidden talents like no other were deposited inside you, the problem with most people is that they often do not discover that seed on time, but you have to bear in mind that timing is not an excuse not to discover your talent, you can discover your talent at any age and still make things right.

Most people are fortunate to discover their talent very early and they eventually flourish in life.

One of the fastest ways to discover your talent is to explore new opportunities, trying to restrict yourself to a certain kind of condition will result in your talent remaining untapped.

Just before going more deeper into this topic, one area in that you should be seeking answers is where your strength lies.

You should ignore looking at your weaknesses and focus on your strength, that is where your talent is hidden.

In this article, I am going to be shooting some very important seven questions that would help you search and discover your talent.

To make this post much more practical and explanatory, let us dive into a more practical approach by asking yourselves a very few questions.

1. What Activities Do You Engage With As a Child?

I want you now to go back in memory lane to where you were a child and playback all the good times you had, and when I say go back I mean go back towards the age of 3-9 because at this point you had retained certain consciousness and you were aware of you actions as a child.

There are things you like to do, and there were activities you enjoyed participating in, whether at school or home, and I don’t mean just playing meaninglessly as a child, because all children love to play, what I am saying is that there were things that you enjoyed doing alone or with some couple of friends.

Don’t say that you do not know these things because you did them, a perfect example of some of these activities would be answering these questions.

1. Do you enjoy singing as a child?

2. Do you enjoy being at the centre stage as a child?

3. Do you enjoy sports?

4. Do you enjoy painting or anything creative just like me, then your talent lies In one of those activities.

Take for example, while growing up as a child, I love creative works, and I mean things like artwork and just making things look good, I also loved the computer a lot I love getting busy with it, and I fancied playing video games a lot, no wonder I ended up in the software world.

So, the bottom line, think back to what you once enjoyed doing as a child, most of these things get overlooked as we grow older simply because of the environment we found ourselves, most times our parents want us to get an education in what they think is best for us, but little did they know that these actions are killing their children.

Children like these grow up and become envious and not uncomfortable with their spaces because they have been conditioned to be average.

2. What are You Passionate about as an  Adult?

As you begin to grow, there are chances that you may develop an interest in what you still loved as a child or even pick up a new interest.

This is mostly determined by your environment and your peer pressure. You should be very careful in this stage because so many things will influence your choice of interest, and this mostly has to do with your environment.

You may be tempted by your peers to join them in what they do and you will find yourself not succeeding in that approach, and even if you do, it will be short-lived because it, is not an endowment so you later begin to feel uncomfortable.

For example, when I was growing up as a child I loved anything tech, but I was exposed to an environment where doing music and becoming a footballer was the order of the day.

You can Google it yourself, Nigeria has one of the highest upcoming musicians in the world, and every young person in Nigeria wants to do music or become a footballer just because of what they see.

You should be careful when you begin to grow, choose your friends carefully and stay true to yourself, don’t try to adapt to a very toxic environment.

if it is not your space then you should stay out.

3. What Do You Get Complimented For?

So many people have talents that are so glaring to everyone that even they do not know about them.

Have you found yourself in a situation whereby you become popular for a certain reason, people always love you to do that thing, most people even give you a nickname for that unique talent and eventually you begin to get compliments from all sides, If you are at this level then you should consider developing that talent.

4. What are You Great at?

Have you ever noticed that you just know something offhand without having to learn it? When going through your day, pay attention to things that come easily to you.

For example, let’s say one of your door handles is getting stuck.

Do you have an instinct of grabbing tools to fix it? Or, let’s say you’re cooking dinner.

Do you follow a recipe book? Or do you have a natural aptitude for building flavours?

Or better still, do you have a flair for computers like the way I do?

Things that come easy to you do not need large amounts of thinking. It’s subconscious competence that allows you to do them, then you have gifts in that area, and you should consider developing that talent.

Most of these things come very easily and become too common to us, most people are even afraid to monetize these things, In the end, you should take that as a sign and an opportunity to discover your talent.

5. What Do You Find Easy That Is Hard For Others?

Do you know that there are certain things you find very easy to do that others find very hard? If you doubt this, go and ask sportsmen or even computer geeks how everybody wants to be like them, sadly most people go to various institutions to acquire this knowledge and they never get as vast as those with the natural ability to do them in the first place.

If you find yourself in this category then you should develop that talent of yours and never let it die.

6. Who Do You Desire To Help?

Let’s say you don’t have any skills or any gift or are a whizkid, you might have interpersonal skills, as to helping people, this is another way to discover your talent.

Look at great people like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King (JNR), they never had any unique talent in music or art, all they ever did focus on in life is to help people and they discovered and groomed their careers and success while doing this, They now have a legacy that even nobody dares to have with just helping people.

Now it’s time to ask yourself who you desire to help, this is a great time to ponder over everything again, and to give your life a whole new direction.

7. Monetize Your Talent.

Discovering your talent does not make you an instant millionaire as you still have to plot out ways to make money with it.

There is a popular saying which says

” Talent is not everything”.

Yes, that is the truth, I have seen talented footballers, artists, and consultants, who never became millionaires, and at the same time,  seen people who discovered their talents and become billionaires just a few years after discovery.

The bottom line is that you need to monetize your talent in the best way possible, life is a marketplace, and it’s either you sell or you are sold to.

There are millions of people out there who are sick and tired of not living their dream despite having an awesome talent.

The Bottom Line.

After reading all these and none of them applies to you, then there is an issue somewhere, and one of those issues is that you have been conditioned to be average.

This does not mean that the creator is a fraud or he did not plant something special in you, maybe the environment you found yourself in while growing up has affected you, and has made dampened your ability to discover your potential.

Don’t lose hope, I recommend you change your environment and align with more focused people.

You can only get to meet such people in school, religious centres or even at a conference. And if you know you have tried all these and you can’t still figure everything out then there are very few things I recommend you do.

1. Change Your Friends.

One major factor that affects the development of your talent is your friends, so moving with the wrong people will either make your talent dormant or kill it finally.

2. Relocate From Your Immediate Environment.

Your immediate environment has a lot to do with your talent and potential when you are born and brought up in a hostile environment, then you will have issues with discovering your potential.


The road may look rough, but it is better than starting nothing, don’t forget that 20 years from now, you will regret that you never took that action also you should know that 20 years might be too late to start because all those who are supposed to help you are now very far from you that even you cannot even reach them again.


What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

I teach you how to make money online.

You can connect with me on Twitter


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