Facebook Ads Or Google Ads, Which Is Best For My Business ?

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Two Internet giants, Google and Facebook Inc have created internet marketing solution that have helped changed the courses of new and existing businesses globally.

Social media giant, Facebook allows advertiser shows ads on it platform to designated audiences on all it platforms including Messenger, Instagram and Whats app.

Search Engine and software giant, Google allows advertiser to show ads on all it platform ranging from Android, Google search, YouTube, Gmail, and on all it partner website and blogs.

The two platforms as discussed individually above are very sophisticated and provided both long ans short term internet marketing solutions but it should be also noted that ” Not all business types can utilize both platforms effectively “.

In most cases it is recommended that you identify which platforms among the two suits that your business marketing goals.

From my experience using both platforms i can boldly tell you that both platforms serves different marketing and business goals though they have similar features and objectives.

I would be discussing some of the strengths (pro) and weakness (cons) of both platforms and finally concluding on both of its use cases.

Facebook (Pro).

1. Owned By Facebook.

2. Very Cheap.

3. Supports Leads Generation and Relationship Marketing via Messenger Bots and Whatsapp Business. This makes Facebook Ads and Ideal solution for small businesses.

4. Support the creation and growth of community (groups, Pages)

5. Generate more engagements (Likes, Follows, Comments)

6. Easy to understand

7. Ads are displayed on Instagram, Messenger and Facebook.

Facebook (Cons).

1. Not good for international Ads.

2. Not an ideal option for SAS companies.

Google (Pros).

1. Owned By Google Inc.

2. An Ideal option for International Ads.

3. Ads are displayed on Android, Google Search, Gmail, Google partner websites(Adsense enabled).

4. Larger audience reach.

5. Boost websites visibility and helps with SEO

Google (Cons).

1. Expensive.

2. Difficult to understand.

3. Does not support Leads generation out of the box.

In conclusion, The above mentioned pros and cons of both company can be hereby brought to general understanding that Google supports larger businesses with online structures such as website, mobile apps and Facebook is the best platform small and petty business without structures.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Web developer| Digital Marketer| Entrepreneur


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