Facebook Ads Or Google Ads, Which Is Best For My Business ?

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Two Internet giants, Google and Facebook Inc have created internet marketing solution that have helped changed the courses of new and existing businesses globally.

Social media giant, Facebook allows advertiser shows ads on it platform to designated audiences on all it platforms including Messenger, Instagram and Whats app.

Search Engine and software giant, Google allows advertiser to show ads on all it platform ranging from Android, Google search, YouTube, Gmail, and on all it partner website and blogs.

The two platforms as discussed individually above are very sophisticated and provided both long ans short term internet marketing solutions but it should be also noted that ” Not all business types can utilize both platforms effectively “.

Both Facebook and Google are awesome when it comes to pay per click advertising because of the huge audience, semantic data science and custom digital solution provided by each of them.

I am going to base my comparison on both platform from different point of views and they are.

  • How They Work.
  • Pricing.
  • Features.
  • User Experience.
  • Customer Service.
  • When To Use Each.
  • My own point of View.

1. How They Work.

This section is going to be going in depth on the logical aspect of both platform in actual sense this aspect is going to buttress on how both platform are deigned to function

Facebook Ads.

Facebook is a social media and networking platform with 2.3 billion users worldwide.

Facebook offers businesses the ability to advertise via the use of the Business platforms.

These ads are created using the Facebook Ad Manager platform, and are then are displayed to a targeted audience defined by user demographics, interests, behavior, and Facebook engagement patterns.

In order to place an ad on Facebook, advertisers are at liberty to select an ad budget. ad placement and duration

After successfully being created, Facebook Ada are the reviewed by a machine learning process and then approved or disapproved if they follow the Facebook ads guidelines.

Ads created on Facebook are displayed across Facebook network which includes Instagram, Facebook mobile and Messenger.

As at the time of writing Facebook is presently testing Ads on whats app.

Anything is possible, Facebook Ads can show up anytime on Whats app platforms

Google Ads.

Google is as a search engine that gives world wide users the ability to search for anything they desire.

It also gives businesses the ability to advertise on its network with pay-per-click ads via the Google Ads platform.

Google Ad, are created via the Google Ad platform designed for advertisers.

Advertisers must thereby sign up for a Google account ,
which then qualifies them to make use of a Google Ad account.

Ads can be created in form of Text, Images and Videos based on the campaign objective being selected using the Google Ads manager which sometimes can be hard to manipulate.

Unlike Facebook Ads, Google Ads are largely triggered by keywords and search terms.

Google Ads appear at the top of search results pages in the same format as organic search results.

They appear based on the keywords searched by the user and how those keywords align with ad content.

Google Ads are also customized to appear on all Google conglomerate which includes.

Google search, Google partner website, YouTube, Android Smartphones and YouTube.

If you can provide the exact information they’re looking for, they are more likely to purchase your product or service or engage with your brand.


2. Pricing.

This section is going to elaborate on cost of usage of both Facebook and Google Ads.

Facebook Ads.

Facebook Advertising is very cheap compared to all other platforms this makes it one of the most subscribed platform to new online users and advertisers.

You are at liberty to spend according to your budget.

Facebook Ads has an average Cost Per Click of $1.90. It has a required minimum daily ad spend equal to two clicks per day.

So, if a business has a Cost Per Click  of $1—based on factors like audience targeting and time of day an ad runs—then its minimum daily ad spend is $2.

Facebook Ads are generally considered an affordable pay per click advertising system than Google

Google Ads.

Google Ads’ average Cost Per Click is $2.69. This varies greatly as Cost Per Click can be as low as pennies and as high as $30.

Advertisers decide how much they want to spend per day, as there is no minimum required ad spend. However, the higher the budget, the more clicks an ad can receive.

Google uniquely offers a Keyword Planner Tool that allows advertisers to research converting keywords


3. User Experience.

The user experience section is going to focus mainly on usability and accessibility of both platforms.

Facebook’s basic features is very easy , but users struggle to learn its more advanced functionality.

Google, on the other hand, is harder to learn at the beginning, but once a user acclimates, the entire platform is simple to manage.

Facebook Ads.

As shown above, The Facebook Ads Manager interface is organized by lists of ad campaigns, along with basic information pertaining to those campaigns, such as whether or not they are currently active.

As you can see my Ad is currently in a suspension state because i exceeded my funds.

other information that are openly displayed are; Your present Ad reach, how much ad spend each campaign has used, its budget, and more.

For more detailed information, click on the individual campaign.

This will display campaign metrics such as CPC, the campaign click-through, conversion rates, display channels and others.

Facebook is constantly adding and changing features, making it potentially difficult to keep up with for non tech savvies

Always make sure to consult an expert in order to guide you properly on the use of Facebook Ads.


Google Ads.


Google Ads is quite harder at first sight but it very easy to get on with as times goes on.

Google Ads Manager is similar to Facebook Ads Manager in that it is broken out by campaigns.

Once you click the individual campaign, you will see additional data on those campaigns, including metrics like the click-through rate and ad quality scores.

Your Google Ads success is measured by how many click through rate you are getting from various Keywords used.

You have to do heavy keyword research before launching out your Google campaign.

Google Ad is not in anyway for newbies , so you must seek an expert to assist you.



4. Customer Service.

Both advertising giants offers a portion of their platform for customer support and we are going to be discussing the effectiveness of each of them

Facebook Ads

Facebook offers advertisers customer support through a comprehensive help center.

Facebook do not have support for emails and telephone even if they do i have not heard of it .

However, online documentation strongly encourages users to reference the help center before they reach out directly.

I have to say this but, Facebook Ads have the most worst customer service ever.

If i ever have the chance to converse directly with Mark Zuckerberg or even become Facebook’s Boos for a day I will fire the present Facebook Ad team.

Research has it that they are very few people working in that department and this has caused them to automate important responses.

So many times Facebook Ad teams just blocks Ads account for no reason and you cant even reach out to them.

I always recommend newbies in Facebook Ads to seek the help of an expert or else they will loose money to Facebook.

Just few years ago, i lost over $50 in my ad account and till today i am yet to recover my money and my Ad account is permanently blocked.

I recommend you read the Facebook Ad guidelines very well before placing Ads.

Google Ads

Google Ads offers advertisers customer support though a help center, as well as by phone at 844-245-2553, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

Offering support via phone gives users immediate assistance and provides a much faster way to resolve issues than via email or support tickets.

As compared to Facebook, the Google Ads team is very helpful and accommodating.

They tend to carry their users along.

Very Good for them.


5. When To Use Each.

Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads offer very good online advertising solutions but they are more efficient when they are applied in the best use cases.

Facebook Ads.

Facebook is a social network that is always bent on connecting people together most especially locally withing your location.

Facebook Ads also allows you to generate leads via various platforms like Messenger and the newly launched Whats app Business platform.

Are you A very small business Looking to connect with customers,

Are you seeking to build relationships and develop brand trust then Facebook is for you.

If you are a small business seeking to start online advertising with a very small budget then Facebook is For you.

All you need to get started is a Facebook page, tiny branding and little cash.

You can run an effective Facebook Ads with as low as $20 and get optimum results.

Google Ads.

Unlike Facebook Ads, Google Ads is on the high side Google Ads are best for businesses with a product or service that users know they need and are actively searching for.

Google Ads does not allow leads generation and relationship building out of the box which makes it platform very tricky and most times Ad objectives are not usually actualized.

This has made Google a little on the high side and has been left alone for digital and web experts.

Things like leads generation using emails have to be done by you and in most cases you need a developer to help build the flow or else you will waist your money on Ads.

Google Ads is also very effective because they are shown to only individuals who are actively looking for it.

In my own opinion, Google Ads requires a larger budget and spending.

So you only subscribe to Google Ads as a much bigger business.


6. My own point of View.

I am a web developer and a digital marketing expert with over 7 years experience.

I have used and taught both Facebook and Google Ads so many businesses and individuals from various industries.

This last and final section is going to elaborate majorly on my own point of view based on my experience using both platform.

Facebook Ads.

As discussed earlier, Facebook is meant for small businesses who are just starting out.

Small businesses without systems like website, Online store or email list building services.

newbies to the internet can leverage on Facebook for now.

Google Ads.

Google Ads is more on the high side than Facebook Ads.

I dont recommend Google Ads for very small businesses.

So therefore, businesses with websites, SEO’s structure Email list buildings, Apps, and majorly SAS(software as a service companies) are very good to go with the use of Google Ads.



Choosing out which platform can be very tasking especially for newbies with little experience in the digital space i hereby recommend some of these courses that can help you and a few of them are.

Google Digital Skills Garage.

Google Digital skills garage is an online course hosted by Google to teach and enhance newbies on digital marketing.

The course is free and you are awarded a very potent certification after completion.

The course is both videos and in transcript form.

questions are asked after each stage.

Certification is expected to last two years after which you are required to take the course again.

Facebook Ads BluePrint.

For Facebook users you can use the Facebook ads Blueprint course which helps you boost your knowledge in Facebook advertising.

You would be guided on Instagram and Facebook Ads in details.



I also wrote a Book on Facebook Ads and it contains detailed information in hacks on Facebook Ads.


it is titled – Build Your Facebook Empire Today.


Do you know that so many businesses are suffer due to poor online marketing.
This Facebook Ads guide is here to help you correct all mistakes you make while running Your Facebook Campaign.

I have prepared this E-Book based on my 7+ years experience in digital marketing to help boost your online marketing in 2020.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a millionaire Facebook Business owner in 2020.
Who Needs this Book ?.

1. Those Who sells product i.e (Merchants).

2. Real Estate Agents.

3. Network Marketers.

4. Digital Marketing expert.

Be sure to make 1 Million Naira in your business just one week after using the magic formula in this book.

This Book contains the following.

-> Choosing the right Facebook Ads objective for your business (Whats app Business + Facebook Ads).

-> Proper budgeting for your Facebook Ads.

-> Choosing the right age bracket for your business category.

-> Understanding targeting and Interest.

-> How to design high converting creatives( Text, Images).

-> How to pay for your Facebook Ads.

-> 4 Practical examples of successful Ads i have created.


Click the link to get this book.




What do you think?

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