How To Get Your Content Indexed and Ranked on Google Faster

How To Get Your Content Indexed and Ranked on Google Faster

How To Get Your Content Indexed and Ranked on Google Faster


Are you new to blogging and seriously trying to get your blog to rank on Google in 2020? This article has been documented to help you achieve that without stress.

Google as a search engine has the highest shares in the search business as compared to other alternatives such as Bing, Yahoo and many others.

Since the pandemic, a lot happened, which forced so many businesses to take their business online; more content was added like never before, causing search engines like Google to become exhausted when it comes to allowing resources to websites.

This has caused new websites to delay website indexing and ranking. Therefore, organic search traffic is critical for growing your website and business.

Some research claims around 53% of your site’s traffic can be attributed to organic search. But the stats don’t matter much if your site doesn’t appear in the search results.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on to get started with SEO as a beginner; check out the article below to get started.

What is Search engine Indexing and Ranking?

You need to ensure your website is indexable for your landing pages, blogs, homepages, and other online content to show up in Google’s search engine results. Google Index is a database.

Before explaining how to get things done, I recommend looking at what Google indexing and ranking mean.

What is Search Engine Indexing?

Indexing is how search engines organise information to enable super-fast responses to queries before a search.

Searching through individual pages for keywords and topics would be a prolonged process for search engines to identify relevant information.

Instead, search engines (including Google) use an inverted index, also known as a reverse index.

What Is Search Engine Ranking?

Search engine rank (search rank) refers to the position a particular Web page holds in the results for a specific query.

There may be many pages of results depending on the query, so the search rank refers to the specific page on which a given Web page appears and its position on that page.

For search engines to work effectively, both need to be put work hands in hand.

Why Should You Get Search Engines To Rank and Index Your Content Faster?

Do you have a new blog, or are you starting for the first time as a blogger? Then, it is your right to know how and when search engines rank your content because it helps you work and see that you will be rewarded for your effort.

Here are some reasons you should get search engines to rank and index your content faster.

1. Compete for top Search engine spots.

The sooner your pages are indexed, the faster they can start competing for those top spots with other pages that are similar to yours.

The search engine was designed to display the best pages first and less important pages last, so Ranking fast on Google makes it easy to dominate and rank for keywords that match user search intents.

2. Drive in targetted traffic.

Driving targetted traffic is one of the primary reasons why your websites should rank on Google.

If your business wants to stand the test of time online, it should attract Google traffic.

Google Indexes websites and Ranks them based on how such pages are based on their particular keywords, displaying them via users’ search intent.

3. Build backlinks.

Backlinks signify a vote from other websites to yours; it means someone else on the internet found your website helpful and decided to give you a thumbs up by linking back to you.

Building backlinks is a major Google ranking factor; though the Google search team has constantly disapproved of this, many websites dominate Google with thing content and lots of backlinks.

Getting your website to rank on Google places you as an authority, leading other websites to link to your content.

Backlinks are automatically generated when contents are deemed trustworthy and highly ranked on search engines.

4. SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy.

Another reason you should be concerned about whether your website is ranked on Google is because search engine optimisation is a long-term digital marketing strategy.

Social media and other general platforms are not designed to drive traffic for the long term. For example, search engines allow constant traffic years after publishing such pages.

5. SEO is always going to be here.

Last but not least, SEO will always be here no matter what; you should be bothered about how search engines rank your content because SEO is the best business model for building an online business.

How Should You Get Your Content To Rank and Index on Google?

Now that you understand why your content ranks on Google, here are some tips to help you get your content ranked on Google as quickly as possible.

1. Create a Sitemap.xml File.

A sitemap is defined as a simple directory or guide that holds information along with other details about individual web pages on a website.

Sitemaps enable spiders to crawl the website easy to get it ranked and indexed in search engine result pages.

A sitemap structure makes pages within the directory listed in a logical hierarchical order. The relevant pages will be listed at the top, and the non-relevant pages will be placed at the bottom.

A sitemap is an integral part of any website. Although creating one from scratch will take time, to save you stress, you can decide to use a WordPress SEO plugin to help you automatically generate a sitemap.xml that can be submitted to search engines.

To check if you have a sitemap activated on your website, you can look up this custom URL, such as shown below.

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