How To Create a Successful Google Ad Campaign

How To Create a Successful Google Ad Campaign

How To Create A Successful Google Ad Campaign


Search engine marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing strategies, with very few people tapping into its rich resources. The complexity involved in search engine marketing has made it very difficult for most businesses to engage with it.

When it comes to search engine marketing, many things go into place, one of which is adequate keyword research. In this article, I will be very deep into these complex features.

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This article has been created to help answer the above questions with clarity. Make sure to stick to the end to get a comprehensive understanding.

What Is Google Ads?

How To Create A Successful Google Ad Campaign

Google Ads is an advertising feature designed and owned by Google to help business owners strategically advertise their business on Google search.

Google Ads is not restricted to Google search alone; as we know, Google is home to many platforms such as Android, Google partners blogs, Gmail, YouTube, and many others.

When a campaign is created via Google, it is shown on these platforms automatically, making your ads more potent with a higher reach.

The photo above shows how a Google ad campaign is shown on search engines.

Why Should You Create A Google Ad Campaign?

There are many benefits attached to creating a Google Ad campaign; not so many businesses are yet to tap into its rich resources.

In this section, I will explain each benefit to derive from the moment you create your first Google ad campaign.

1. To Improve SEO.

Search engine marketing allows your website to rank on Google without any glitch.
When a search is done via Google, and you integrate that keyword into your search engine marketing plan, your website appears on the first search engine results page (SERP).

2. To get Traffic.

Another reason you should integrate search engine marketing into your business is that you get massive traffic from Google.

Do you need traffic to your website, then subscribing to search engine marketing platforms like Google can help you achieve massive traffic.

3. Targetted Audience.

Another valid reason why I recommend that so many businesses subscribe to search engine marketing platforms like Google ads are that you get to receive targeted traffic from Google, most of which are more likely to get converted into sales.

4. Global Audience Reach.

Do you want a global audience reach to your business?, then search engine marketing can be utilized to get this.

Social media marketing, like Facebook ads, only allows you to target your local country. Still, you can also reach out to more countries by spending way higher on the advertising budget.

With search engine platforms like Google, you reach out to a global audience more straightforward and faster.

Essential Requirements Needed For A Google Ad Campaign.

Getting started with creating your first Google Ad campaign requires a lot more than just the Google Ad platform, and in this section, I will be making a complete list of what you might need.

1. Basic Understanding Of Keyword Research.

The first skill you need on your belt is the basic understanding of how Keyword Research Works.
Let me quickly say this, without Core keyword research, your Google Ad campaign is more likely to fail, and you end up wasting money, and no results are achieved in the end.

I recommend you read this guide thoroughly if you don’t understand how Keyword research works and come back to consume the rest of this article below.

2. A Website.

The next thing you will need to make your Google Ad campaign a successful one is a website; when your Google is displayed to a targetted audience, and they click through, they are going to need a place to land, and that place is a website.

A website would act as a sales funnel or provide deeper details into your ads. I wrote a guide to help you create your website; click the link below to get started.

3. A Google Account.

The crucial thing is a Google account; Google Ads is a different platform where all ads are created; it is independent of itself, just Like Gmail, Drive, YouTube, and many others.

All you need to get a Google account is a Gmail account, and you get access to the Google Ads platform.

4. Valid Payment Material

After you might have signed up for the Google Ad platform, the next thing you need is a valid payment material, which can be your debit card or credit card.

Google accepts all forms of payment such as American Express, Master and Visa Cards; You can also use a virtual card to get started.

How Should You Create a Google Ad Campaign?

In this section, I will be showing you how to get started with the creation of a Google Ad campaign on your own; The core concepts involved in creating a Google Ad campaign will be thoroughly explained.

1. Campaign Objective.

How To Create a Successful Google Ad Campaign


A campaign objective is a target that you intend to achieve from your campaign; just like any other advertising platform, Google has various campaign objectives, and I will discuss each of them in this section.

1. Sales.

The sales campaign Objective is optimised for eCommerce websites to help them get more store visits and conversions. So if you intend to promote an eCommerce website, this campaign objective works fine for you.

2. Leads.

The lead campaign allows a business to get potential leads to their business; leads can be an email marketing list or some sales funnel.

3. Website Traffic.

The website traffic campaign objective allows you to send targeted traffic from search engines to your website. This campaign objective is perfect for news websites or even viral blogs.

4. Product and Brand Consideration.

This campaign objective allows you to set up your product and brand on the Google search engine in such a way that it would be recommended to potential buyers and search.

5. Brand awareness and Reach.

This campaign objective allows you to promote your brands via the search engine to reach out to more people and create awareness.

6. App Promotion.

It’s pretty straightforward. If you have developed an app and want people to install it, this campaign objective is the best option for you. First, you need to set up the link to your various Android and IOS apps.

7. Local Store Visits and Promotion.

Do you operate a brick-and-mortar business, and you would like prospective customers to be able to pay a visit to your physical store? Then, this campaign objective suits you perfectly.

2. Choosing a Campaign Type.

How To Create A Successful Google Ad Campaign

The campaign type works like a placement strategy that allows you to choose what platform you want your ads to be shown.

According to the image below, there are various options to consider.

1. Search.

This option enables your ads to be displayed via the Google search engine.

2. Display.

This allows you to show your ad in the form of display to Google partner websites and blogs all over the internet.

3. Shopping.

This option allows you to display your ads in the form of a shopping option via the Google search engine and across Google partner websites.

4. video.

Do you intend to advertise in-form videos? Then this campaign option is excellent because your ads are shown on YouTube.

Have you witnessed those ads that pop on while you want to watch a specific video on YouTube, this is the campaign objective?

5. Discovery.

This option allows you to show your ads across other Google platforms like Google discovery, Gmail, etc.

3. Name Your Campaign.

How To Create A Successful Google Ad Campaign


This section allows you to set up the name for your campaign and the end URL for your website.  Remember that you can decide to give your campaign any name that you seem fit for it. It can also be changed after the whole process, just in case you will be running various campaigns under one account.

I suggest you give your campaign a name that helps you remember that uttermost purpose as to why it was created in the first place.

4. Setting up Locations and Language.

How To Create a Successful Google Ad Campaign


This section of your campaign allows you to select as many locations as possible; primarily, your campaign is targeted at your initial site, but more can be included as you seem fit.

The next thing to be encountered in this section of your campaign creation is the Language setting; if your ad is targeted at a multi-lingual audience, this is the appropriate section to tweak it to your desired audience.

4. Bidding and Budgeting.

How To Create a Successful Google Ad Campaign



This section allows you to choose how your ads would be charged. There are two types of bidding designed into the Google ad system, including conversions, impressions and clicks.

Conversion allows you to pay for ads only when a kind of action that you want is performed on your website; It works for eCommerce-based platforms.

Impressions allow you to pay based on how many people saw your ad. Clicks would enable you to pay based on how many people clicked through your ad to your website.

Budgeting allows you to choose a certain amount of money you intend to spend throughout your campaign.

5. Targeted audience and Keywords.

How To Create a Successful Google Ad Campaign



This section is one of the very crucial sections involved in Google advertising. It allows you to do two of the most important things to your Google campaign: choosing your audience and choosing the right keywords for your ads.

How To Create a Successful Google Ad Campaign

Setting up an audience allows you to choose the desired kind of people that should see your ads.

You can target them based on gender, age and income; I prefer you leave it as is; setting the wrong inputs can cause many bad things to happen to your ads.

And Lastly, the keyword section allows you to tailor your ads to the right kind of query whenever someone performs via the Google search engine.

Keyword research is a vast topic that cannot be fully discussed right now; I recommend that you read this guide below to master the art of keyword research properly.

6. Creatives.

How To Create a Successful Google Ad Campaign

The creative section of your Google ad campaign is the last part involved in setting up your ads.

This section allows you to ad individual copies, images and videos to enable your ads to attract the right kind of clicks and convert properly.

In this section, you would be allowed to input the various artistry involved in your campaign.

This section should be taken more seriously because it determines the success of your campaign. Failure to create attractive ads can cause you to lose prospective customers.

Skills in graphics design, video editing and copywriting are primarily utilised in this section.

How To Create a Successful Google Ad Campaign

If you seek the best tools to set up the best creatives for your google ad campaign, I recommend you read this article.

7. Review.

How To Create a Successful Google Ad Campaign

The final section is the review, which allows you to get an overview of the setup of your ads. This section allows you to see the possible mistakes you might have made while curating your ads.

After this section, you would be allowed to finally publish your ads for review, thereby either becoming approved or rejected.

Google Adword Mistakes Every Beginner should Avoid.

Most people get so unlucky with Google ads; even I also got miserable at first. I was confused by its complicated interface, and I did not even know if my ads were approved or now; Poor me, I can from a social media background where you could see your ad conversion rate in real-time and get to know how many people are engaging your ads at the moment.

But with Google ads, It was a different story and one that took me time to get accustomed to. In this section, I will point out other reasons why your Google Ad campaign might not be successful.

1. Poor Knowledge of Keyword Research.

Without Keyword research, be ready to give google your money for free without getting anything in return. In addition, keyword research has a lot to say about the conversion of your ads.

Showing your ads to the wrong people can be caused by a lack of proper Keyword research. There is a lot to be said about Keyword research; I wrote a guide to help you get started.

2. Bad Website.

The next most annoying thing that can ruin your Google Ad campaign is the wrong website; remember, whenever you create a Google ad campaign, you send them to a third-party website you own.

So when your website has a poor server or is not responsive, where does that lead you? Poor conversion and not a single success on your campaign.

Before creating a Google ad campaign, make sure that your house is in order, including your website.

3. Poor Ad Creatives.

I see so many ad creatives with just a plain white background, blue button and black text, mind you, these types of ads are so challenging to convert; you should make sure that you seek out the services of a third-party graphic designer or software to speed up the creation process of your ad banner.

People are attracted to graphical content and are more likely to take a deep look at what you have to offer.

4. Bad Conversion Strategy.

The next mistake I see people make when creating a Google campaign is implementing a fragile conversion strategy; most people who click through your ads are likely not going to buy or take action instantly; you should devise a means to be able to get them back, and one way to do this is by implementing a lead generation system which includes, email subscription forms and many others.

When this is in place, you can always reach out to a prospective audience when they abandon your website for something else.

5. Not Paying Up On Time.

You don’t want to own Google when you run a campaign; just because Google gives you a $50 threshold before deducting your money does not mean that you should abuse that privilege.

Google is designed to automatically debit your money anytime to surpass the $50 threshold on your ad account. So make sure to have enough money in your account to be able to pay for this transaction, or else your ad might just be put on hold.

6. Not Seeking Out Experts.

Most people watch YOuTube Videos and think that they understand how Google Ads is not accurate; it takes time to understand eventually; there are so many policies that should be understood; in my opinion, seek out an expert in this field to help you.


Search engine marketing is one of the most versatile means of marketing; it remains one of the most tailored means of advertising, without any doubt.

Imagine people searching a query Via Google and stumble upon an ad that solves all their problems. Would it not be so cool.

Unlike social media ads that display ads to virtually anyone, it can find it compulsory to spend your daily budget.

I don’t hate social media ads, though, but If I were to recommend any ad channel that converts massively, it would be search engine advertising.

To take your Google Ad skills to the next level, you need to learn about Search engine optimization; I wrote a guide to help you get started; click the link below to get started.

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