How To Buy a Domain and a Web Host With Bluehost

How To buy a domain and a web host with Bluehost

bluehost review


Do you know that you need a solid online infrastructure to build a flourishing website? Let me boldly tell you now, no matter how lovely your online business is, or how vital your concept is, no matter how beautiful your domain name is.

If your web host or domain registrar is terrible, then you are likely to fail because no matter how you try to hack your way around it you will never be successful.

In a situation like this, Writing content, Paid advertising, and high social media influence on top social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will not be enough to save you.

And lastly, no matter the search engine optimization hacks you learn or implement, you will still end up with a futile effort.


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What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a web hosting company belonging to the Endurance International Community. It is one of the 20 most significant web hosts, hosting more than 2 million domains and its sister firms, HostMonster, FastDomain and iPage.

Bluehost was one of those studied in analysing web-based hosting services in collaborative online learning programs. Bluehost offers shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and WooCommerce hosting.

Why you should host your website with Bluehost.

Bluehost has become one the best hosting company since the inception of the internet hosting over two million websites as of the year 2020. Here are very few reasons I recommend you use Bluehost.

1. Customer service.

Most times, you might want to bootstrap your website yourself, and you will likely fall into errors.

With no one buying your side and shallow web design and technical skills, you probably want to consult reliable support in real-time, and Bluehost is always available to serve you.

Their customer support and service are amicable and very easy to support. You can chat with customer service in various languages, including Chinese; think about any language, and the Bluehost core members are ready to attend to your needs.

You never know when you could have a problem with your server, and if it happens at a time when your host is unavailable, even minor issues turn into major issues.

BlueHost, of course, does offer 24/7 support. Not only that, but you have your choice of help by phone, email, or chat.

You’ll probably want to use email or chat for minor issues or questions, but it’s nice to know that you can reach a live person on the phone if needed.

2. Cheap Domain and hosting plans.

Pricing is one of the most important things to many customers when they are choosing a web host, although it really should be far less important than things like reliability and service. Fortunately, with BlueHost, you get reliability and service at a low price, well under $10 per month.

Are you just about to start your online business, probably a newsroom or a custom blog like mine, and you don’t have enough cash in the meantime? Then you can trust the blue host to lift all your heavy loads with very flexible domain and hosting plans.

3. WordPress one-click Install.

All we need is a WordPress installation for our website infrastructure. Unfortunately, setting it all up from the control panel can cause your website to break without proper configuration knowledge.

Continuing to be easy to use, BlueHost makes it simple to get WordPress installed on your site.

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it is an overall content management system that allows you to update the content of your website on your own.

With BlueHost, it’s simple. Just a few walkthroughs, and you’ll have WordPress installed and working on your site without touching a line of code.

That is why Bluehost is there to rescue newbies by implementing a custom and quick WordPress installation section.

4. Affiliate program.

The founders of Bluehost are not just offering you a web hosting and domain service but also offering you a chance to make money as an affiliate.

The Bluehost affiliate program allows you to earn up to $100 on every successful referral; apart from even hosting your website,  you get more chances to make more money back with Bluehost.

5. Custom web builder.

Maybe you cannot lay a hand on a web designer, or the price of hiring one is too much that you cannot afford, then Bluehost is there to the rescue.

You can set up and design any website without any knowledge of coding. You can get started with the Bluehost drag and -drop features.

6. Advanced Control panel.

Maybe you are an advanced web developer, and you need to access advanced features via the control panel. Then you can get access via your blue host login.

7. Custom DNS management system.

In case you need just a domain name, and you bought your hosting somewhere or probably starting your tech startup.

Then you have access to point your domain name servers to your dedicated servers via the DNS built into the Bluehost dashboard.

8. Addons.

Addons are simply extra tools to help you scale up your web platform. Lucky for you, the Bluehost platform comes with many additional add-ons and functionalities.

And a few of them are.

  • SSL
  • Google my business support.
  • Improved Control panel and many others.
  • Free domains.
  • Spam protection.
  • Domain privacy.
  • Multi-server management.

Bluehost hosting plans.

Bluehost has one of the very cheap domain and hosting plans that is way more affordable than any web hosting platform.

Here are some basic Bluehost hosting and domain plans that you need to know.

1. WordPress Hosting plan.

The Bluehost WordPress hosting plan is a plan that is custom-made for WordPress users, so if you intend to get started with WordPress, then this plan is perfect for you.

The introductory pricing for this plan starts at $3.95/month and comes alongside great features.

You can check out the photo below to understudy the Bluehost plan.


bluehost review

2. shared hosting Plan

This is another excellent hosting plan offered by Bluehost tailored to serve your needs; with Bluehost shared hosting, you never have to worry about your servers going down because the servers are built to scale any hit.

You can see below for details of this hosting plan.

bluehost review

3. WooCommerce Hosting Plan.

Do you want your website with a particular plan made for your E-commerce project, then Bluehost has you covered; you can get started today and never worry about server downtime.

With Woocommerce hosting on Bluehost, you get all the necessary amount of bandwidth needed to scale your startup like the next Amazon and Alibaba.

You even get a custom Woo-commerce theme installed on your server, making you worry less about breaking the internet to get a suitable piece.

The Bluehost Woocommerce plan starts at $6 a month, and You can check out the pricing below.

bluehost review

4. VPS Hosting.

Do you have an extensive startup or tech product that you intend to scale? Then it would help if you tried out Bluehost VPS hosting plan; It is tailored to meet the needs of vast and demanding servers.

The blue host VPS hosting starts at $19  a month with lots of cloud advantages.

You can check out a screenshot of the total pricing below.

bluehost review

5. Dedicated Hosting.

Dedicated hosting is one in that an entire server is leased out and is not shared with anyone. Do you need a reliable hosting platform to help you lift the heavyweight of your servers, then you can trust Bluehost to handle everything required to scale on your behalf.

Dedicated hosting with Bluehost starts at just $79/Month; You can check the image below to confirm and compare all pricing.

How To Buy a Domain and a Web Host With Bluehost

How To buy a domain and a web host with Bluehost.

For the benefit of significant users, I will buy a domain and a website to use WordPress’s one-click Installation provided by Bluehost.

1. Log on to the Bluehost official website. on any browser of your choice like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera Mini

bluehost review

2. Choose WordPress hosting and select a basic plan.

You can compare plans from Bluehost from the section above and make sure you choose the program that is tailored to suit your needs, no more and no less.

bluehost review


3. Choose your domain name.

The domain name finder helps you search for an available domain name; if your intended domain is not public, an alternative domain name would be suggested to you.

If you have an existing domain name elsewhere, you can bring it alongside your WebHost on Bluehost.

bluehost review
It might be a very brand-new domain or an existing domain.

4. The final step would be to fill in your personal information, including your Bio.

bluehost review


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country.
  • City.
  • Address.

5. Enter your payment information, your debit card or your Paypal account, and you are done.

You get access to your Bluehost dashboard and your control panel, where you eventually get to Install any software and customization you like.

Bluehost Pros and Cons

As I always tell my audience when reviewing software products, everything has its Upside and Downside; the only reason you should choose one software over another is that the Upside weighs more than the downside. In this case, we will be talking about the Pros and Cons of Bluehost.


1. The first term is cheap; starting a website with as low as $3 is nothing you can find on other web hosting platforms worldwide.

2. My uptime tests with Bluehost have always been good. You don’t have to worry about constant downtimes

3. Bluehost shared hosting plans offer loads of massive storage even for the slowest method. In addition, Bluehost is generous in storage, unlike other hosting platforms that tend to limit you somehow.

4. Bluehost comes with unmetered bandwidth; even for the lowest pricing, it won’t limit the traffic that your website(s) can get.


1. When it comes to Bluehost’s speed didn’t strictly come out at the top of the table. However, it isn’t as terrible as it seems; we hope it gets better.

2. If your readers come from other regions, they could face having a slow site.

3. The entry-level plans don’t have a good backup solution, making it easy for you to lose your progress.

Bluehost vs Other Web Hosting Platforms.

In 2010, Google stated that site speed is a significant factor that influenced the way, so many websites ranked on the SERPs. Nowadays, people make decisions too quickly, and, for that reason, they want immediate answers.

So, if your site takes too long to give answers, they will look for them on your competitors’ pages. Good hosting guarantees a short response time.

Good Hosting will allow you to optimize your e-commerce or blog processes, which results in a higher speed of your website and optimizing its performance, saving time on activities, reducing expenses, and increasing profit.

If you have been providing services or products from a website, you already know the importance of offering customer support.

The hosting company also knows that. So if you don’t have the technical skills, your provider will be like a technical team member.

While Bluehost comes with all of this, it would be wrong of me not to mention other alternatives that also help solve this same problem. You can check out other alternatives in the article recommended below.

Get started.

After reading this review, you might be questioning if Bluehost is the right choice for your website. Bluehost is often ranked the #1 web hosting provider by many websites.

They offer a wide range of hosting options with weights of features that help you quickly build your website.

All their hosting plans include expert 24/7 customer support from knowledgeable staff. In addition, they offer affordable starter plans that fit any budget requirement.

You cannot go wrong with signing up for a Bluehost shared hosting plan if you are starting. It’s easy on your pocket and comes with all the right tools. As your site grows, you can easily upgrade your hosting plan accordingly. You can get started with Bluehost for as low as $2 today.


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