7+ Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Blogger

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Blogging has really come of age since the advent of the internet and has however also become a pathway to our learning process.

So many blogs are written and updated daily to make worthwhile information readily available and it is the responsibility of search engines portal to make these information organized.

As a newbie blogger, most times we often fall into the Waterloo of blogging errors, a few and most important of all would be highlighted in the sections below.

Here are a few blogging mistakes to avoid

  • Not Thinking About How To Monetize Your Blog Early.

Except you choose to become a hobby blogger with no intention of making money in the nearest future, properly planning a monetization technique for your blog would be a very bad idea for you as a blogger and you might get burned out in the process and not find blogging interesting at all.

There are various monetization platforms and strategy available to you as a blogger and some of them are.

  • Contextual Advertising (Google Adsense,
  • Sales of Products.
  • E book publishing.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Forgetting to Track Your Progress.

One way to track you progress as a blogger is the use of analytical tools and the most popular of them is the Google Analytics Tools by Google which provides you with reasonable insights on your blogs growth.

Failure to make proper use of this tools would definitely guarantee your failure as a blogger.

  • Missing Best SEO Practices.

Do you know that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a core way to generate traffic to your blog.

There are billion of search queries being made every second and not fully understanding proper SEO practices puts your blog at very huge loss.

Without using SEO best practices and structuring your content to be easily digestible by search engines, you risk missing out on a huge opportunity for traffic.

  • Below are outlined SEO practices you should take not of.
  • Conducting smart keyword research before writing.
  • Creating attention grabbing blog post headlines.
  • Using internal and external links throughout your content.
  • Writing a compelling meta description.
  • Optimizing your page URL


  • Writing and Publishing Inconsistently.

Planning contents with times frame and calendar is something every blogger should take note off.

You are building a business and you should make sure you dedicate necessary time to groom.

To rank better on the search engine, it is highly advised you publish your first 50 posts in the first two months after creating your blog and you should also plan on improving each post as to attrct more blog visitors.

Choosing Topics That Readers Aren’t Interested In.

Before starting out as a blogger, you should pick a niche that readers are interested in, make sure you do a proper research so that you don’t get jammed along the way.

  • Selecting a Bad Hosting Company.

When searching for the right hosting company to power your blog, here are the factors you should consider:

  • Speed.
  • Features.
  • Security.
  • Support

You don’t want to set up a blog and experience crash whenever visitors are trooping into your website.

In order to avoid this i’ll recommend you purchase your webhost and domain name from a reliable company and one of which i recommend is BlueHost.

Kindly click the banner below to purchase your hosting plan from Blue Host at huge discount.


  • Ignoring List Building.


  • Do you know,
  • Email will be used by 3 billion people by 2020.
  • Even though social media apps like SnapChat and Instagram are really popular, according to a survey is has been discovered that, Millennial use their emails more than other generations.

List building simply means collecting a list of email subscribers for your blog.

These list can be used as a leverage to send out your promotional packages, new blog contents and so many more.

Forgetting to include list building strategy into your blogging campaign is a mistake every blogger should avoid.

If you’re just starting your email list and keeping your blog on a tight budget, I suggest using a free plan on MailChimp. It’s free up to 2,000 subscribers and there is a free WordPress plugin that can help you collect these emails automatically.


  • Giving Up Early.

In reality, most new blogs will take 3 to 6 months of consistent effort before starting to get a meaningful amount of readers and start generating a meaningful amount of revenue and this can be attributed to SEO reasons.

The first 6 months of your blog, Google sees you as new so you don’t expect to get a huge number of traffic from the search engine.

So don’t be discouraged quickly wait patiently.

  • Choosing the wrong Blog Engine (WEEX, WEEBLY).

The above mentioned platforms are not advisable to run a sustainable blog that can compete in rank.

To Blog successful it is recommended you use WordPress because of unlimited tools available at your disposal.

  • Choosing the Wrong WordPress Theme.

Some WordPress themes are very limited and make it difficult to customize your blog—and others will make your new site load and damage your website’s SEO.

While you can always change your theme when using WordPress, it does take some planning and work on your part. I recommend that you use a premium theme, you can get a premium WordPress theme from ThemeForest.

Creating a blog for the sole aim of distributing copyrighted music and videos is very bad idea and a very poor way to make an impression as a blogger.

Music and Videos distributed should be designed and hosted on their respective platforms. Online video platform like YouTube, Vimeo should be held responsible for your videos and music distribution platforms like Soundcloud, AUdio mack, Deezer should do the heavy lifting of hosting sounds.

A blog is meant to be an information spot.

  • Stats/Visitor Location.

Most times newbie bloggers often like to display the relevance of the blogs by adding a stats widget alongside their Blog design. This might look good to you but in turn you tend to displease your audience.

  • Too Many Moving Parts.

Having a complex blog design can also lead to your website being slowed down and this can cause a higher bounce rate and poor SEO

  • Badges, Awards and Buttons.

Who cares about user badge,awards and useless buttons, or else you intend building an online forum such as Medium, your blog should be kept as simple as possible.

  • Busy Background.

A blog design with a busy background can piss users off and can also discourage them from visiting your website. A blog should be kept as simple as possible. No useless pop ups, No useless Survey forms and the likes should interrupt your readers when they are reading your website.

  • Too many Ads.

Heavy monetization can also increase your blog bounce rate and send your users off, if you are subscribed to a monetization program like Google Adsense, make sure you show relevant ads as regards your contents.


  • Conclusion

Other mistakes you should avoid as a blogger is choosing an awkward domain name, avoid mixing domain name with number, hyphen and Awkward symbols. Have any question kindly post it in the comment below.

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