How To Make Money Online With Selar

How To Make Money Online With Selar

How To Make Money Online With Selar


Nigeria is a nation which currently suffers from a high rate of unemployment and one avenue that the young people of this country are looking at is the digital economy.

Many Nigerians are tapping into the Creator Economy, one where anyone gets to monetize their knowledge, skill and expertise through selling digital products and building their audience.

In Nigeria, for instance, making money selling digital products like ebooks, courses, training, etc. has become mainstream.

With a platform like Selar, just anyone can create a digital product and sell it for free. Do you want to build an online income with Selar? This article has been created to help you do so with ease.

What is Selar?

Selar is simply your all-in-one e-commerce store builder that allows you to sell all kinds of digital products or services to anyone in the world.

Why should I Join Selar?

E-learning is now a great way to learn, impact knowledge, gain certificates and earn an income. Popular platforms are aiding digital creators to turn their knowledge into digital products and enabling them to create wealth by selling it, and this is where Sela shines bright the most.

Here are some reasons why you should join Selar.

1. Selar supports Multi-Currency.

Selar automatically detects the IP Address of your potential buyers and set the default currency of their country to match that of your sales page, although, it could be manually changed by the user.

Whether your buyers or subscribers are paying in Naira, Cedis, Pounds Sterling or USD, Selar is there to help you with all the conversion while you get settled in your local currency the next day.

2. Selar works with your favourite CRM and Analytics tools.

Selar makes it possible to integrate various CRM tools such as Mailchimp and many more. All these are possible out of the box and do not require that you upgrade to the pro plan.

You can also add a Google Analytics tracking code to monitor user activities on your product sales pages. Facebook Pixel integration is also available in the free plan. All these tools are knitted together by Selar to help you reach more potential buyers.

3. Selar comes with an Inbuilt Affiliate Marketing Engine.

Most times you want to reward people who sell products on your behalf, and this is where the Selar Affiliate feature comes in.

To add an affiliate from your Selar dashboard, click the dashboard menu and click Affiliates, then click Add an Affiliate. The unique feature is that you can set the percentage you want per affiliate.

This comes in handy during the negotiation process with each marketer where each affiliate marketer may demand different commission rates before they can agree to help you market your product in front of their followers.

4. Selar comes built-in with Subscriptions.

Selar also has options that support subscriptions which allows you to charge subscribers a certain monthly fee to help manage their websites.

With this, you won’t have to go about reminding people to come and make their monthly payments, it’s automated.

5. Selar comes built-in with analytics.

Selar’s in-built analytics allows the creator to track how they perform on the platform. You have analytics there in your Selar dashboard, you can check out how well your store is doing. You can see your sales are performing, and also get an insight into abandoned carts.

6. Abandoned cart emails.

Selar also has abandoned cart emails to notify a buyer of an abandoned transaction. Most times buyers may not complete their order on your website, the abandoned cart feature on Selar sends a follow-up email to that particular customer who did not complete the sales process.

7. Selar allows you to create Coupon codes.

Coupons are an amazing way to give discounts. Would you like to give a 5%, or 10% OFF your product? the coupon feature on Selar. co can get that done for you.

Selar allows you to set discount codes otherwise known as coupons for your products. For the coupon discount, you can set a combination of both a percentage and a Fixed amount discount, or you can set either of the two criteria.

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Written by Udemezue John

I teach you how to make money online.

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