20+ Best Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Know In 2021

best social media tools

best social media tools


One of the very first online marketing strategies that are mostly deployed by any online business owner is usually social media marketing.

Social Media has become so part of the world that even more business prefer starting their business on social media even before getting a government licence in their country.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have been reported to have more businesses hosted on their platform that business than any other business listing platform in the world.

Social media has been attributed to be the virtual world on the internet, and one of the major reasons why it is still the most prefered lies in the fact that you can reach out to more people with just one click.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is defined as the use of social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest for the sole purpose of marketing. As stated earlier in the introduction, social media remains one of the versatile and ROI tools that every business owner needs to leverage on.

I wrote an article on how you can start engaging prospect on the various social media platform, click the link below to read them.

Social Media Stats You Need To Know.

To further convince you of how effective the use of social media can be, here some very data and statistics that have been combined by Orbelo.

1. Over 4 Billion people make use of social media platform worldwide.

2. Facebook is the most widely used social media platform followed by Tik-TOK then Instagram.

3. It has been discovered that most internet users spend an average of 3 hours per day on social media.

4. Over 50% of consumptions on social media largely depends on the recommendations of a social media influencer.

5. Do you know that over 500 million daily active Instagram stories are uploaded globally.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing.

Do you seek effective online marketing or you desire to take your business online? Social media is one of the very versatile tools to help you achieve this.

In this section, I am going to be stating out some very few reasons why you should take your business to social media.

1. Social Media is free.

Imagine having to register your business in your local country, you would have to sign a lot of documents and even wait for a longer period before your business is registered, also not too many people have the money to register their businesses at first.

I am not saying you should not abide by the law of the land in your country, and get your business registered, but all I am saying is that getting your business on social media puts you fast on the track as a business owner.

You can get started on social media and register your business to the law of your country.

2. Create Brand Recognition.

Before the days of social media, most brands usually have to spend a fortune on local advertising before actually getting recognized, and this made it very hard to start a business.

With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, your brand can be in the general public with just a click.

3. Tells Your Brand Story.

When someone identifies your brand, the next thing they want to see is your brand story, this has a lot to do with how you started, where you are now and where you intend to be soon.

The only place where brands can tell their stories at ease is on social media. You don’t need a special award of recognition by any organization, all you need is a social media page.

4. Direct Referral Traffic To Your Site Or Blog

Most businesses create websites and just leave it there without actually optimizing it to receive visitors from search engine and social media.

With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can divert potential leads to your website to get to learn more about your business.

5. Social Media can be used as a Tool For Advertising.

Native advertising such as billboard, Banners has become too expensive for new businesses to subscribe to, with social media platforms in place you can set up an advertising campaign that would hit millions of audience with a subsidized budget.

Best Social Media Marketing You should know.

Over the last few years, we have seen the rise and fall of so many social media platforms and more are still being created every day.

This has however become so hard for social media expert to be able to keep their work in check, I mean you have to post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the Likes, having to do this over and over again has made the whole social media management a thing of stress, but with this very few tools that I am about to mention, you stand the chance of having to have to build a whole new social media experience for your business.

I am going to be categorizing the various social media tools to be mentioned in this article into two and they are.

1. Social Media Management software.

social media management software’s are online tools that are designed for the sole purpose of managing social media profiles they also perform so many other task and most of them include analyzing social media interactions and scheduling post to various social media platform all with the click of one button.

There are a lot of social media management software’s out there and very few of them are.

1. MissingLettr.

best social media tools

The first tool to be introduced in this article is MissingLettr, have you ever wondered how difficult it is to create content on social media? This is what MissingLetter solves.

MissingLettr is a unique AI social media scheduling and publishing tool, which allows you to generate social media content from your existing blog post.

MissingLetter allows you to create social media content from your existing blog articles with the relevant hashtag which will get you the needed traffic.

Missinglettr allows you to schedule and publishes your articles on various social media platforms.

Website – Missinglettr

2. Crowdfire.

best social media tools

CrowdFire is second on the list and is one major tool that I recommend you to make use as a social media business owner.

Crowdfire allows you to manage and schedule your content on all social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

One major turn on about Crowfire is the fact that automatically suggests a relevant topic for you and also tells you the best time to post.

You can get started with a free account and upgrade later.

3. AgoraPulse.

best social media tools

AgoraPulse is third on the list because it is one of the best easy to use social media management software.

It has all it needs to manage your social media profiles in one place, some of these amazing features include, Post scheduling,
Social inbox to manage all your comments and social media conversation in one place and unlimited access to real-time statistics on one place.

AgoraPulse is not free, yet it has very cheap pricing, you can start with as low $79/Mo.

This is quite expensive for small business who are yet to even make money yet, but if you are a huge organization, then you can try out AgoraPulse.

4. SocialPilot.

best social media tools

Just like AgoraPulse, Social Pilot is another great tool that helps you manage all your social media profiles in one place.

some of the amazing features that come with Social Pilot includes the ability to connect up to 50 social media accounts at one time, social media post scheduling, content curation and feed discovery, upload up to 500 posts with bulk scheduling and inbuilt paid ads feature.

Social Pilot also comes at cheap pricing which starts at $100/Mo.

5. Tailwind App.

best social media tools

Tailwind app is another great social media tool to look out for, Tailwind app is popular amongst the Pinterest community, I know tailwind app to be a Pinterest only tool, it was not until recently that I discovered that is is a full social media management software that allows you manage all your social media account in one place, and I mean not all social media anyway just for Pinterest and Instagram only.

All you need to scale your Instagram and Pinterest marketing is all developed into the Tailwinds app.

You get access to inbuilt tools like Instagram scheduler, Instagram Hashtag finer, Instagram analytics and Reporting,

The same also goes for Pinterest, such as Pins scheduling, Pinterest analytics and Pinterest monitoring and trends.

Do you seek a great social media management tool, then you should try out Tailwind app.

Tailwind is free to use, but you can sign up for a paid plan to get the best out of it.

Website –

6. Hootsuite.

best social media tools

Hootsuite allows you to manage over fiver different social media platform and a few of them are, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you also get the power to manage more than one social media profile all in one account.

Also bundled with Hootsuite are very awesome features, most of which are performed by most of the online social media management platform as mentioned above but with a little extra.

With Hootsuite, you have access to the following features.

  • Post Scheduling.
  • Social media analytics from various social media platforms.
  • Inbuilt ad manager.

You can also check out more on the official website.

Website –

7. Sprout Socialbest social media tools

Sprout social is another amazing social media management software that I recommend you try out, it is one of the numerous solutions out there that performs more than expectation.

Sprout Social comes with so many features and most of which include publishing and scheduling, Realtime social media data and accounts monitoring.

With Sprout Social, you can connect over four social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Sprout Social comes at very affordable pricing starting at $99.

Website –

8. Sendible.

best social media tools

Sendible provides social media management tools for enterprises to work with. With Sendible, you get to manage all of your social media profiles in one place.

One thing I love about Sendible is the fact it supports the integration of Google-my business alongside its platform, this makes it one of the sophisticated social media management platform out there.

Sendible comes with a whole lot of awesome features, some of which includes; content creation tool, post scheduling, real-time reports generation and a mobile app to manage all your activities as flexible as possible.

With Sendible, you get to access with just $29/Mo. You also get a 14days free trial without a credit card.

Website –

9. eClincher.

best social media tools

Another company in the social media management business is eClincher. With eClincher you get access to manage all your social media accounts including Google-my-Business.

eClincher comes with a lot of juicy features, most of which include; Publishing and scheduling of posts, auto-posting, inbuilt content suggestion, real-time analytics engine, third-party integrations such as Canva, Google analytics and mobile app/ chrome extension.

eClincher comes with a starter plan of just $59/Mo

Website –

10. Insist App.

best social media tools

Insist app is another great tool to get started with, though it works for Instagram only, with Insist app you can do a lot of things to your Instagram app with from your PC.

Insist app is a chrome plugin that lets you post photos, videos schedule, publish stories, monitor followers and send direct messages to anyone on the Gram.

Though Insist App is free, it comes at a very affordable pricing of just $5/M with allows you to do more such as adding multiple accounts, get insight scheduling.

Website – Insist App.

11. Mav social.

Mav Social is another great social media management system that allows you to manage all your social media profiles in one place.

Mav Social comes with core social media management features such as Post scheduling, analytics and access to top contents that suits your business.

Mav social comes at affordable pricing, one that even small business can leverage on, with just $19 you get to experience the full potential of Mavsocial.

Website –

12. Post Planner

best social media tools

Post planner is a great social media management platform, but this time with more focus on content discovery and creation.

You get access to dozens of high-performance content from various niches every day and get it distributed across your various social media platforms.

Post planner comes at a cost of just $3/Mo, you can check out Post planner at.

Website –

13. Later.

best social media tools
Later is a social media management platform that was designed only for Instagram, Later allows you get access to various features like scheduling, content curation and analytics.

Goodnews !! Later is free, but you can upgrade if you want to tap into more of its features.

Website –

14. Iconosquare.

best social media tools

Iconosquare is another great social media marketing and management tools for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This all-in-one solution gives you the ability to get insights into your social media performance, schedule and export reports and auto-publish your posts.

Iconosquare gives you a 14-day trial but also comes at a starting price of $29/Mo.

Website –

2. utilities.

The next session of this article is going to be a full listing of social media tools that serve other purposes than just social media management, in this section we are going to be elaborating tools that are used for content creation, content curation and photo editing.

15. Buzzsumo.

best social media tools

BuzzSumo is a content marketing and social media analysis software.  It simply allows you to discover content, find influencers and monitor online trends.

It is easy to stay on top of trending topics and it is also a tool for understanding social media sites and sharing their content, it is also a great tool for finding influencers on various social media platforms

visit the official website to get started.


16. Adobe Spark.

best social media tools

Adobe spark is one of the major tools in the adobe family that generally provides non- designers with Post, Video, and Page are truly easy to use.

Adobe spark works like an easy to use online graphics tools, you can leverage it to create a Facebook post, slideshow, Instagram post and a web page of your choice.

Adobe spark is free to use, but you can upgrade to a premium plan if you want to remove its watermark off your projects.

17. Canva.

best social media tools

Canva is an exciting graphic design platform that allows you to create social media graphics, presentations in all forms and generally visual contents.

With Canva, you have access to over 1000+ templates so you never run out of ideas.

Canva can be used for free, but you are also allowed to subscribe if you want more features unlocked for your use.

Website –

18. WhoUnfollowedMe.

best social media tools

Most times we wonder why our social media followers get to reduce only to discover later that those who initially followed us are unfollowing us behind our back, sometimes maybe because you refused to follow back or you followed back, and they took advantage of that to unfollow you, thinking that you may not know.

I have good news for you because there is an online tool that can help you track all of that and that tool is called WhoUnfollowedme.

This software helps you track all your followership growth on Twitter only.

Website –

19. Brand24.

best social media tools

Brand 24 is an online reputation monitoring tool that helps you monitor your brand activity across the internet, podcasts blogs, forums and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With Brand 24, you get an instant notification anytime your brand is being mentioned anywhere on the internet, with this tools you get to engage prospective clients anywhere on the internet as quickly as possible.

Brand 24 comes at an affordable pricing of just $49/Mo

Website –

20. Feedly.

Feedly is another great social media tools that allow you to keep up with only topical trends that you are interested in without having issues with information overload.

With Feedly, all you need do is to select your prefered source and it gets organized in such a way that you only get topics that you are interested in.

See it just like Google explore, but this time you get more control as what is displayed to your feed.

Feedly is free, but you can choose to upgrade to get access to more premium functionalities such as access to Google News feeds, Twitter feeds, Reddit feeds, Follow newsletters and also gain access to over 7000+ feeds.

Website –


There are so many social media tools out there, you should make use of one that suits your business model, also make sure to try out every one of each of these tools as mentioned in this article, you should also take your time as much as possible to see which one of these tools is a better suit for your business.


What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Web developer| Digital Marketer| Entrepreneur.

I love sharing great things

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