How To Make Money Writing Articles On Medium

How To Make Money Writing Articles On Medium

How To Promote Your Affiliate Links on Medium


I’ve been writing on Medium for several years now, and I can tell you firsthand that it’s possible to earn real money by sharing your thoughts and expertise with readers around the world.

But let’s be clear – this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Making money on Medium takes time, effort, and a strategic approach.

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through exactly how to start earning from your articles on Medium.

I’ll cover everything from setting up your account and choosing profitable topics to optimizing your stories for maximum views and engagement.

But first, let’s talk numbers. How much can you make writing on Medium?

Well, it varies widely. Some top writers report earning over $10,000 per month, while others might make just a few dollars.

In 2022, Medium reported that 8% of active writers earned over $100 per month. While that might not sound like much, it’s important to remember that for many, this is a side hustle or supplementary income.

Ready to dive in and learn how to turn your words into dollars? Let’s get started on your journey to becoming a money-making Medium writer.

Why Should I Write On Medium?

If you’re a writer looking for a platform to share your thoughts, ideas, and expertise, Medium might be the perfect fit.

I’ve been using Medium for years, and I can confidently say it offers unique advantages that make it stand out from other publishing platforms.

1. First off, Medium boasts a massive built-in audience.

With millions of monthly active users, your articles have the potential to reach readers from all corners of the globe.

This exposure is invaluable, especially for new writers trying to build their following.

2. But it’s not just about quantity – Medium attracts quality readers too.

The platform is known for its thoughtful, in-depth content, drawing in engaged readers who are genuinely interested in learning and discovering new perspectives.

This means your carefully crafted articles are more likely to find an appreciative audience.

3. One of Medium’s most attractive features is its Partner Program.

This allows writers to earn money based on how much time paying members spend reading their articles.

While it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, many writers report earning a decent side income from their Medium posts. Some have even turned it into a full-time gig.

4. Medium also offers excellent tools for writers.

The clean, distraction-free editor makes writing a pleasure, and built-in SEO optimization helps your articles get discovered.

The platform’s analytics give you valuable insights into how your content performs, allowing you to refine your strategy over time.

5. Networking is another major plus.

Medium’s community of writers is vibrant and supportive. You can follow other writers, engage with their work, and build meaningful connections.

These relationships can lead to collaborations, guest posting opportunities, and even freelance work outside the platform.

6. The flexibility Medium offers is hard to beat.

You can publish on your schedule, write about any topic that interests you, and experiment with different styles and formats.

Whether you’re into long-form essays, quick tips, or personal stories, there’s a place for your voice on Medium.

7. For those concerned about content ownership, Medium allows you to retain the rights to your work.

You can even republish your Medium articles on your blog or other platforms if you wish.

How do I Make Money Writing an Article On Medium?

As a writer looking to monetize your skills, Medium can be an excellent platform to showcase your work and generate income. In this article, I’ll share my insights on how to make money writing articles on Medium.

1. Understanding Medium’s Partner Program.

The first step to earning money on Medium is joining their Partner Program.

This program allows writers to earn money based on the engagement their articles receive from Medium members. Here’s how it works:

1. Medium members pay a monthly subscription fee.

2. A portion of this fee is distributed to writers based on how much time members spend reading their articles.
3. Writers can also earn money through referrals by getting new members to sign up using their unique link.

To join the Partner Program, you need to have at least 100 followers and have published at least one story in the last 6 months.

It’s free to join, and you can start earning as soon as your application is approved.

2. Create High-Quality Content.

The key to success on Medium is producing high-quality, engaging content that resonates with readers. Here are some tips to help you create articles that stand out:

1. Choose topics you’re passionate about: Your enthusiasm will show in your writing, making it more engaging for readers.

2. Research thoroughly: Back up your claims with credible sources and statistics to add value to your articles.

3. Write compelling headlines: Your headline is the first thing readers see. Make it intriguing enough to entice them to click.

4. Structure your articles well: Use subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to make your content easy to read and scan.

5. Edit and proofread: Ensure your articles are free of grammatical errors and typos. Consider using tools like Grammarly to help with this.

3. Maximizing Your Reach.

Writing great content is just the first step. To make money on Medium, you need to get your articles in front of readers. Here are some strategies to increase your visibility:

1. Publish consistently: Aim to publish at least 2-3 articles per week to keep your audience engaged and attract new readers.

2. Use relevant tags: Medium allows you to add up to five tags to each article. Choose tags that accurately represent your content and are popular among your target audience.

3. Submit to publications: Getting your articles accepted by popular Medium publications can significantly increase your reach.

4. Engage with other writers: Comment on other articles, clap for content you enjoy, and build relationships with fellow writers. This can help you grow your network and attract more readers to your work.

5. Promote your articles on social media: Share your Medium articles on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to drive traffic to your content.

4. Analyzing Your Performance

Medium provides detailed stats for your articles, including views, reads, and earnings.

Regularly analyzing this data can help you understand what types of content resonate with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Pay attention to metrics like:

– Read ratio: The percentage of viewers who read your entire article.
– Average read time: How long readers spend on your article.
– Earnings per article: Which articles are generating the most income?

Use these insights to refine your content strategy and focus on creating more of what works best for your audience.

5. Building a Loyal Following.

While viral hits can provide a nice income boost, building a loyal following is key to sustainable earnings on Medium. Here are some tips to cultivate a dedicated readership:

1. Develop a unique voice: Let your personality shine through in your writing to differentiate yourself from other writers.

2. Respond to comments: Engage with readers who take the time to comment on your articles. This can help foster a sense of community around your work.

3. Create a newsletter: Use Medium’s built-in newsletter feature to keep your audience updated on your latest articles and other news.

4. Be consistent in your niche: While it’s okay to write about various topics, having a primary focus can help readers know what to expect from you.

6. Diversifying Your Income Streams.

While Medium can be a great source of income, it’s wise not to put all your eggs in one basket. Consider diversifying your income streams by:

1. Offering freelance writing services to clients you meet through Medium.
2. Creating and selling digital products related to your area of expertise.
3. Using your Medium success as a springboard to land speaking engagements or coaching opportunities.

7. Promote Your Medium Article.

Now that you have written an article on Medium, the next thing is to get people to read that article and respond to it.

You can leave it as is and let Medium do the heavy lifting to help you recommend such an article to its users or even allow it to get an impression organically in whatever way you like.

But if you would like to add a catalyst to the whole process, here are some recommended steps I recommend you take.

1. Word Of mouth.

This is a very crude way to tell people about your post, but I must tell you that it still works very well even now.

You need to tell your friends about the new articles you just wrote and ask them to read them.

You can also do yourself a favour by obtaining a URL link to the article and sharing it with them via an instant messaging platform for a quicker response.

2. Share on Social Media.

After publishing an article on Medium, a compulsory social sharing button usually gives you the privilege to share your articles on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

If you have a massive followership on social media, you are free to reach out. Here is an article I recommend you read to get started on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

3. Email Marketing.

Another potent way to reach out is through the use of email marketing. If you have a massive list of subscribers, spreading the gospel becomes easier. I wrote an article for newbies in email marketing, and I recommend you read it.

Before consuming the above-recommended content on email marketing, I usually like to ease my reader’s stress to allow them to benefit as quickly as possible. I typically make this happen by introducing the best way of doing things to them.

4. YouTube.

All you need do to get your post out on YouTube is to make a short video or illustration of what your article is all about and add the link to the intended medium article in the video description, such a video might go viral, and you would likely get very much clicks.

You can read this article to help you get started on YouTube.


To wrap up, making money writing on Medium isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can be a rewarding side hustle or even a full-time gig for dedicated writers.

The key is consistency – publishing quality content regularly and building an engaged audience over time.

I’ve found that focusing on trending topics, crafting compelling headlines, and promoting my work on social media can help boost views and earnings.

It’s worth noting that only a small percentage of writers earn significant income on Medium.

According to some estimates, less than 10% of active writers earn over $100 per month.

However, top writers have reported earning thousands of dollars monthly through the Partner Program.



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