15+ Best Webinar Software Platforms For Every Business [UPDATED]

best webinar software

best webinar software


Webinars have become an increasingly popular way for businesses to connect with their audience, whether it’s to educate, promote, or sell products and services.

With the rise of remote work and digital events, webinar software has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes to connect with customers, partners, and employees worldwide.

There are many different webinar software platforms available, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

Some are designed for small businesses or startups, while others are geared towards larger enterprises with complex needs.

The key is to find the right platform that fits your specific needs and budget. In this article, we will explore 15+ of the best webinar software platforms available today.

We will cover everything from basic features like screen sharing and chat to advanced features like analytics and integrations with other marketing tools.

By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of which webinar software platform is right for your business.

What Is a Webinar Software?

Webinar software is a digital tool that allows users to host live or pre-recorded video presentations or seminars online.

The term “webinar” is a combination of “web” and “seminar,” and refers to an online event that allows participants to join and interact with the host(s) in real time via a web-based platform.

Webinar software typically includes features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, presentation slides, chat, polling, and Q&A sessions.

These tools enable businesses, educators, and organizations to reach a broader audience, regardless of geographic location.

Webinar software can be used for a variety of purposes, including lead generation, customer education, employee training, product demos, and more.

Many businesses and organizations use webinars as part of their marketing and outreach strategies, as they can be an effective way to connect with potential customers or clients.

Webinar software has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to reach a global audience, increase engagement, and drive business growth.

Why Do I Need a Webinar Software?

In today’s digital age, online events have become an essential part of doing business. Webinars, in particular, have proven to be an effective way to reach a broad audience and engage with them in real time.

If you’re wondering whether you need webinar software for your business, here are some reasons why it’s a valuable investment:

1. Reach a Global Audience.

With webinar software, you can reach a wider audience regardless of geographic location. This is especially valuable for businesses with an international presence or those looking to expand their reach.

2. Cost-Effective.

Hosting a webinar can be a cost-effective way to connect with your audience, as it eliminates the need for travel, venue rental, and other associated costs with in-person events.

3. Lead Generation.

Webinars can be an excellent tool for generating leads and building your customer base. By offering valuable content and engaging with your audience, you can attract potential customers and nurture existing ones.

4. Product Demos and Training.

Webinars are an effective way to showcase your products or services and provide training to your customers or employees.

By using webinar software, you can conduct live demonstrations, answer questions, and provide hands-on training.

5. Engagement and Interaction.

Webinars offer a unique opportunity for engagement and interaction with your audience. With features like chat, Q&A, and polling, you can encourage participation and make your webinar more interactive and engaging.

6. Analytics and Tracking.

Most webinar software platforms offer analytics and tracking features, which can help you measure the effectiveness of your webinar and make data-driven decisions for future events.

7. Flexibility and Convenience.

With webinar software, you have the flexibility to host a live or pre-recorded event, making it more convenient for both you and your audience.

8. Easy to Use.

Many webinar software platforms are designed to be user-friendly, even for those with little to no technical experience.

This makes it easy for businesses to set up and host their webinars without the need for additional technical support.

9. Brand Awareness.

Webinars can help build brand awareness and establish your business as an industry leader. By providing valuable content to your audience, you can showcase your expertise and build trust with potential customers.

10. Time-Saving.

Webinars can save time for both hosts and attendees. As a host, you can present your message to a large audience at once, rather than conducting multiple one-on-one meetings.

For attendees, webinars can be a more convenient way to receive information without the need to travel or take time off work.

11. Increased Revenue.

Webinars can be a powerful tool for driving revenue for your business. By offering a paid webinar or using a webinar as part of a product launch or sales funnel, you can increase sales and revenue for your business.

12. Accessibility.

Webinars are accessible to a wide range of individuals, including those with disabilities or who live in remote areas.

By providing closed captioning and other accessibility features, you can make your webinar more inclusive and reach a wider audience.

13. Versatility.

Webinars can be used for a variety of purposes, from marketing and lead generation to employee training and product demos.

This versatility makes them a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and industries.

14. Integration with Other Tools.

Many webinar software platforms integrate with other marketing and sales tools, such as email marketing software, CRM systems, and analytics tools.

This integration can streamline your workflow and help you achieve your business goals more efficiently.

What are The Best Webinar Softwares?

There are over hundreds of custom software built for the sole purpose of webinars but I am going to be handpicking some very few and exceptional ones. I am going to highlight these softwares, their key features and pricing.

1. Easy Webinar.

best webinar software

EasyWebinar is the only online software platform that has successfully integrated webinar technology with marketing strategy. Easy Webinar provides an all-in-one solution for both live and automated webinars.
The webinar software offers tons of other features, including a multi-presenter option, integration with popular email marketing software, shopping carts, and lead-generation tools.


1. screen-sharing options, HD video, and interactive live chat

2. Allows up to 100 attendees even in the basic plan

3. Unlimited live viewers using YouTube Live Integration

4. Robust chat features and a mobile app available

5. WordPress integration

6. In-built analytics suite

7. It allows integration with popular tools like MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.

The Standard pack costs $59 per month which is billed annually at $708. The Pro plan is $90 per month, and the Enterprise plan is $349 per month. If you have over 10,000 attendees, then you can get in touch with them for quote-based pricing.


2. GetResponse.

best webinar software

GetResponse is a multi-purpose platform email marketing platform that offers a wide array of marketing solutions, including a complete webinar marketing solution.

It allows you to set up your webinar within three minutes, sometimes even less. Other marketing tools include autoresponders, automated email marketing, Landing pages, list segmentation, and more.


1. Allows you to customize your webinar URL.

2. One-click webinar recording.

3. Text chat feature to drive engagement.

4. One-click sharing options.

5. Allows you to set up autoresponders.

6. Tracks conversion stats and provides detailed audience statistics.

GetResponse comes at affordable pricing starting at ;

1. The Plus plan is the first one that provides webinar solutions and starts at $49 per month for up to 100 attendees.

2. The Professional plan is $99 per month for up to 300 people.

3. The Enterprise package is $1,199 for up to 500 people.

However, it also includes email campaign consulting and a dedicated account manager. To get started with Getresponse you can click the banner below.



3. Google Hangout.

best webinar software

Google Hangouts is a completely free solution that easily integrates with the Chrome Browser and Gmail, it was created and presently owned and managed by Google You can either host a webinar for up to 30 prospects or stream it on YouTube to invite a larger audience base.


1. Completely free of cost.

2. The recording is done automatically and uploaded on your YouTube channel right away.

3. Allows up to 30 people in the chat.

4. Several speakers can speak during the webinar.

5. Integrates with YouTube and Chrome.

6. No additional software download is needed

Google Hangout is completely free and comes at no additional cost.


4. Zoom.

best webinar software

Zoom is one of the best webinar software platforms available in the market today. It is entirely cloud-based and has a user-friendly interface that makes things simpler for its users.

It performs a wide array of activities that make it an asset to any company. Zoom offers HD video and audio, screen sharing, desktop, and app sharing options. Zoom Integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, which allows its users to schedule meetings and send emails, seamlessly. Zoom is a hot spot for everything when it comes to hosting a webinar event.


1. Exquisite HD video and audio, along with screens sharing facility.

2. There are no one-time fees and it’s free to sign up

3. Backup of every meeting in the cloud.

4. Allows private and public chats, letting your viewers communicate during the event without interruption.

5. Provides free access to up to 100 participants and 40 mins limit on group meetings.

6. User-friendly and easily navigable dashboard.

Zoom comes with over four basic pricing plans, and they include;

1. The free plan offers 40 minutes of the webinar and allows up to 100 participants.

2. The Basic paid plan offers every feature along with 1 GB of cloud recording and costs $14.99 per month.

3. The ideal Business package is $19.99 per month.

4. The Enterprise package, which is best suited for large enterprises, costs $19.99 per month.


5. WebEx.

best webinar software

WebEx provides some impressive features, such as a host room along with HD video and audio services that can be accessed on multiple devices.


1. Allows you to host up to 40,000 attendees.

2. In-built Q&A sessions, polls, and surveys to facilitate audience engagement.

3. Cloud-based.

4. Mobile app included.

5. The excellent HD video and audio quality.

6. Integrates with popular marketing tools like Salesforce

The Basic plan costs $13.5 per month for up to 50 participants if billed annually. The price climbs up as you move on to a higher-tier plan.


6. Livestream.

best webinar software

Livestream is owned by a video streaming platform called Vimeo.

Livestream is an excellent webinar software platform. However, it primarily caters to big businesses and educational institutes.

Livestream offers unlimited storage and automatically records and stores all your webinar events in the cloud.

You also get access to limitless streaming analytics, the ability to stream to Facebook Live or YouTube, live Q&A and polls, audience chat, and lead generation tools.


1. Unlimited storage and unlimited viewers.

2. Allows you to privatize your events.

3. Private link sharing.

4. Extensive in-built analytics.

5. Stream to Facebook Live or YouTube.

6. Embed the webinar into your website via HTML code.

The basic package costs $75 per month if billed annually, Livestream also offers a quote-based Enterprise package that offers additional features.

TRY IT NOW- Livestream

7. BigMarker.

best webinar software

BigMarker is known as the #1 video platform for webinars, summits, and virtual conferences.

Their live streaming capabilities are where they excel. You can engage up to 10,000 people at once and create an interactive experience with features like polls, handouts, and live Questions and Answers.

You also get extensive third-party integrations with apps like MailChimp, Calendly, Marketo, and more.

BigMarker also allows seamless integrations with payment providers like Stripe making it easy for you to manage transactions.

You can build custom video experiences and embed them right on your website with no coding required.

These landing pages, webinars, and emails are all live on your domain so that you own the customer experience.


1. Comes with extensive native integrations with apps like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zapier.

2. Provides a 7-day free trial period.

3. HD video and screen sharing.

4. You can stream multiple camera feeds to Facebook & YouTube Live.

5. Build custom live video experiences for online events.

6. Offers white-labelled seminar rooms and landing pages.

7. Deals in 135+ currencies.

BigMarker offers three categories of plans respectively and they include; the Starter plan – $79, Elite Plan – $159 and the Summit plan – $299.


8. Livestorm.

best webinar software

Livestorm is a powerful tool built for performance and reliable video transmissions. It can easily be accessed from any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Livestorm is also focused on customer engagement with activities like polling, Q&A sessions, and the use of up-votes.


1. Offers comprehensive, multi-language customer support.

2. Offers a freemium plan with essential features.

3. Comes with features like a one-click invitation, screen-sharing, the ability to embed registration forms, and more.

4. Provides detailed attendance analytics, replay analytics, source tracking, and participation report.

5. Unlimited recording storage.

6. Enables you to use Zapier and integrate with more than 1,000 apps.

Livestorm comes in three separate plans: Meet Basic is a freemium plan and comes with essential features like unlimited on-demand webinars, meetings, etc.

The ‘Meet Premium’ plan costs $31/host per month and allows up to 8 participants. The Enterprise plan offers features like managing multiple workspaces with unified billing, premium training, and SLA availability.
Here, you get a personalized quote based on your requirements.

TRY IT NOW- live

9 Demio.

best webinar software

Demio is also one of the best video conferencing tools on the market. With Demio, it becomes super easy to record your webinar automatically in the cloud.

All the pricing plans offer standard features including advanced webinar setup, 24/7 Chat & Email Support, unlimited webinars, storage for 100 recordings and robust analytics.


1. Allows extensive customization options to the user.

2. Offers in-built analytics.

3. Can be easily integrated with any marketing tool.

4. Offers powerful tracking options.

6. Provides extensive automation.

Demio gets you up and running with a 14-day free trial, which allows you to test out all its features.

The Starter plan starts at $34 per month for a 50-person webinar room and $69 for a 150-person room. and $163 per month for a 500-person room.


10. Google Meet.

best webinar software

Google Meet is another platform created by Google during the pandemic to be able to save the stress of hassle when seeking out other paid webinar software, It was formerly hangout meets but it has been created as a standalone app without relying on Google hangout, nevertheless Google hangout still stands as a platform.

It is integrated alongside Google mail and works as a standalone app. Google meet is free to use and it comes with a little pricing attached, I guess Google is doing that for a reason, anyway, they are a giant software company with a whole lot of reputation to sustain.


Google Meet comes with a whole lot of exciting features just like any other webinar software like Zoom and all others, and some of these features are.

1. Sharing Your screen.

With Google Meet, you can share the entire screen of your laptop or device during a conference with no hassle.

2. Huge broadband.

With Google Meets you are not limited to a certain amount of persons that can join a meeting, because you can have up to 100 viewers at once with just a one-hour meeting.

You can also see and learn more in the photo below.

best webinar software

Google Meet is not entirely free to use, as Google intends to monetize this platform, just like zoom and other giants in the webinar industry Google is also attaching a pricing tag to this platform and here they are in the image below.

best webinar software


11. Hopin.

best webinar software

Hopin is another great webinar host software that allows you to host your virtual meetings without hassle, and fear of failure votes sort.

Hopin was created to replicate an in-person event experience, only without the limitations of travel, venues, weather, awkward wandering, parking, and so on. With Hopin, businesses, communities, and organisations can spread their global audiences, meet in one place, and make a huge online event appear small again.

Hopin was established in 2019 by Johnny Boufarhat in London, United Kingdom. The platform started as a simple networking tool for meeting people one-on-one but quickly grew into a conference online events program with Sessions, Stages, Expos, and more.

Today, Hopin is the first all-in-one live online events platform where attendees can discover, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world. Hopins makes online events more private and likeable.


Hopin comes with nice features, most of which include.

1. The ability to Network one-on-one over live video.

2. You can also connect and exchange virtual business cards for following up later.

3. Join breakout sessions and participate in groups.

4. Watch theme presentations on stage, send chat messages, fill out polls, and explore interactive expo areas.

5. Host public or private events with password protection.

6. With Hopins, you also get the chance to implement your branding and style perfectly.

Hopin allows you to get started for free on a limited account for a few periods, this allows you to test out their features.

It comes with three plans, namely;

1. Starter Plan $99 / month

2. Business plan which comes at a custom price

3. Enterprise plan which also comes at a custom price.


12. LiveWebinar.

best webinar software

LiveWebinar allows you to create and host awesome webinars coupled with a lot of inbuilt and helpful features.

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based solution with better screen sharing, live video streaming, and recording innovations, plus customized branding, social media broadcasting, and audience engagement analytics.


LiveWebinar comes with a lot of awesome features Hangoutlow you to scale your online webinars such as;

1. Screen sharing options that allow you to sMail your screen.

2. Amazing storage capabiMeetes.

3. Inbuilt Livestreaming software that allows you to connect with top social media platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Periscope and many more.

4. Poll and Surveys.

5. Chat integration.

6. Call to action.

7. Whiteboard features allow you to express your ideas.

8. Invite participants by email, text messages or phone calls.

9. Record LiveWebinar Sessions in Full HD.

10. Wide range of integration options with MailChimp, Get Response, Aweber, send fox, Zapier and many more.

LiveWebinar comes at an affordable price, one that allows you to get started for free and a mouth-watering price that gives all you need to make your webinar a spectacular event, starting at just $95.20/mo.

I recommend the enterprise offer because it gives you all you need to make your webinar a success such as;

1. Hosting your webinar under yZoomdomain.

2. Custom report and analytics.

3. Personal Tech Support.

4. A Secure and Reliable Platform.

5. The ability to Integrate Your Daily Apps.


13. Everytale.

best webinar software

Everytale is an international virtual events platform to design, promote, and broadcast virtual events of any quantity. They are creating an all-in-one event management tool for event hosts. 

Everytale on its platform also hosts a global on-demand events library for completed events. They are bringing people to interact everywhere around the world – regardless of their origin, language barrier, or social background.

Everytale is simple and nicely designed for all types of events and their participants. It offers event organizers, experts, and viewers a 4K LIVE video broadcasting platform. 

Powered with advanced A.I., Everytale connects your events to the relevant global audience, whether it is a small 20-people meetup, a 5.000 people conference, or 100.000 people live stream. Everytale comes with amazing features, most of which are going to be listed in this section.

1. Social Webinar.

Everytale provides real-time access to events across various fields of knowledge. Based on user preferences, it creates a collection of the most relevant streams for every user.  Translation features allow people to ignore a lack of foreign language understanding. Everytale makes knowledge accessible.

2. Organize conferences.

Everytale content recommendations for users can help event organisers lower audience attraction costs. This system will recommend events to users based on their personal preferences.

3. Polls and Tests.

The poll and test feature on the Everytale platform allows the event host to set out polls for the event host.

4. Public chat.

The public chat feature allows webinar hosts to interact live and direct with the audience.


14. Ballon.

15+ Best Webinar Software Platforms For Every Business [UPDATED]

The balloon is an online events platform that enables conferences and exhibitions to build and run their events virtually. See it as a Webinar platform on Steriods.

With Balloon, you can live stream content on stage, create breakout sessions and networking activities, as well as offer value to your sponsors and exhibitors.

The balloon as a platform is focused on building more value for both our users and the community of organizers. 

Ballon Also features awesome Monthly/yearly pricing starting at $0 with a peak of $1,000.

Ballon comes with awesome features such as Meeting, Sponsorship Management, Attendee Management, Customizable Branding, Social Media Integration Real-time Chat, Virtual Lobby and the ability to host Multiple Events.



Permit me to recommend the best tool for your business type and I am going to be making this recommendation based on flexibility.

It is better to have all the business solutions you need in one place to be able to manage it seamlessly and one platform that does that is GetResponse. GetResponse is a complete online marketing solution. Get started with GetResponse now.

15+ Best Webinar Software Platforms For Every Business [UPDATED]


There are many compelling reasons why businesses should invest in webinar software. Whether you’re looking to reach a global audience, generate leads, increase revenue, or improve engagement and interaction with your audience, webinar software can help you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

With the many benefits that webinars offer, it’s clear that they have become an essential tool for modern businesses.

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