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How To Create a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

How To Create A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

How To Create A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign


Facebook is home to over 3 billion users worldwide and still counting, with more new and existing visitors regularly engaging this fantastic platform.
Facebook has made the world more connected than before, making it an online global village.

It further extended its base on the internet by purchasing more than three child platforms known as Instagram, Messanger, and WhatsApp.

Facebook is the most actively engaged platform worldwide, making it a very active place to advertise a business.

Are you a new and existing business owner seeking to take your business online, then Facebook should be your first option.

How To Grow Your Business On Facebook.

Many tactics can be used to grow your business on Facebook, but in this article, I will discuss the use of paid Facebook advertising before jumping into this.

I recommend you read this article on how to grow your business on Facebook networks, such as Facebook itself, Instagram, Messanger and Whatsapp business; click the link below to get started.

What Is A Facebook Ad Campaign ?.

A Facebook Ad campaign is an inbuilt feature designed into the Facebook infrastructure to enable independent users to create a business advertising campaign for a targeted audience to achieve one or more business goals.

The Facebook ads feature was not built into Facebook till after over six years since Facebook started.
When you open your news feed, you wonder why you get to see some strange brands with custom identities and advertising banners with sponsors written on them; that is an example of a Facebook ad campaign.

There are billions of Facebook ad campaigns created simultaneously with different targeted audiences.

This article focuses more on paid advertising because it is a very potent means to kickstart your business on Facebook and get instant results.

Essential Requirements Needed For A Facebook Ad Campaign.

When starting with Facebook ads, many things should be in place, and I will be taking time to mention these very few things.

1. A Valid Facebook Account.

This is the first requirement that every business owner who dreams of doing business on Facebook should have, most times preferable your personal Facebook account.

Ensure that the Facebook account has not flouted any Facebook advertising rules and is still on excellent terms with Facebook.

If Facebook has banned such an account, you are free to create another version that is more than 90 days old, not a new account. Otherwise, you will get banned again.

2. A Facebook page.

A Facebook business page is a unique Facebook identity that allows you to customize the identity and profile of your Facebook business.

Let’s say you have an Ice-Cream business and you want to create a Facebook ad campaign to generate more leads and sales; you would first have to make a Facebook Business page that would be managed from your personal Facebook account, mind you, no identity is revealed via your Facebook page unless you set it to do so.

A Facebook page is designed to be independent of your personal Facebook profile.

3. A Website.

This is not compulsory, but if your business models are designed around a website and intend to promote that website, you need to add your new or existing website to your Facebook page.
I wrote an article to help you start owning a website/Blog, and I recommend you read it now.

4. WhatsApp Business Account.

If your business does not own a website, you have a website, and you want to generate leads to a sales funnel, then WhatsApp business is one of the best options available for you.

WhatsApp Business was developed after the parent WhatsApp platform to enable better advertising ROI and easy lead generation and follow up.
It replaces email marketing and Websites for small businesses whose infrastructure is not built to use these.

Why Should You Create A Facebook Ad Campaign?

There are many reasons why so many business owners go to the large extent to create a paid Facebook campaign, and I will be citing very valid points as to why you want to make one yourself.

1. To Generate Leads.

One of the quickest means to generate leads is to leverage the Facebook ads platform.

Campaigns that link with WhatsApp business can be directly used to generate lots of potential and sales leads.

2. To Grow Your Influence.

The introduction of page likes can help you grow your influence on Facebook.
If your business is new on Facebook and you desire a significant influence, you can leverage Facebook ads to grow your impact.

3. To Send Traffic To Your Website.

Do you have a website, and do you need to send traffic to your website? Facebook ads can be used to send targeted traffic to your website. Just obtain your website link, and that settles it.

How To Grow Your Business On Facebook.

In this section, I will be walking you through the process involved in creating a successful Facebook ad campaign.

This section will go deep into every area of the inbuilt Facebook ads manager features and how to solve them.

1. Campaign Objective.

How To Create A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

A campaign objective is a primary purpose for which you intend to create an ad.
A campaign objective is an end goal or target that you have in mind to achieve during and after your campaign.
Choosing a campaign objective is the first step that appears when trying to create an ad on Facebook.

There are over 12 built-in campaign objectives designed into Facebook, and I will explain what each of these objectives stands for.

1. Brand awareness.

This campaign objective allows you to create brand awareness for your business on Facebook; it usually comes in page Likes.

2. Reach.

Reach is another form of awareness designed to allow you to boost a particular post to reach a certain amount of audience.

3. Traffic.

The traffic campaign objective allows you to send targeted users from Facebook to your website.

4. Engagement.

Engagement is a type of Facebook campaign that allows you to simulate engagement in comments, likes and shares to a particular Facebook post.

5. App Installs.

The App install objectives allow you to send potential users to download your app from Google Play or the Apple app store.

6. Video Views.

This type of campaign is centred around video promotion. The video View campaign allows you to push your video to a vast audience.

7. Leads Generation.

Lead generation is another Facebook campaign objective that allows you to generate targeted and potential leads in the form of Emails, Phone numbers and addresses; you are also free to customise your lead generation form to whatsoever suites you.

8. Messages.

Messages are another great campaign objective that allows you to start an immediate conversation with a customer in messenger and Whatsapp Business Messages.

9. Conversions.

Conversions are mainly used on the Ecommece website, and all it does is allow you to pay for ads only when a modification is made, like when someone shops on your website.

10. Catalog Sales.

Catalogue sales allow you to sell directly hosted products on your Facebook page.

11. Store Traffic.

The store traffic campaign objective allows you to send traffic to your hosted online store.

2. Budgeting.

How To Create A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

The following section that you come in contact with when trying to create your Facebook ads is the budgeting section.

The budgeting section allows you to decide your spending cap throughout your campaign freely.

Budgeting can be on a lifetime basis or a daily basis. For example, spending a Budget on your Facebook ads goes a very long way to determining the success of your Facebook campaign.

Advertising on Facebook is designed based on the bidding system, which means that the highest bidder gets the most visibility and reach.

The higher your Facebook budget, the higher the reach.

3. Audience Targetting.

How To Create A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Audience targetting on Facebook ads allows advertisers to target a specific audience based on certain criteria.

If you are not new to advertising, you would understand that not everybody would successfully patronise your product, which means that there should be a specific audience for your business.

For example, let’s say you are starting an eCommerce website and you intend to create a Facebook campaign; one of the first things to bear in mind is that online shoppers usually fall between ages 19 – 35, and you also have to target your competitor on Facebook to be able to attract their audience to your website, all these are what audience targetting on Facebook is about.
On Facebook, you can target your audience based on their age, Location and Interest.

This section calls for deep research, and most times, when this section is abused, advert conversion is restricted.

4. Placements.

How To Create A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

The placement section gives advertisers the liberty to decide which Facebook-owned platform to show their ads on; automatically, Facebook ads are displayed on Instagram, Messenger and the various versions of Facebook itself.

Most people do not usually like showing their ads on the Facebook desktop version. It is a waste of time because not too many people browse with a desktop again, but I do.

Most advertisers prefer to show their ads to the mobile platform owned by Facebook, to maximise budget and attract better leads.

If you would like to take the same approach, you can do this with just a click, which solves it.

5. Creatives.

How To Create A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign


The creative section of the Facebook campaign allows you to style your ads.

All you need to set up your ad’s look and feel is made available to you in the creative section, from text to images and videos; all are available in this section.

Most people spend a lot when creating a Facebook campaign but suck it all up when they get to this section.

The creative section of your Facebook ads manager allows you to test your psychological skills in marketing.

I watched a video on marketing one time on YouTube, and one of the points that were made in that video was that marketing is just thinking like your customers.

When you cannot decipher how a potential buyer thinks, selling to such an individual or a particular set of people becomes tough.

Even if you spend a lot of money on your Facebook campaign budget, then your creatives are poor and not captivating; you might get leads that will not be converted into sales.

Let me give you a perfect example of myself. When I started with Facebook ads about 6+ years ago, I was asked to create a campaign for a lady who sells diabetes tea products here in Nigeria; I did all I could, even convincing her to spend more on ads, but I messed up the creative and trust me, she got thousands of leads in just very few minutes, but they did not become sales.

Most of them came in trying to ask what the ad was about because the message was not correctly passed in the ad creative.

Facebook prohibits a lot of practices when it comes to advertising, and this has been the primary reason why potential advertisers run away from Facebook ads.

I was a victim of this until I mastered Facebook ads’ art. Then, I did not even need to spend too much anymore to make my ads convert massively.

The bottom line in this section is that you have to be creative and innovative to see things in the way other people that would see them would understand.

6. Payment.

Making payment for your Facebook ads is another problem that you are likely to encounter as a newbie, especially if you are from remote places like Africa; a lot is happening with the finance laws here in Africa, most of which do not comply with those in the US. This has limited how seamless Facebook campaigns could be freely created.

Nonetheless, if you have a valid Mastercard or Visa, then you should be free to go, Paypal also does a perfect job too, and if you are not able to lay your hands on these mentioned tools, then you might have to purchase a virtual card to ease your transactions.

Social Media Tools That You Should Know.

It is highly recommended that online business owners make use of at least more than a single social media platform to leverage the benefits that each of them has to offer.

Go ahead, sign up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and so many others that you can lay your hands on; it will help you scale the growth of your business.

As interesting as this might sound, it sure takes a lot of stress to achieve; most people become worn out and give up.

But a long-lasting solution has been given to this problem, and that is by using third-party social media tools created by web enthusiasts.

There are so many social media tools that can ease the management of your social media presence.

I wrote an entire article on this topic, and I will drop a link below to read and benefit from it.


I see so many people try to break through with Facebook ads on their own without any experience, and this is where the real problems come in; They try, fail and even retry and never get to success because they have no prior experience with it.

It takes a lot of experience to become successful with Facebook ads, and this is why I created this eBook that I am going to recommend to you now.

I have been in so many industries and have looked at Facebook advertising from all angles, which makes me a master somehow; for example, so many people spend a lot of money on ads only to acquire leads that ask them what type of business there are into.

The problem here is the creation of that ads. Meanwhile, you should be able to convey meaning from the very first impression of your ad; all these are experiences that you cannot buy.

Most people acquire Facebook leads but cannot nurture them; that is another barrier again.
Because of my busy schedule, I have written this comprehensive guide to help you correctly understand the use of Facebook ads.
This eBook has all it takes to get the necessary experience to skip all those wasted times on trials and errors and eventually become successful at your Facebook ads attempt.

This book contains my six years of experience in Facebook ads; It has all the mistakes you may likely make as a newbie and how you can correct those mistakes right away.

Click the link below to purchase the book now.


Social media is one of the quick solutions for any business that wants to go online for free; most companies are pressured into owning a website before actively going on social media; the advent of social media platforms has debunked this.

You can now take your business online by creating profiles across various social media profiles.

If you need a website to spark up the light in your business, click the link to get started now.

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Written by Udemezue John

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I have always been drawn to the intersection of technology and business, and I believe that the internet offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and individuals alike to improve their financial well-being.

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