How To Make Money Online as an Internet Scammer

How To Make Money Online as an Internet Scammer

How To Make Money Online as an Internet Scammer


Online scams are continually evolving, with the FBI noting a record $3.5 billion in losses due to internet crimes in 2019.

Presently, scammers worldwide are likely targeting devices near you, making it crucial to stay vigilant.

If you’ve ever received a message claiming to be from a U.S. soldier in Iraq urgently seeking cash to return home, following up on such a message could lead you into a scam.

In this article, I will guide you through the latest methods employed by individuals engaging in online fraud and how you can apply them as a person to become successful too.

What Is Internet Scamming?

Internet scamming is the use of Internet technology to defraud people both known and unknown people.

Scammers use deceptive methods like phishing emails, fake websites, and malicious software to gain access to their victims’ data, files, and personal information.

They may steal their victims’ credit card data and Social Security numbers, access their bank accounts and medical records, or even trick them into willingly giving them their money.

Why Most People Become Internet Scammers?

The world of the internet, with its vast opportunities and connectivity, has undeniably transformed the way we live and work. However, amid the positive aspects, there exists a dark underbelly – the realm of internet scams.

The motivations that drive individuals to become internet scammers are complex and varied, often stemming from a combination of factors.

In this section, we delve into the reasons why some people choose the path of online deception, exploring the psychological, societal, and economic factors that contribute to this unfortunate trend.

1. Poverty.

Economic deprivation is seen as a major instigator when it comes to people taking to internet scams. UNICEF says more than 1 billion children are living in poverty worldwide.

More than 20,000 children die due to poverty every day. In a country where economic deprivation is rampant, it is common for people to engage in criminal acts.

2. You were forced into it.

Many young people commit crimes because they see a lot of their peers engaging in such acts.

Young age is very critical since one isn’t filled with wisdom and experience which is why a lot of people make the mistake of becoming criminals for no reason at all.

3. You come from a poor family.

Family is also a weak point of any person who is about to commit a crime. If you’re not being able to provide for the entire family as a poor person, at one point in time you will think of walking the negative path to get what your family needs.

Many young people engage in criminal activities because they believe it is their responsibility to take care of their family even if it means venturing into internet scamming.

4. You Became a Scammer Because of Society.

We live in a day and age where money is valued more than relationships and a normal standard of life.

When people flaunt their wealth in society it is common for less privileged people to feel compelled to earn more hence promoting them into various acts of criminalities.

In certain environments, peer influence and societal pressures can contribute to individuals choosing a path of internet scamming.

The desire to fit in, gain social status, or meet societal expectations can lead some to adopt unethical practices as a means of achieving perceived success.

5. You Dont Have a Job.

Unemployment is not just an issue relevant to developing countries but is equally common in developed countries.

Unfortunately, people spend a lot of money on their education, but most times do not get good jobs after completing their studies.

6. Economic Deprivation.

In countries where there is economic deprivation of even basic rights, it is common for people to rebel and transition into doing notorious activities. This is another major reason for crime rates increasing every day around the world.

7. Lack of Moral and Ethical Guidance.

A deficiency in moral and ethical guidance can contribute to the decision to become an internet scammer.

Individuals who lack a strong moral compass or have been desensitized to the consequences of their actions may find it easier to rationalize engaging in deceptive practices for personal gain.

How Do I Make Money Online Scamming?

Having read the preceding section, you might be contemplating the idea of becoming an internet scammer. However, it’s crucial to recognize that, regardless of your circumstances, engaging in internet scamming is never justified.

The internet offers a myriad of opportunities, and it’s essential to explore legitimate avenues to make the most out of it. There’s a new and ethical method to achieve success and substantial financial gains online, and it doesn’t involve internet scamming – yes, you heard that right.

People from various professions, including bankers, health workers, civil servants, teachers, students, and more, are now acquiring digital skills to generate income online, and it’s a path worth considering.

The internet functions as a vast economy on its own, presenting numerous legitimate opportunities. As computers continue to advance, the importance of acquiring digital skills has never been more evident.

It’s time to dismiss any thoughts about resorting to internet scamming. Instead, focus on exploring legitimate ways to make money online. The digital landscape is teeming with possibilities waiting to be harnessed.

1. Blogging.

Over the past decade, blogging has evolved from a predominantly personal activity to a bona fide business venture. Commencing a blog necessitates leveraging your expertise, and the only instance where minimal or no expenditure is required is during the acquisition of a web host and a domain.

While numerous individuals opt for paid web hosting and domains, there exists the option to initiate a blog without incurring costs using hosted services like Google Blogger, Wix, and WordPress.

Though some have successfully started their blogs on free platforms, expanded their reach, monetized their content, and eventually transitioned to a paid platform, this approach can pose risks. While it may have worked for some, I do not advocate it for dedicated bloggers aspiring to construct a blog that generates substantial profits.

You can get a domain and a web host for less than $15 on Namecheap.

Starting a blog is no child’s business; you ought to have a reliable chunk of knowledge to scale through to monetization.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to get started with blogging; check out the link below to get started.

2. Start a YouTube Channel.

YouTube stands as one of the most widely embraced platforms on the Internet, boasting an audience more extensive than the cumulative viewership of television throughout its entire history.

Originating from humble beginnings in the mid-2000s as a space for sharing videos, YouTube has undergone substantial growth to emerge as a premier global source of information.

It presently hosts an unparalleled volume of videos, surpassing any other media platform.

Embarking on a YouTube channel offers numerous advantages, including the opportunity to connect with your audience, share personal experiences, and monetize your content, resulting in a considerable income stream.

YouTube provides viewers the flexibility to rewatch and rewind videos to grasp the conveyed message comprehensively.

Moreover, it allows you to cultivate confidence both in yourself and among your audience, ultimately leading to potential sales opportunities.

The beauty of starting a YouTube channel lies in its cost-effectiveness; it requires no financial investment, only relying on your creativity and a well-defined niche to initiate your journey.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to get you started as a YouTuber; follow the link below to get started.

3. Become a Twitter Influencer.

A Twitter influencer is a social media figure who has amassed a substantial following and engagement specifically on Twitter.

I’ve chosen to focus on Twitter because each social media platform operates uniquely, and success may not be universal across all platforms.

The choice of platform should align with the type of content you share. To gain prominence as a Twitter influencer, your content must be finely tuned to a specific niche.

Furthermore, your posts should be compelling enough to prompt not only your followers but also their followers to retweet, creating a ripple effect that propels your tweet to go viral.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Twitter as a business; click the link below to get started.

4. Become a LinkedIn Influencer.

Just as I outlined the concept of a Twitter influencer in the preceding section, a LinkedIn influencer performs a similar role as any other social media influencer. The key distinction lies in having cultivated a valuable audience specifically on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn, often perceived primarily as a professional network, has transformed over the years. Contrary to the common belief, it has evolved to welcome and accommodate creatives on its platform.

One compelling reason to consider using LinkedIn is its algorithm, which tends to present fewer obstacles compared to other social media platforms. Building an organized, targeted, and amplified audience is notably more straightforward on LinkedIn than on various other platforms.

For professionals seeking increased recognition to enhance their employability, LinkedIn serves as a platform where you can achieve two goals with a single effort.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on getting started on LinkedIn; click the link to the article below to get started.

5. Become an Instagram Influencer.

An Instagram influencer has successfully amassed a substantial and active following on Instagram through the creation of valuable content for public consumption.

Instagram rose to prominence as a mainstream media platform following its acquisition by Facebook at the beginning of the decade. Since then, it has welcomed over 2 billion users onto its platform, with new additions happening continually.

Given its widespread adoption, Instagram has become a ubiquitous platform for photo hosting, surpassing even Pinterest in popularity.

Building a significant following on Instagram requires the sharing of compelling content that caters to the preferences of your audience, garnering sufficient likes and shares. This engagement, in turn, prompts the platform’s algorithm to recommend your content to a broader audience.

As Instagram continues to refine its algorithm, making visibility more challenging to attain, a strategic approach involves integrating your content with both photos and videos while sharing inspirational messages to enhance engagement and visibility.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on getting started on Instagram as an influencer and a business; click the link below.

6. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing stands out as a business model capable of providing financial independence without the requirement for startup capital.

The essentials for commencing an affiliate marketing venture include having an audience, a smartphone, a laptop, and an internet connection – resources that many individuals already possess.

This form of marketing facilitates the establishment of connections with both familiar and unfamiliar audiences. Initiating your journey in affiliate marketing involves identifying suitable affiliate programs, creating a webpage, and developing strategies to generate traffic and promote the affiliated services.

A recurring theme I emphasize to my audience is that everyone possesses the potential to be a salesperson, a reality that often goes unnoticed by many.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to get started with affiliate marketing; I also recommend you read it.

7. Become a Freelancer.

Freelancers are individuals engaged by companies or individuals for short-term projects. While they lack the same level of commitment as full-time employees and may not receive consistent pay from a single employer, freelancers are compensated for their services.

Freelancing liberates individuals from working under conditions that may not align with their preferences.

It offers a high degree of flexibility and autonomy, allowing freelancers to determine their working hours, choose their collaborators, and select the type of work they wish to undertake.

In many ways, freelancing can be likened to entrepreneurship, granting freelancers complete control over their earning potential.

Unlike traditional employment, freelancers are not bound by a fixed salary and possess the capacity to earn as much as their skills and efforts allow.

Notably, embarking on a freelance career doesn’t necessitate any startup capital. The key requirement is a well-honed skill set relevant to a targeted industry.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on getting started as a freelancer without hassle.

8. Become a Web Designer.

To achieve success as a web designer, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the most effective tools for building websites.

A foundational understanding of the prevalent tools in use today significantly increases your prospects of thriving as a professional web designer.

Given the expansive nature of the web design field, not every tool may be indispensable, but gaining insights into various tools contributes to a well-rounded design education.

Becoming a web designer is accessible to anyone at no cost, contingent upon your commitment to attaining excellence.

Numerous educational resources on platforms like YouTube can aid in honing your skills; appending the keyword “Beginners” to your search will yield valuable introductory content.

Proficiency in technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is pivotal for transforming into a proficient web designer.

Mastering these skills also empowers you to operate independently and pursue a career as a freelance web designer.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to get you started in the web design industry; click the link below to get started.

9. Learn How To Do Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is an indispensable skill for every web entrepreneur, forming a crucial component of their comprehensive online marketing toolkit.

Acquiring proficiency in SEO grants you the ability to comprehend your online visibility and its strategic implications.

By wielding control over your online presence, you directly influence the trajectory of your business.

Mastery of SEO involves a deep understanding of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, enabling you to construct well-optimized web pages that rank effectively.

Effective SEO translates to increased traffic and sales, making it a pivotal aspect across various business models, including affiliate marketing and influence marketing, yielding more leads and conversions.

Blogging serves as an excellent avenue for maximizing the benefits of search engine optimization. The knowledge of SEO is readily accessible and free to acquire, with a plethora of online resources dedicated to helping individuals master the intricacies of this essential skill.

You should also follow the link below to check out the article on this blog on SEO.

10. Become a Digital Marketing Expert.

A digital marketer utilizes an array of tools to connect with customers, enhance brand visibility, and promote products and services. These tools encompass social media, search engine optimization, blogging, paid advertising, and email marketing.

Digital marketing stands out as a crucial skill that I strongly recommend every online business owner acquire to establish a cutting-edge business in the 21st century.

The Internet has evolved into an expansive global marketplace, making online sales a paramount consideration for businesses worldwide. This shift has given rise to a burgeoning industry for digital marketers on a global scale.

The beauty of digital marketing lies in its accessibility. Learning digital marketing is a cost-free path, allowing individuals to kickstart a career as a freelancer with a dedication to trial and error until a level of mastery is achieved.

I wrote a comprehensive article on how to get started in digital marketing as a career opportunity; click the link below to get started.

11. Build Your Career In Web Development.

Web development has to do with the logical and unseen parts of the web like databases, coding scripts, terminals, HTML, CSS and Javascript if you want to be a full-stack web developer.

Web development is an industry that won’t die out anytime soon. On the contrary, it will be around for a more extended period because it is a primary pilot of the next-generation economy.

If you can develop this skill, you won’t have difficulty getting a job or growing a self-sustaining business.

The good news is that becoming a web developer is way easier than it was in the past; you can get started on YouTube or, better still, subscribe to a free website online.

12. Become a WordPress Developer.

A WordPress developer is a professional who specializes in the development and ecosystem of the WordPress platform. The primary focus of a WordPress web designer is to build websites and plugins with WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website design tool on the Internet, currently hosting more than 70% of the websites online.

Becoming a WordPress developer is easy, and it requires little to no technical skills involved, though you need to have a creative and technical background or understanding of the matter.

Anyone can learn WordPress for free, and you will get better at it with constant practice. Most clients who need a business website usually Opt-in for WordPress because it is quick and readily available.

13. Learn Graphics Design.

Graphic Designers are pictorial storytellers. They communicate information and engage audiences through images, words, and graphics.

Graphic Designers use design elements, such as shapes, colours, lines, and textures, to produce captivating illustrations. Graphic design is an integral part of a brand or company’s marketing and advertising efforts.

Graphics designers are some of the most sought-after professionals on the Internet. Various businesses need graphics designers to help pass their messages visually appealingly.

Becoming a graphics designer only requires that you have the right software and be able to pay attention to details.

14. Learn Video Editing.

Video editing is an artistic and technical skill that requires adding special effects, structuring and more to videos.

It is also called the art of telling stories with the use of Videos.  The video industry is booming, with more people demanding professional help to create quality video content in the advertising industry and many others.

Video editing might be time-consuming but remains liable for profit generation. Videos are highly monetizable; you can make money as a video editor on YouTube, Instagram and many more platforms.

Follow the link below to learn how to get started on YouTube as a creator or video editor.

15. Start your Podcast.

Do you want to inspire people with your voice? Then, you can start your podcasts for free and reach out to millions of listeners worldwide.

Like blogs and social media, podcasts are becoming the norm for how people share their thoughts with the world, with the episodic audio series continuing to gain traction with listeners seeking both entertainment value and educational dialogue.

One good thing about starting your podcast is that you get to feature on any platform such as Spotify, Google Podcasts and many more, which increases your reach. As a result, a podcast can be grown to a vast listening audience and be monetized at no cost to you.

All that is required to start your podcast is an interest in an inspiring topic that an audience would love to listen to, a smartphone, Laptop, Mic and ready-made cloud-hosting podcast platforms such as Podbean and many others.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on this blog on becoming a profitable podcaster; click the link below to get started.

16. Mine Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Mining is when cryptocurrency transactions are verified, added to the public digital ledger, and rewards are given back to the miners in the form of cryptocurrencies.

One thing I like about the world of cryptocurrencies is the fact that sometimes it takes no money even to make money.

Anyone can become a cryptocurrency miner for free; their reward for solving these equations is a small share of the cryptocurrency linked with the blockchain they’re a part of. So all you need to get started with cryptocurrencies is a computer and an active internet connection.

I wrote a comprehensive guide to get you started with cryptocurrencies.

17. Understand NFTs and start creating one.

NFT is a great way to profit from cryptocurrencies without investing so much of your liquid cash.

A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger called the blockchain. Unlike other fungible tokens like Eth and many others, NFTs cannot be interchanged.

NFTs are usually associated with reproducible digital files such as photos, videos, and audio making them tradeable on the digital ledger.

Over the past few years, NFT has seen the rise of new cryptocurrency millionaires more than the art industry itself. The NFT industry works with creativity, hence the massive inflow of artistic people.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to get started with NFTs as a beginner; click the link below to get started.

18. Copywriting.

Copywriting is the art of convincing prospective customers to buy your product or services using print media such as Emails, single-page websites, social media, and many others.

As a copywriter, you need excellent spelling and grammar skills to deliver excellence in your work.

If you deliver work that contains mistakes and errors to your clients, they are unlikely to return for more. Freelance copywriters also need a good grasp of time.

Establishing yourself as a freelance copywriter takes time, with dozens of portfolios to show.

Over time, you will start to build a writing portfolio; the more work you get, the more your reputation will grow, leading to profitability.

Anyone can become a freelancer; it takes no money to do so; you can learn right from the comfort of your home.

19. Become a UI/UX designer.

Web development is now mainstream, with dozens of new projects launching yearly.

It has become evident that these web projects need someone to design how they are supposed to look before being released to the end user.

To become a UX Designer, you will need to learn and develop several technical skills crucial to the role.

You will also need to have a solid foundation of soft skills, including web design and a bit of graphic design because shapes, lines and colours are significantly used in UI/UIX design.

You can learn how to design friendly UI/UX for free without YouTube and with many online resources.

20. Offer Online consultations.

Starting an online consultation business is becoming attractive. It’s quick and requires little resources, so many people do it as a side hustle or a full-time job.

Many people need help in one area or the other in their lives and constantly seek out experts to help them do so. These areas include; dating, health, real estate, marketing, legal and many others.

You don’t need an office space to start consulting; once you can prove that you know your guns so well, you can get yourself out there using various digital media such as social media, YouTube, Blogging, and clients will come looking for you.

Building a clientele will not happen overnight but will start to come alive as soon as your audience sees value in your content.

Most people even grow an audience and become social media influencers.

21. Develop Mobile apps.

In 2021, a notable shift occurred, transitioning from extensive desktop devices to compact smartphones.

This transformation propelled the expansive mobile application industry, anticipated to further burgeon in the years ahead. Research indicates that the total worth of the mobile app industry is set to reach $188.9 billion in 2021.

Presently, there are over 10 billion mobile apps accessible on global app stores like iOS and Android, with continuous additions to the roster.

Embarking on a career as a mobile app developer begins with comprehending the market share of each operating system, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Specializing in one or acquiring proficiency in coding for both can be achieved through libraries such as React Native, Xamarin, or Flutter, allowing for code compatibility across Android and iOS in a single codebase.

Mobile apps developed using this method are termed cross-platform apps, as they function seamlessly across diverse mobile operating systems.

Becoming a mobile app developer is within reach, with ample resources available for free on platforms like YouTube, or through paid courses on platforms like Udemy.

There are diverse avenues for earning income as a mobile app developer, ranging from offering freelance services to creating applications tailored for widespread user appeal.

22. Create and sell E-Book.

The advent of the Internet has transformed traditional printed materials into digital copies accessible only to those with smart devices, such as computers and smartphones. This transformation has given rise to what we now know as eBooks.

Each person possesses areas of expertise that can be leveraged to create valuable eBooks. Moreover, there are individuals eager to tap into your knowledge and learn more.

A compelling way to connect with this audience is by compiling your knowledge into an eBook for distribution.

Commencing this journey requires crafting an eBook centered around a topic beneficial to your target audience, ensuring there is a ready market awaiting your creation. Thorough research becomes pivotal at this stage.

It’s crucial to recognize that potential buyers will assess your eBook based on its cover. Therefore, investing time in creating an eye-catching book cover conveys professionalism and assures customers that effort has been invested in the product.

Moreover, accurate formatting of your digital product is indispensable for successful eBook sales online. Amazon Kindle, for instance, requires the MOBI file format, while ePub is the universal eBook format for other readers.

Once you’ve meticulously crafted your eBook, it’s time to introduce it to the world. Developing a captivating marketing strategy is essential to attract buyers globally and ensure the success of your eBook venture.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on creating your eBook and making money; click the link below to get started.

23. Create and sell your course.

In our globally interconnected, knowledge-driven economy, relying solely on tertiary education is no longer sufficient to propel global economic growth.

The key to becoming a global standout lies in the ability to swiftly acquire new knowledge and unlearn outdated concepts, a feat made possible through e-learning.

E-learning has proven instrumental in facilitating skills transfer, particularly in third-world countries grappling with limited educational infrastructure.

To underscore the immense potential of this market, consider this: The e-learning market is projected to reach a staggering $325 billion by 2025, and digital education recorded over $46 billion in sales in 2018 alone.

This remarkable growth reflects the increasing recognition of e-learning as a powerful force driving education and skills development on a global scale.

I wrote a comprehensive guide on how to get started with creating your online course; click the link below to get started.


I advise young people to shift their focus from engaging in fraudulent activities to establishing a legitimate source of income. Depending on get-rich-quick schemes is an unsustainable approach.

Attempting to deceive someone out of their hard-earned money is never a viable solution. In many cases, individuals involved in such activities find themselves in hospitals, with their life savings completely wiped out. This is not only about oneself but also upon one’s family.

Earning income through legal means may demand effort, and acquiring the necessary skills can be challenging. However, what other option do we have to ensure financial stability and prosperity?

The time has come for us to bring pride to our parents and community. Let’s come together, unite, and work collaboratively to uplift and improve our society.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Hello, I'm Udemezue John, a web developer and digital marketer with a passion for financial literacy.

I have always been drawn to the intersection of technology and business, and I believe that the internet offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and individuals alike to improve their financial well-being.

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