20+ Best Free Video Editing Tools You Should Know In 2020

best free video editing software

best free video editing software

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The ability to playback previous memory over and over again to even those that were not present to witness an activity has built and developed on of the most sophisticated industries ever uncovered by man.

This industry is called the media and video industry.

Over the years various works of cinema have been created by great mind and passed down to generations after them and this has been made possible not only by great minds and pioneers of early times but by the invention of the camera.

Various industry ranging from movies, advertising, tech and religious groups has been made to benefit from the boom in this industry.

With the present trend and hype in the industry, it is very likely that are yet to experience any thing at all.

Top Hollywood movies are a better way to showcase the influence of the media in form of videos.

The trend and rise also in the boom in this industry has led many jobs to being created which a few of them include actors, camera men, photographers, script writers, stunt masters and what we intend to talk elaborately on today called Videographers who are majorly into video editing which is often referred to as post production.

Videographers and video editors did not exist until later in advancement in the media industry.

The present day media has made their line of action most important than even that of the director of the movie.

They are often refereed to as the final story teller in the making of every movie.

Things like effects, sounds and majorly actions are the major works of the video editors.

They make the story meaningful and presentable to the entire general public.

What Is Video Editing ?.

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots.

Video editing is used to structure and present all video information, including films and television shows, video advertisements and video essays.


Video Marketing Stats You Should Know.

1. Internet Users Everywhere Enjoy Video Content and this has made Saudi Arabia and Turkey ranked in first place, with 95% of all their internet users watching online video content on any device during any given month.

2. Demand for Video Content is Increasing, It has been discovered that over that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

Added to your brand promotions should not be limited to static images but also plan to include videos.

3. The 2019 report shows that 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool.

4. Consumers Love Seeing Videos on Social Media
Users are seeing videos increasingly on every platform. Whether it’s on blogs, Instagram ads or simply YouTube, they are expecting more video content.

5. Video Marketing is a Lead Generation Channel According to Optinmonster, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.

6. Videos Engage Users For Longer on Your Website.
Videos help keep users on your website longer and also keep them more engaged. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video

7. The use of videos will generate more traffic for internet users all over the world.

It’s estimated that by 2022, 82 percent of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads (Cisco, 2019).

That’s an 88 percent increase in traffic share from the 72.3 percent in 2017.

8. 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day

9.YouTube is the second most popular website after Google.

10. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

11.By 2020 there will be close to 1 million minutes of video crossing the internet per second.

12. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

13. Social video gets shared 1200% more than text and images combined.

14. A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video.

15. Video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%.


Best Free Video Editing Software for PC.

I am going to be demystifying various software that would be suitable for your video editing.


1. Blender.

Blender is an open source program that is entirely free to use.

Blender was actually designed as a 3D animation suite, but it does come with a very useful video editor.

Blender’s video editor should be enough for most of your video needs.

The editor allows you to perform basic actions like video cuts and splicing.

It also allows you to carry out more complex tasks like video masking.

This makes it a very flexible video editor and caters to both beginner and advanced users.
Platform – Windows, Mac, Linux.

2. Lightworks.

Lightworks is one of the more powerful video editors on the list.

While most features are included, 4K video support for YouTube and Vimeo is only included in the paid version of the software.

It’s absolutely packed with useful features.

The free version should be more than enough for most users.

The pro version costs around $25 a month.

Platform – Windows, Mac, Linux.

3. Adobe Premier Pro.

This is an entirely amazing video editing software, they have been in the business for so long and this has made them very outstanding.

They have a trial version which last for up to 7 days or more

Other amazing video tools by them are Adobe after effects, Adobe illustrator.


Platform – IOs, MAc, linux, Android.

4 Da Vinci Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve is arguably the most advanced video editor on the list.

While it has many professional video features, its interfaces remain intuitive.

Alongside video slicing and trimming you can master audio and correct color.

You can also use it to add 2D and 3D titles to your video.

If you just want to trim and upload your videos, the rich feature set of DaVinci Resolve may be too extensive.

However, if your video project is a little more advanced, the free version of this software is hard to beat.

Platform – Ios, Windows and Linux.

5. Shotcut.

This video editor supports a wide range of video formats and boasts a great collection of tutorial videos.

While this video editing software has great features, some users may find the interface a little quirky.

This software was originally designed for Linux and it definitely shows. But, under the hood, it’s still a quality video editor.

Shortcut also doesn’t require you to import your video into the editor: this can be a time saver if you are dealing with large video files.

Platform – IOS, Windows and Linux


Best Free Video Editing Software Apps for Mobile.

We are in the Era of mobile and most people wants to do virtually everything on mobile.

The good news is there are no restrictions whatsoever to the use of mobile apps especially if they are smartphones.
you can check out my article on the usage of mobile apps.

Here are very few video editing software’s that are designed for mobile phone users.

1. Adobe Premier Rush.

Adobe Premiere Rush is a very popular video editing app. Add music (your own or from the library included), transitions, auto-correct the color, and you’re ready to share your video.

With its two modes, Free form and Automatic, you can choose whether you retain editing control, or you let Adobe pick transitions and trim your clip automatically.

Adobe users will be happy to know that this app syncs beautifully with other Adobe staples such as Lightroom.

Platform – IOS and Android.

2. Horizon.

Horizon is a simple app that enables users to capture videos horizontally no matter the position of their phone.

When we rush to capture a moment we may forget to tilt the phone and capture the action horizontally.

This app can help you solve that problem: all footage shot in the app is captured horizontally no matter how you tilt your phone.

Platform – IOS and Android.

3. Filmora.

If you want a pro tool to edit your videos and media files shot with your Android phone, then the FilmoraGo Video Editor is the best. It has almost all the editing functionalities you’d need from a PC editing program.

It comes alongside special effects available in the APP, such as overlay and filter effects, animated text and title effects, motion elements etc.

With the easy-to-use intuitive interface, you would have no problem while editing your videos and share them with the world.

Platform – IOS and Android.

4. Viva videos.

VivaVideo is one of the best video editing software, image slideshow maker and movie editing app.

With the storyboard, you can import, edit and trim your video clips easily, and then add effects, filters, various effects, text and titles, fast/slow motion to your video, making your video with a professional-looking and sharing with your friends easily.

The free VivaVideo will come with a watermark and a limited time for your video.

Platform – IOS and Android.

5. InShot App.

InShot app is an all-in-one visual content editing app. It allows you to create videos, edit photos, and create image collages.

The app has plenty of features too. You can trim clips, change the speed of your footage, and add filters, music, and text.

The downside is that you do need to pay $2.99 to remove the in-app ads and the watermark added to videos.

That said, InShot app is simple to use and has everything you need. This app is perfect for creators who want an app that does it all without too many frills.

Platform – IOs and Android.

6. Boomerang.

Boomerang is an applet created by Instagram to do one thing, and one thing only: Create short boomerang videos.

What is a boomerang video? These videos are short clips that play forward and then in reverse on a loop.

This nifty app helps you to create entertaining little videos to engage your friends and followers. Simply tap the circle to shoot, and Boomerang will take a quick burst of 10 photos to turn into a video.

Because it’s built by Instagram, you can post your video directly to Instagram from the app.

Platform – IOS and Android.

7. Apple Clips.

Apple clips is a free video editing app that covers most of your need which includes the ability to Stitch clips together, edit your timeline, add subtitles, and more.

One particularly great feature is the ability to edit your background – to give your content a comic book feel, for example.

Another awesome feature is Live Titles, which automatically adds captions that are in sync with your voice, while you’re speaking.

Platform – IOS.


Best Free Online Video Editing Software.

We live in an era where cloud is highly functional and were tasks are better completed in real time.

This has caused major tech platform like Google, Facebook and other major cloud to utilize the use of cloud.

Good news you can also save yourself some space and start utilizing the cloud fully.

Here are very few online video editing software’s that can help you with your video editing tasks.

1. is a web-based video creation tool.

It’s for anyone who wants to make videos, but it holds more value for businesses who want to engage and convert viewers with videos. lets you edit video templates and customize them to your liking or start from scratch and create your own masterpiece.

The free account lets you edit and publish videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds.

One caveat of creating videos for free with Wave is the watermark.

Videos created with a free Wave account will have the Wave logo. To remove this, you need to pay a one-time fee of $10 or upgrade to a paid plan (starts at $10/month).

website –

2. Climpchamp.

ClimpChamp is an online video editor that comes with all of the features required to create great videos – no experience needed.
Edit clips of all sizes directly in-browser without the hassle of inconvenient uploads.

You can even have a quick and simple Facebook Video Ad Maker that you can check out before heading over to the video editor.

climpchamp comes with three basic plans which involves a basic free plan that allows you export unlimited files.

Website –

3. WeVideo.

Wevideo is also another amazing web based video editor that allows you to edit video files.

Wevideo comes with various pricing which allows a basic free plan for trial purposes.

Website –



There are various web based online video editors out there.

All comes with different features and plans but i am sure you would permit me to recommend one to you. lets you edit video templates and customize them to your liking or start from scratch and create your own masterpiece.

The free account lets you edit and publish videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds.

One caveat of creating videos for free with Wave is the watermark. Videos created with a free Wave account will have the Wave logo. To remove this, you need to pay a one-time fee of $10 or upgrade to a paid plan (starts at $10/month).

With these options, it makes more sense to upgrade to the paid plan because then you can create as many videos as you want.

Upon signing up, you can log in and start creating videos.

There are two ways you can create videos in Wave: from scratch and using a template.

Smart business owners understand the impact of the “viral video” trend on social media. People are more likely to stop what they’re doing and pay attention if they see an interesting video story (rather than a boring image).

With a tool like Wave, there’s no more excuse not to use video for your business. This software makes it easy for anyone make professional videos in just a few minutes. No need to pay video producers and editors.

The fact that anyone can use it and it takes half the time truly makes a valuable video editing software.

Start hacking cool videos with by following up the banner below.



It has been discovered that Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year

The use of video is becoming a trend and more reason why i advice businesses owners to subscribe more to the use of videos in their marketing campaign.

What do you think?

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