10+ Best Study Abroad Countries You Should Know

Best Study Abroad Countries

Best Study Abroad Countries


One of the best ways to have an amazing travel experience is by studying in a foreign country.

Studying abroad makes you strongly immersed in a culture way different from yours, it also makes you to to have a different taste of life from what you have gathered while growing up.

Studying abroad is a vast way to grow additional social, academic and language skills.

Study overseas can improve your university years, and will also eventually give you an aggressive advantage when it comes to gaining employment.

Why You Should Study Abroad.

As mentioned in the section above; studying abroad can help you achieve a lot of things, and most of all put you at a leading edge in your career.

Here are very few reasons why you should study abroad.

1. Studying abroad helps you mature faster.

It has been researched that one of the catalysts to helping young adults mature very fast in life is by going to college overseas.

Those who tend to school in other regions aside have better behavioural pattern than those who don’t, in terms of responsibility.

2. Top Quality Education.

Nations that accepts international students usually have high standards as regards education; They know that people from all over the world are leaving the shores of their country to study so they spend well on improving their educational standards to keep more students coming every year.

Countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America have been ranked globally based on the level of their educational standards.

3. Learn New Language.

Do you want to learn a new language? There is no better way to learn a new language than residing in a country where that language is naturally spoken.

For example, a student who wants to learn French fluently should consider going studying in a French-speaking country like France to become better immersed in the culture and learn to speak French fluently.

4. Become independent.

When schooling abroad, you do not usually have the company of friends and family; this pushes you to become independent of yourself, you are left alone to do things all by yourself such as making money, choosing friends, and deciding on where to go.

5. Career Opportunities.

More career opportunities are provided to international students than ever; for example, a country like Australia would extend your Visa stay for a while if you can obtain you Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees, all for you to be able to settle down in its country to impact its economy with what you have learnt so far in school; This is not available in every nation of the world, countries Like The United Kingdom would send you away immediately you are done.

Important Study Abroad Statistics You Should Know.

There are so many benefits attached to schooling overseas, and is one that I recommend anyone that wants to be successful to try out no matter what stage you are.

I gathered a bit of data on some study abroad research carried out by The Institute for International Education of Students (IES) on some important data and statistics on study abroad statistics.

Here are some very few one’s you should know.

1. 95% of the students who were surveyed admitted that studying abroad catalyzed increased maturity and self-confidence, influence their interaction with people and how they saw the world at large.

2. It was also discovered that most international students acquired skill sets that influenced their future career paths.

3. Majority of employers all over the world think that an international experience is important for recruitment, and this is more reason why Companies are willing to hire students with a recommendation letter from foreign universities.

4. The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia are the most popular host countries for international students.

Half of all international students all over the world study in these five countries.

5. Almost 77% of all international students in the USA are from Asia and most of what they study is related to technological advancements such as Machine learning, Robotics and Computer science; most of them even get hired in top American tech companies like Google, Amazon and Apple, no wonder Most of these American tech companies have more Asian engineers than even indigenous engineers.

6. The top 10 countries where international students come from include China, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria.

Best Study Abroad Countries.

This list is going to be arranged based on the total number of international students in the below-mentioned nations of the world; mind you that there are still other factors to this listing on any other website on the internet, but we decided to rank our’s based on the number of international students; as the popular saying goes, majority carries the vote

1. United States – 740,000.

The United stated takes the lead in the world with the highest number of international students; It has been reported that there are over 740,000 international students presently studying in the united kingdom, the majority of this population are Asians, Indians and African.

So much has been attributed to studying abroad, most of which includes; access to jobs, amazing economy, good health facilities, high education standard and openness to becoming and a citizen.

Study cost in the US can be very high, you might be lucky to get a scholarship.

2. United Kingdom – 420,000

United kingdom ranks after the United Kingdom with over 420,000 international students and still counting.

One of the major factors that have driven the rate of international students in the united kingdom is the fact that is the origin of English Language; most nationality you find studying in the United Kingdom are doing so because they get to learn English better.

Most international students in the UK come from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India.

Study cost in the United Kingdom is on the high side, you may be lucky to watch out for scholarships.

3. France – 300,000.

France has become the third destination for international students when it comes to picking a study abroad country; one of the reasons why this is so, is the fact that French is the official Lingua Franca of so many African countries, and this has to lead to most international students coming from Africa, and all over the world.

4. Australia. – 270,000

With a population of over 26 million people; Australia leads the world when it comes to best study-abroad nations, though the cost living tends to be on the high side Australia may lead the world to become that only nation with the highest number of international students

One thing I like about Australia is its dedication to providing scholarships to locals and international student.

I have not been to Australia, but I must tell you that with my little experience gotten by watching closely, I must tell you that they remain the best country for international students.

Some of the best universities to watch out for are; The Australian Catholic University, University of Adelaide, Monash University and The University Of Sydney.

5. Germany – 230,000

Germany is one hotspot for international students in Europe with over 230,000 international students presently schooling and more still counting.

I love this country because it is home to major tech startups in the world like Spotify, Soundcloud, Tesla and many others; If you intend to venture into the tech industry as quickly as possible, then Germany should be a major destination for you, you also have the privilege to learn in either English or German.

One University I recommend you check out is The University Of Applied Sciences Europe, located in Berlin.

6. Canada – 200,000.

Canada is like a major destination now for international students from all parts of the world like India, Europe and Africa.

The Freedom giving to migrants has made it very easy to live in this country; you get to work and school at the same time also.

Canada has over 200,000 international students studying in its borders and more still trooping in the weather in Canada is one not to be taken very likely as the temperature can reach below freezing point.

7. Russia – 173,000.

Russia is another great country in Europe with over 173,000 international students and more still counting.

Studying in Russia is fun because you get to learn a new language compulsorily, learning how to speak Russian most times is usually required for international student.

8. Japan – 150,000.

Japan is a major destination for international students when it comes to schooling in Asia; Japan has been rated as one of the friendliest nations in the world, and this is more reason why they are attracting international students in Asia than any other country.

It has been reported that over 150,000 international students are schooling in Japan from all over the world.

Do you want to explore modern Asian life? then, Japan is one place for you to be.

9. China – 120,000.

China is another major destination for international students in Asia, so many economical and historical factor has made china one hotspot for international student.

China has over 120,000 international students presently in the four walls of its country.

Historical wonders like; the great wall of china and martial arts have made china one major destination for international students; apart from the wonders in this part of the world, you also get to learn Chines, which has been forecasted to be the language of the future

Schooling in China is not so expensive as other parts of Asia, you also get to enjoy more benefits as an international student, just make sure you don’t go too far from the capital city.

10. Netherlands – 82,000.

Back to Europe is another country called The Netherlands or Holland; this country has been rated as the wealthiest country in the world in time past and is still placed in the first ten world ranking.

It has been reported that The Netherlands has over 82,000 international students studying in its borders.

The Netherlands is home to so many great cultures like Skirt-wearing for men and has a great reputation for chocolate production.

In conclusion, The Netherlands remain one of the top destinations in Europe for international students.

11. Spain – 60,000.

Spain is the birthplace to the Spanish language, this nation has been reported to accommodate over 60,000 international students.

Spain is home to so many amazing things such as football, pretty ladies and wonderful scenery.

If you seek the perfect place to become a Spaniard, Spain is the perfect destination for you.

12. NewZealand – 53,000

NewZealand is one major hotspot for an international student seeking to explore Oceania.

NewZealand is one place to experience just after Australia, though it seems to be the way to far and disconnected from the west, making it very hard to travel globally.

NewZealand is home to over 53,000 international students and still counting.

NewZealand is known for its freedom and openness to foreigners all over the world, and this has been attributed to its very low population.

Presently just five million people are living in NewZealand, making it one of the underpopulated country in the world; don’t judge this country by its population, life in NewZealand is way better than some countries in Europe, South America and Asia.

There are so many activities to engage yourself with, in NewZealand, most of which includes Tech, Sports and many others.

If you seek a place to settle down without any hassle, then NewZealand is the perfect place for you.

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As a traveller, one of the essential tools that you need to carry along with you where you go is a reliable travel solution.

There are so many online platforms that serve as travel solutions; some serve a few purposes while others are designed to serve a larger purpose.

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As international students I usually recommend that you study in a country that is foreigner-friendly enough to accommodate various kind of cultures, In time past we have heard of countries that abandoned international students in trying and hard-times only to cater for their citizens, you are wondering how cruel this can be? Yes!.

A lot was exposed during the Corona Virus Pandemic that raged China, a lot of international students were reportedly abandoned and left to call for help from their country via several means.

The bottom line is to make sure that the country of your destination is welcoming enough to accommodate you for a longer period of time, even after you might have concluded your stay.

Just to assist you a bit, nations like Canada, Australia and NewZealand have been known to be foreigner-friendly, Europe remains a hotspot for racism, so make sure that you don’t break the laws when you get there; Asia is one category of people that do not like strangers on their land, so even if you find yourself studying there, make sure to limit your movement to the capital city alone, Don’t try to overstay your welcome on their land.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

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He Started his digital marketing career at a Health and Wellness network marketing company where he learnt to create paid Facebook ads and Google ads.

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His work is published in major publications on, and many others.
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