How To Use Facebook Messenger Bot For Business

facebook messenger bot for business

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Facebook introduced relationship marketing to it Advertising option in 2016 by integrating chat bots to its platform.

Many business have however tapped into this marketing strategy to build and develop their online presence.

What is a Chatbot ?

Chat bots are artificial intelligence software that are designed to handle conversation instead of a real life person via textual(plain text) or Auditory (sounds)methods.

Chatbots are typically used in dialog systems for various practical purposes including customer service or information acquisition.

Some chatbots use sophisticated natural language processing systems, but many simpler ones scan for keywords within the input, then pull a reply with the most matching keywords, or the most similar wording pattern, from a database.

Some of those companies includes BBC, Jumia and ABC AFRICA network who designed chat bots to suit their business model. Automated chat bots can be used for various purpose, some of them which includes

  • Leads Generation
  • Broadcasts
  • Briefing prospective customers about your business
  • Business Automation

These edition would show you how to get started with your own bot and would be based on real life examples.

Facebook messenger bot for business

Lets say we have been appointed to solve the below stated case,

Mr Emmanuel owns a mini Barbecue company called Divine Grills based in Ikeja, Lagos he sells varieties of Barbecue ranging from chicken to catfish barbecue.

He already owns a mini e – commerce engine but later found out about chat bot via social media and finally wants to implement it in his own business.

We are going to build a chat bot to solve this problem and the first step we are going to take is.

How To Build A chatbot

Building  a chat bot is as easy as creating a social media pages.

There are so many online services that helps you build your own custom chat bot without a prior coding experience

1. Identify the marketing objective.

With the above stated problem, the solution would be to create a chat bot to

  • Generate leads.
  • Display Food Menu
  • Tell prospective clients about the business, work hours and Terms and conditions
  • Send broadcasts and promotions on scheduled hours
  • Redirect them to the website to place orders.

  2. Choose your Bot Engine.

Facebook relies on a third party engine to power it’s automated Chat Bot feature. There are a lot of third party software that provide this service some of them includes.



and so many others.

I have used a lot of them or virtually all of them and in my own opinion, Chatfuel is the best solution for your Bot Engine. It is used by so many Top brands like

  • Arsenal
  • BBC
  • CNN
  • JUMIA and so many huge brands.

For this workshop, we would be using Chatfuel

facebook messenger bot for business


3. Set up your Bot.


Note that you must own a Facebook account and a Facebook business page in order to create an automated Chat Bot.

Here is my work space below.

After you have authenticated your credentials with your Facebook Account, then you see the Chatfuel Dashboard as shown below.

After which you will see your already connected Facebook page but you can connect as many as possible.

The page above is Mr Moses Facebook page for his Barbecue Business.

The next step after configuring your Automated Chat bot is.

facebook messenger bot for business



4. Designing the work Flow.


A work flow is simply the behavior and attributes that you want your automated Chat bot to exhibit.A work flow can be.

  • greeting text.
  • Displaying an Image.
  • Responding to a text (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Responding to Comments on Ads.
  • Accepting Payments
  • Custom Redirects

And so on.

We are simply going to implement a simple workflow to solve the task assigned to use my Mr Emmanuel.

Click the link below to read the last edition in this series so that you can understand better.

How to use Facebook Messenger Bot To Grow Your Business Part 1.

According to the task assigned to us to solve, The outlined workflow would be.

  • Greet Visitors when they Arrive.
  • Display Food Items and Menu.
  • Redirect them to the website for final orders.
  • Auto responding to customers when they want to ask a question.

We are going to implement this workflow now, and the first of them is.

facebook messenger bot for business

  • Greet Visitors when they Arrive.


A chat bot works pretty much like a website does, and i mean when you visit a website for the first time all you ever see is a landing page telling you about the business or company, the same goes for a chat bot . The above step shows you how to set up a proper landing page for your Bot.

The above illustration shows the landing bot functionality for Divine grills Barbecue.

It displays a welcome message first asking how their day is. So feel free t customize to any thing you want.

  • Display Food Items and Menu.

The next action we want our Bot to execute is to display available stocks or Menu so that our customers can have an overview of what we are offering.

We can do that by adding elements that we desire. Elements are building Blocks used in constructing out Automated chat Bots.

  • Redirect them to the website for final orders.

To redirect them to a third party platform we use the button element together with our website link on the our Chatfuel dashboard.

  • Auto responding to customers when they want to ask a question.

Most times our users wants to interact with the bot, and it will be  unwise not to provide a reasonable response. We do that by clicking the default answer.

Click this link to test the bot — >



We bring it all to a close here, there is a whole lot more to cover on creating and using the Facebook Messenger Bot, i’ll advise you look out and work out the platform mention here yourself you will kinda get used to it as you go along.

facebook messenger bot for business


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