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50+Profitable Business Ideas Everyone Should Know In 2020

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7 Money Making Online Businesses To Start in 2020

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One guy i love so much right now and i really think he has done pretty well when it comes to finance is Robert Kiyosaki.

and he made this illustration in one of his books about money problems.

I Quote.The inability for a person to handle his financial problems at a very early stage can be likened to a young man, who had a tooth problem but refused to treat it, thereafter it grows bigger into an infection, and he refused to look after it till it knocks him out and send him out of his job, after which he has no money to pay for his allowances and house rent, he is then sent out packing and now living on the street.

This parable is very straight forward, we are confronted with financial challenges since the day we where born into this world, but so many ignore this by getting a school degree, getting a safe job and waiting for retirement benefits.

The battle you refuse to confront will come for you later, but this time more ugly and stronger, We can build our financial intelligence by learning how to solve our money problems earlier in life.

What Is A Business ?

Business is the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products .

Any activity carried out with the sole aim of making money by adding adequate value is a business.

Benefits Of owning A business.

Now you have determine to start a business, pardon me to digress even more deeper onto why you really need to start a business.

1. Independence.

Trust me on this, nobody wants to be a detriments to anyone space so therefore we all crave independence at one point in our life .

One way to get the freedom and independence we desire is by starting a business.

2. Money.

Most people don’t understand the value and need for money till they are stucked at a major junction of their life running helter skelter for money.

The risks of forgoing a steady paycheck can pay off when you own your own business.

You can get rich in a small business, or at least do very well financially.

3. Personal Fulfillment.

You are  never fulfilled until you have made something up for yourself.

Owning and running your own business can be more satisfying and fulfilling than working for someone else

What Kind Of Business Can I Start ?

A lot of people make mistakes at this very point and some end up loosing money and begin to blame their selves and everyone .

They start a business because of trends,  because someone else is doing well in such a business.

Just like choosing a life partner or a career, starting a business is quite similar.

1 .Choose something you enjoy doing.

There are good business ideas. Starting a business is not always an easy task at some point in time challenges would come and the only thing that would keep you standing is the fact that you actually like what you are doing.

2. Choose the Business You Know and understand.

Another factor that keeps you strong and helps you build a stronger and a better foundation for your business is the knowledge immersed and acquired over time.

you should therefore choose a business that you know and understand very well.

3. Choose a Business that will make money.

Choosing to start a business only because you enjoy doing that thing will never guarantee it success.

One major and important factor to have in  mind is the  capability such a business to generate money over time best business ideas to make money

Are you seeking a better and an alternative source of income?,

Do you intend developing a career then this post would guide you into choosing your preferred option to success on the internet here are a full  list of business ideas

Business Ideas For Students and  Teenagers.

According to scientific research, a Teenager or a Young Adults are person whose age lies in between 12 and 21 years.

This stage of growth have been discovered to be very sophisticated among all stages in life because of the transformation taking place from childhood to Adulthood.

Another reason why this age group matter most is because a person’s life ambition and future is determined from this stage.

A lot have been said to affect persons in this stage and some of this includes Media, Peer pressure and the environment at most.

Most people find it difficult to decide who they want to be in life and in most cases end up living in shadows because of hidden factors that comes alongside this growth stage.

Are you presently in this stage of your life , seeking guidance on career or profession you should embark on ? This post is here to guide you.

1. Writing and E-Book Publishing.

Are you skilled in writing articles, you can monetize your skills and turn it into cash flow. There are so many offline and online platforms that could utilize your skills and pay you cash in return.

Here is an article on writing that i recommend you read.


2. . Acting and Cinematography.

Are you funny ?, Do your peers find you interesting ?, then stand up comedy is a career you should consider alongside schooling.

Here is an article i recommend that you read to help you get started as a stand up comedian.

3. Disk Jockey.

while growing up into adulthood you are likely to have friends who like to party and rock life to the fullest in most cases you would find this category of people in college. Gaining some knowledge in disk jockeying can put you on their payroll.

4. Web Designer/ Web Developer.

The internet is becoming more commercialized now and so many business require highly skilled web developers and designers on their project.

You can earn close to $1K Per month as a developer, all you need is basic knowledge in some very few programming terms.

This article would help you launch your career in the industry.

5. Blogging.

Blogging is wonderful especially if you are the type that cannot stay off the internet and always want to influence in one way or the other. Owning a Blog can put you at the top of your game.

There are limitless streams on income attached to blogging especially when your blog becomes a sensation.

You can read my article on starting out a blog.

6. Vlogging.

This involves sharing contents in form of videos. A perfect way to explain this is the advent of YouTube Channels. You can start Vlogging today on an interesting topic that vibes you and make money from it.

Here is an article on starting and making money with your YouTube Channel.

7. Music.

Music varies in multiple dimensions and it is left for you to decide. Either you become a Musician, Music Producer or an Instrumentalist. There are so many teens today who have become billionaires overnight all thanks to discovering their musical talent.

8. Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is often referred to as online marketing, internet marketing or web marketing. Digital Marketing is a type of marketing that involves the use of digital tools for marketing purposes. Digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google provides advert functionality for business owners.

One of the most important skills to acquire in the 21st century is digital marketing.

9. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing simply means selling for commission, this can either be online or offline. There are so many business plagued with poor sales and they need vibrant and intelligent people to sell for them.

You can take up the challenge and turn it into cash flow. If you rather stick online, you should consider tapping into local affiliate program available in your location.

Here is an article i recommend you read in order to get started with Affiliate marketing.

10. Game Development.

As a student or a teenager, you are full of energy and strength and this affects your creativity and the way you think, the game development industry is seeking young minds like you.

Games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds are created by human beings like you and i must tell you that they have made very good money by just making people happy, you can also do the same.

You don’t need to know too much to be able to design a game, in fcat game development is a very interesting field and i recommend you  begin to look into it.

Here is an article i recommend that you read to help you get started as a game developer.

Business Ideas For Women.

So much more have been spent on women empowerment all over the world.

It has however been discovered that women involvement in economic activities plays a larger role in economic development and can boost the economy by 90%.

It has also however be discovered that In 40% of economies worldwide, women are more likely to become self employed than their male counterparts.

Are you a woman reading this blog post ?

Do you seek another alternative to your finance as a woman ?. kindly stay tuned to this blog post.

women business ideas every lady needs to be aware of.and business ideas for moms

1. Agric Business.

Women are naturally careful and gentle people which makes them more fit to run agriculture businesses even than their male counterpart.

You can start with a very light weight cultivation of vegetables or even start with livestock farming or even a plantain plantation.

I might not be an agro-expert but i know a very good agri business that makes very good money, this is more reason why i recommend that you read this article.

2. E-commerce.

E-commerce simply entails selling goods and services via an online medium mainly a website. E commerce has become one of the most profit generating and low cost business in the history of the internet all you need to get started is a website.

you can start listing product you sell and later start collecting a kind of commission for listing other peoples product.

There are various online store overseas that allows you buy products at cheaper rates and sell for a greater commission and a very few of them is,

You can also leverage on the use of social media to promote your online store

Here is an article on creating an e commerce website.

3. Tattoo Artist.

Are you a very good artist, starting out your own tattoo outlet can be a very good and lucrative business you can ever imagine, there are so many young people who are wiling to pay a very huge amount of money to get an ink on their skin

4. Cleaning Business.

cleaning business is one million dollar business idea that can not go out of existence, there are still many people who needs professional cleaning services for their homes and offices.

That’s where you can come to help.

For example, if you’re interested in big business, you should start a commercial cleaning business..

While if you’re planning to start a small cleaning business that cost little, you can choose to be a residential house cleaner.

5. Hair styling.

Who loves to look good if not women themselves, women are more self conscious of their hairs than their male counterpart .

Building a business around hair dressing is not a bad idea either.

If you don’t have a shop, you can  make it a home delivery service. Social media is a very rich platform to start getting clients.

6. Child Care.

Can you teach a potential Mom how to take care of a child ?, He** No, starting a nanny business would also be a wonderful business idea as a woman.

There are so many busy mom’s who do not have enough time to look out for their kids most times because of their jobs, these category of people are willing to pay an expert who can do it for them

7. Interior Designing.

Come to think of it, women are naturally home makers and there is no doubt that they will perform well in giving the internal part of a building wonderful and amazing designs.

8. Food Service Business.

Talking about the kitchen, the women are naturally endowed with skills and talent to last long and perform exceptionally brilliant in the kitchen than men, why not turn it into a business.

There are thousand of people wiling to pay for good food.

Read this article to help you get started with your food business.

9. Fashion Designing.

Majority of women love and care about the way they look and don’t mind spending a fortune on what they like to wear.

Starting your own fashion line would be a very big line of business for you as a woman

10. Blogging.

Do you have an idea or a knowledge on a particular topic or area, starting a blog can become a profitable business for you.

Owning a blog gives you the chance to stand out and make monthly income via various means.

You can read my Blog post on owning a Blog.

11. MLM Network Marketing.

Network marketing also know as independent sales, stands as one of the most innovative ideas in the 21st century,it has however created more millionaires than any other home based businesses

You stand a chance to getting paid monthly and getting rewarded by growing your team and selling the companies products.

12. Affiliate Marketing.

This involves selling or performing a task for the sole aim of earning a commission. You can subscribe as an affiliate program to any business you see lacking sales online or offline.

If you intend subscribing to an affiliate program online here in Nigeria here are some examples.
Jumia Affiliate program, you can as well visit factories and tell them you can help them with sales only if they can offer you a commission on every sale.

13. Online Courses

You can start an online course on YouTube, Instagram and all other social media platform on a topic you love and understand the most.

For example, teaching your courses via YouTube will allow you earn money based on how many viewers you get. You can teach a course in catering, Beauty and Spa, Health and Wellness and Tailoring.

This article would help you get started

14. Software Development.

Software development involves building and maintaining code bases for websites and software program All it takes to get started is a computer and some few basic programming knowledge.

There are diverse software to help you and a few is a CMS builder like WordPress which can help you build fabulous websites.

I wrote a guide that would help you scale your software career.

So many business  websites are built with WordPress, WordPress is very easy to learn and master.

15. Sell your own products.

We live in a world of creativity and this has accounted more for most success of ladies in entrepreneurship.

Do you have an new or existing product idea you can roll it our to the general public, once it solves a relevant problem, you are in business already.

16. Motivational Speaking.

We all have one or Two story to tell about our struggles and how we came out it, there are so many people going through similar challenges and are seeking a way out that issue among these issues are Depression, Rape Career, religion and many others.You can start motivating others from your past experiences

Just in case you need to get your voice out there, here is an article to help you get started with a Podcast.

Business Ideas For Retires.

According to Financial expert and economist, one of the major causes fear which has led to more death of older people and retiree’s is the fear of life after retirement.

This fear has killed more people than ever, especially if they are the type who spent their entire lives at a particular job and never planned effectively for the life after that job they so desire.
I hereby use this opportunity to advice young ones and matured adult not to spend their entire lives on a profession or a job, but should maximize the early and juicy days of their lives building a system that would pay them for life, and there is no other system than building a business.

Anyway it is never too late to start, so many wealthy and successful business men started at the latter part of their lives some of which are Colonel Sander of KFC and many other.

Here are the few profitable business to embark on after retirement.

1. Consulting.

As a retiree, you spent your entire life on a particular profession definitely you must have had a whole lot of experience.

so therefore many people are going to need your advice and expertise in your area of specialization, you can as well offer it as a service.

Popular areas of expertise you might fall to are Law, Security, Medicine, Education and many others.

2. Agriculture.

Agriculture will always be one business that will never go into extinction, agri business does not necessarily means Farming,there are a whole lot of people doing that on a larger scale.

Most of this farm produce are in need of packaging and storage, you can offer to package them and sell them locally and export them if you like.

Here is also an article i recommend that you read to get started with Agriculture.

3. Real Estate .

Real estate is one of the major industries that can give you real time cash.Real Estate as a business has many branches some of which are –

  • Property Development.
  • Realtors.
  • Renting and Leasing.

You can read my article on real estate to learn more

as retirees we may be lucky to own houses while still working in our major business field, we can lease such property for rent after retirement, we also have friend and Family who wants to sell their houses, we can offer to do that for them and take a commission.

Lastly , if you are however financially buoyant you can start your own property development company with the aid of angel investors.

Read this article to help you get started with Real Estate.

4. Service Bases Businesses.

Service based business like of dry cleaning, Oil and Gas business, Hotel Business, making of fruit juice, logistics, Transportation, Nursery and Primary school can be also very profitable for retirees.

5. E commerce.

The future of Trade is E commerce. The business model behind e commerce involves selling of products for a commission.

Buyers can connect sellers on the platform then the sole-owner takes commission off successful sales.

This business models requires a whole lot of system in place most of which would require the help and assistance of younger people, of course a website should be in place and the whole techy  and logistics  should be handled by younger people.

Business Ideas For Anyone.

Whether you are are an adult or a youth or a stay home mom, here are the very few businesses recommended that you can always start any time.

1. Event Planning.

We live in a world where thousands of event are held every day, from wedding events to corporate events. Event planners are usually needed to plan and organize these events.

2. Laundry Service.

We live in the computer age when people like to automate things for themselves even to the point of laundry. There are various la

3. Handmade Jewelry.

In an African setting where jewelry is largely consumed than any part of the world, starting a jewelry business is not a bad idea either.

4. Real Estate Broker(Realtor).

Right now, real estate is the deal, so many people wants cheap and affordable home ,you can become an intermediate in between them and earn commission on every sale.

Read this article to help you get started with real estate.

5. Modelling.

Are you naturally endowed with the basic needs and requirements to become a model, you can sign up in a local model agency around you.

6. Computer Repair.

So many household and cooperate bodies all over the world own a computer device and rely on the use of computers in order to perform day to day task, so therefore there are 100% likelihood that they will develop faults and they will definitely need technicians with enough knowledge to fix.

7. Child Care.

There are very few full time housewives nowadays, more women are not letting child bearing put them behind, so they seek child care services to help them with their babies while they are not around.

8. Car Washing.

Not every car owner enjoys washing his car, most times they prefer taking it to a proper car wash to handle.


9. Baking.

Fast food have become the culture of the day most especially in cooperate organizations where proper breakfast and lunch is not likely to come around.

In the absence of the above they all turn to baked meals, which are easily accessible.

10. Tailoring.

Fashion has becoming one of the most sought after profession in the 21st century as millennial have become more conscious of what they wear. A little skill in Fashion designing can earn you very good income.

11. Disk Jockey.

Millennial are known to party hard than any other generation that ever existed in history so therefore the need for Disk Jockeys are becoming relatively high,

12. Personal Trainer.

Are you a fitness enthusiast ? you  can make money out of it, Most people needs a personal trainer to help them in exercises and working out, you can start by helping people in the Gym and make more good money out of it.

13. Drive An Uber.

Taxi services like Uber, Taxify and Bolt allows drivers all over the world to partner with them and earn commission based on every trip completed. All that is needed to become a partner is a very good car and a valid drivers licence.

14. Travel Consultant.

So many people needs who to tell them about the best tourist destination, the best study country and holiday trips and deals. Becoming a travel agent helps you build substantial income.

Travel consulting is a huge money making business and this is why i wrote an article on this.

I highly recommend you read this article so as to get you started as a Travel Consultant.


15. Social Media Manager.

Many businesses are going online and hosting social media accounts, most of them need experts to help them handle their businesses on social media.

16. Blogging.

Blogging simply entails publishing information on a particular or various topic of interest on a custom online platform.

Do you know or intend to learn about a particular Topic, then blogging is the right career for you. There are thousand and millions of search queries being made very minute, everyone is seeking for information one way or other and they mostly land on Blogs.

Read this article to help you get started as a blogger.

17. Web designing and Development.

A website simply puts a business online, there arr thousand of Businesses and companies seeking for web designers, most are ready to pay you a fortune to design their websites for them.

All you need to get started as a web designer is to understand some few basic programming language like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

18. Digital Marketing.

Online Advertising is becoming increasingly popular nowadays and most companies and business owners look for Digital Marketers to help them advertise their business on Social media and Digital marketing platforms like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

All you need to get started as an Digital Marketer is to simply take like a 2 day course on how to place ads on these platform.

19. E Book Publishing

E Book stands for Electronic Book. Are you a talented writer, looking for a platform to distribute your books, you can do this virtually by converting your books into E book and selling them for a tagged price.

You can sell your Books on Online Book Store like Amazon Kindle or sell them on your website.

20. Social Media Influencing.

Social Media Influencing allows you to convert your social media community into paying audiences. It entails building your social media community massively and then monetizing it. Companies and Brands are ready to Pay you any amount based on how popular and relevant your social media community is.

All you need to get started as a Social Media Influencer is an active Instagram, Facebook, YouTube page as well as useful and well established contents.

You can choose to dish out contents on any preferred Niche, Once you reached a hit you can them monetize it using this platform built for influencer’s called Hype.Buzz, Or Google Adsense for YouTube

21. Graphics Designing.

Do you have passion in imagery,then you can start your graphics design career online, there are numerous business and individuals willing to pay you a fortune to design a captivating creative online. You can charge as high as $5 per creative.

22. E commerce.

E commerce means Electronic commerce, it’s business models is simply based creating a platform where people with needs can come and shop and goods are delivered in the comfort of their home. By far E commerce have created more millionaires than any other online business so far, the richest man in the world is into E -commerce Business.

You can start and E – commerce Business for as low as $100 and start connecting buyers and sellers in one platform.

In conclusion, the above mentioned online business model can be started at no cost and later return to fetch any individual involved in them a huge amount of money and later become a passive income stream. Here are other Money making business you should also explore.

23. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a business model that allows you to get reward based on helping or converting leads into paying customers.

You can read my article on affiliate marketing.

24. Trade Crypto currencies.

Crypto currencies are becoming increasingly popular and has become a platform that has created more millionaires than ever.
Trading cryptocurrencies is as easy as buying and selling. All you just need to every trade in cryptocurrencies and be profitable is to follow the principles of buying Low and sell High.

25. Forex/ Binary Option.

Forex and Binary Option are simple platforms that allows you to trade on currencies which later earns you a percentage in profit which you can cash out  in your local currency. There are various trading platforms that allows you to trade on currencies.

You can explore this platforms in your spare time and start earning with just little capital invested.


So many people are afraid to start a business because they lack start up capital, i have written a guide to help you with any stress that you might encounter and i highly recommend that you read it.

Another issue with owning a business is competitors,  and here is an article i recommend you read in order to start dealing with competitors in business.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Web developer| Digital Marketer| Entrepreneur.

I love sharing great things

You can connect with me on twitter @_udemezue


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