5 Tips To Help Grow Your Business On Instagram In 2020

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Individuals, brands, and organizations now seem interested in marketing themselves through Instagram. Why? Because these of it’s massive engagement.


What is Instagram ?

Instagram is an American photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc.

It was created by an American programmer Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and launched in October 2010 exclusively on iOS.

After its launch in 2010, Instagram rapidly gained popularity, with one million registered users in two months, 10 million in a year, and 1 billion as of May 2019.

In April 2012, Facebook acquired the service for approximately US$1 billion in cash and stock.

As of October 2015, over 40 billion photos had been uploaded to the service.


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Why you should choose Instagram for your Business.

Here are cool Instagram business tips to help put your brand and business in front of potential customers.

1. Put a Face to Your Brand.

Instagram is no doubt a photography platform and it can help you form a form of connection with users.

You can share pictures and videos of your team and happy customers to engage your audience.

This can in turn build brand awareness and trust,

2. Boost Your Sales.

If your customers trust you they will buy from you.

One way Instagram can help your business it to boost sales.

You can use Instagram to update your followers about sales and special promotions.

You can leverage on stories to reach out to your entire audience.

You can use Instagram Stories to offer discounts and run flash sale. You can also run contests to keep your customers interested.

3. Connect with like-minded people and businesses.

Social media provides and avenue to connect with like minded people and business.

you can follow other brands that are relevant to your niche and learn from their success stories.

This can help you innovate and expand your brand without even going for extra consultations.

4. Instagram Differentiates Personal Profiles from Business Profiles.

Just like Facebook Page is to business owners, Instagram also introduced it business section of it’s platform to help business owners to scale.

Instagram introduced the business profile functionality to differentiate business account from personal profiles.

If you turn your account into a business account, you will unlock a world of features to help promote your business.

Some of these features include having a call to action button for your page visitors, the ability to promote your posts with ad dollars, and access to account insights.

It also gives Instagram users a clear understanding that the page they are on is owned by a business and is not just a personal Instagram page.

Making this adjustment allows you to set your account up for success to reap all of the benefits of Instagram.

5. Instagram can be used to fuel your other marketing efforts.

Social media are best utilized when they complement each other.

Dont spend and grow your business solely on on social media platform.

If you are starting from Facebook as a newbie then you should consider shifting slowly to Instagram or Twitter that way your business is properly validated online.


6. You can partner with influencers.

Influencer marketing is one of the most potent internet marketing strategies.

When it comes to social media, you have your regular viewers, and then you have influencers.

For those not in the know, influencers are online celebrities who will often promote a brand or product and take it into the mainstream.

A well known influencer can bring your company;s sales to a whole other level through increased return on investment and access to demographics that you wouldn’t normally reach.

If you use a well-known influencer, then they can spread word of your company or product to millions of followers with just a few posts.

7. Instagram Is Mobile.

Other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all started out as websites .

This is not the same story with Instagram, Instagram started directly with mobile apps  and this has been attributed to its untimely success.

Since 90 percent of time spent on mobile is spent on apps, your company should take advantage of this and make your posts accessible to viewers wherever they go via Instagram.

Smartphone users tend to turn to Instagram because it has a cleaner style than the cluttered view that Facebook can create, and with engagement on Instagram being 10 times higher than on Facebook, you will want to get on the bandwagon.

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Tips To Help Grow Your Business On Instagram

If you are launching a new product or service, use Instagram to provide a sneak peek into your latest offerings.

As a Business owner, here is how you can using Instagram for business and make the most out of it.

1. Testimonial Matters .

A positive review from an old client can help brands gain more followers and build trust around your business.

Make sure you always upload testimonials gathered from previous and existing customers.

2. Explore Instagram’s Built In Tools.

Instagram comes with a lot of awesome free inbuilt and most times third party tools. Inbuilt tools like Photo filter, Hashtags and other amazing third party tools that can be used to optimize your Instagram business for optimum visibility.

3. Advertise Correctly.

Instagram allows us to build a community and this can be tracked by how many followers you have over a period of time.

However no matter how many followers a business or an individual might have gained over a specific period of time, there is still some kind limitation to how many people can be reached once at a time, this calls for the need to learn and understand paid advertising.


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Spending $150 a week on paid Instagram Ads can do your business a whole benefits

4. Experimenting with Instagram Stories.

Brands can use Instagram stories to connect with users. The stories handle placed right above the news feed. Its location means that many users interact with stories on a daily basis.

This is an excellent way for brands to keep their customers posted with their latest offers and deals, without interrupting their fun.

If you are not very crafty with creating and generating contents, then you should consider using Instagram stories.

5. Collaborate up with Influencers.

Influencer are individuals, who have built reputation and trust on Instagram, one way to get your business up and running on Instagram is by partnering with local influencers around.



Instagram has grown over the years in terms of following and users.

This social media application has quickly evolved from being an entertainment platform to providing growth opportunities to Businesses of all kind. Instagram as a tool can help you scale your business from zero to hero

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