How To Become A Jumia Affiliate And Make Money In 2020

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How To make 500k Monthly as a Jumia Force Agent
How To make 500k Monthly as a Jumia Force Agent

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So many top brands has enforced various marketing strategies some of which involves the use of digital technologies such as teleision, radio and paper print Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.
The above mentioned forms of advertising have been most effective till the introduction of affiliate marketing which is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

It has also been discovered that U.S. affiliate marketing spend and predicted that total affiliate marketing spend will grow 10.1% each year until 2020.
Total affiliate spend in 2017 is predicted to be $5.3B. By 2020, that spend may rise to $6.8B.

Big brands now utilize the use of affiliate marketing to engage their audience and also build trust.

Here is an aricle on affiliate marketing guide written by me on this blog.


About Jumia.

Jumia is an online marketplace in Africa for electronics, and fashion among others.The company is also a logistics service, which enables the shipment and delivery of packages from sellers to consumers, and a payment service, which facilitates transactions among participants active and Jumia’s platform in selected markets.

It has partnered with more than 50,000 local African companies and individuals and is a direct competitor to Kilimall in Kenya, Zuwanu and Konga in Nigeria.

Started in 2012 in Lagos, the company currently has a presence across more than 10 African countries.

Jumia Conglomerate.

In addition to the regular Jumia store. Jumia has also joined it e commerce counterpart Amazon to also launch into other business and these are.

1. Jumia Travel .

Jumia launched Jumia Travel alongside it platform in 2013
a hotel booking platform and travel ticket booking platform that allows you book and pay for flights both home and abroad.

2. Jumia Food.

Jumia food allows for the combination of food vendoes and end customers.
You can place orders for food to a food vendor closer to you.

3. Jumia One

Jumia launched Jumia One an app that enables customers to pay bills such as airtime and utility bills.

4. Jumia Pay.

Jumia also launched their online payment processing platforma secure payment for people to shop on all Jumia services. This was followed by the Jumia lending programan initiative that allows its vendors to access business loans.

Jumia Incentives.

There are various platform developed by Jumia Nigeria to connect customers with trained personnel’s who helps them shop online and in the end they are rewarded in cash on a certain percentage.

In simple Layman’s term, Jumia simply rewards you to help a customer shop on Jumia.

You might be shocked and surprised that not everyone can navigate a website properly, don’t laugh and don’t act surprise, only 20% of the total population in world can use an website properly.

The remaining 80% are very crude in their approach to technological tools.

Are you looking for a profitable and an easy way of making money ?, you can become a Jumia Force Agent today at no cost at all.

Jumia has two programs in respect to this and they are .

1. Jumia Affiliate program.

The Jumia Affiliate program is an Affiliate program owned and managed by Jumia which allows you to make money when customers shop through your referals.

Jumia Affiliate program provides you with a custom backend to help you monitor your sales and cash out every month.

Advertising banners and Links are automatically generated for promotional purposes.

The jumia affiliate program works for people mostly with a website, active social media accounts or a wide range of online audience.

There is no limit to what you can earn via the Jumia Affiliate program.

2. Jumia JForce Program.

The Jumia JForce Program is an affiliate platform that allows you become an independent sales consultant for Jumia.

As an independent sales consultant, you have complete freedom and control over your activities on Jumia.
Build your own successful business.

The sky is the limit!
You build a team that earns you extra commission.

You are in control of your time and how much you can make and you can work from anywhere in the world.

You make commission selling items supplied by Jumia.

Your efforts are rewarded, the more you work, the more you earn! You earn money even shopping for yourself on Jumia.

Zero capital to start which is the bedrock to earn.

You progressively move up our internal scale and get higher commissions.

Jumia provides you excellent knowledge and skills. that makes sure that you become a fully empowered businessman and businesswoman ,Gain new skills and develop your self-confidence.

Here is how the Jumia J force platform looks like

How To make 500k Monthly as a Jumia Force Agent
How To make 500k Monthly as a Jumia Force Agent

The first step to begin your journey is to register officially as a Jumia Force Agent. All you need is a valid email address, Phone Number and a valid account number.

Click the link to register Now.

After successful registration, a jumia representative would call you and give you further details but in the mean time make sure you get to work, open the Jumia Force dashboard and explore round about.


Just in case you doubt how real or genuine this can be this few testimonials would help you.

1. Oladimeji Suara – Nigeria

My name is Oladimeji, I am a Jumia Sales Consultant from the South-East region, Nigeria.

I joined JForce during the last quarter of the year 2014, just to try it out.

I really didn’t know if it was going to work out but I believe in trying any new business opportunity.

The JForce has proven itself to be a program aiming at empowering and enriching the next would-be entrepreneurs

Most of us, no matter what profession we are in, are gravely concerned about failure and do everything to avoid it.

We forget that failure comes to teach us some priceless lessons and is the foundation on which we build a meaningful and successful life.

This failure has literally been my driving force since I registered as a sales consultant with JForce and it has helped me to move from the probationary to the Gold level in JForce and still climbing.

I got to hear about JForce through a Jumia dispatch rider who advised me to join as he saw I was already shopping for many of my friends online.

Jumia JForce is a program designed to empower and enrich entrepreneurs through online shopping (E-Commerce).

My first official order(s) in the program was placed for my senior colleague and it was the only order I placed for the whole month; quite discouraging huh?

But I was not discouraged: after all, I started this business with virtually nothing so I stayed focused.

I ensured that I do this business wholeheartedly because it is what I love to do and I believe it will help my clients especially those with little or no experience and expertise in using computer/internet.

The most interesting thing is that JForce has given me the opportunity to become a friend of many interesting, hardworking and intelligent people I might not have known otherwise.

My supervisor is a good example: she is young, smart and intelligent. This lady is awesome, very supportive!

As a JForce member, the earlier you realize that sales are the main bottom line; the better. However, don’t think having a pre-knowledge of sales or marketing is the key to be successful in this business.

The Jforce page on Jumia states the requirements are: some experience in sales and being passionate about entrepreneurship. I disagree with the former but agree totally with the later, apology to JForce for that!

What you need is passion and the desire to be your own boss; this is the drive that is capable of taking you to the next level, becoming a pro sales agent in this program.

Never lose your focus and make sure you are making the most of every opportunity. Help your clients find solutions to their problems and be quick about it.

I assure you, the best support comes from your supervisor (hint: Clinch to him or her and follow his/her guidelines) and your fellow JForce members


2. Clarice Odando- Kenya.

In an interview, Clarice Odando, the JForce Manager, said that the program has so far recruited and trained more than 6,000 agents since its inception in 2013, more than half of whom joined within the course of the previous year.

“Our aim is to recruit 20,000 agents by the end of 2018. In the process, Jumia hopes to bring much needed self-employment to youth across the country, in line with Jumia’s vision to change people’s lives through the internet,” said Odando.

But how does one become a JForce agent, how easy – or difficult – is it to join the program?

Odando says that not much is much is needed for someone to become a JForce agent. All one needs is a smartphone that can access the internet after which they go to the platform, register and beginning making orders on behalf of their clients.

And joining the JForce program doesn’t really need a prospective agent to have cash.

Anyone, regardless of their background or educational achievements, can become a JForce agent by signing up for an account, receive free sales and digital training from the Jumia team and then begin making orders and earning their commissions.

This means that the program is open to anyone who is ready and willing to sell.

While there’s no difference in pricing whether a client buys direct or through a JForce agent, the program is beneficial to those who’re not tech-savvy and thus unable to navigate through the site to make their own orders as it creates a lot of convenience as it enables them to make purchases through a third party more flexibly. It’s basically an avenue for those who’re not online to buy items from Jumia.

“What the JForce agents do is that they buy or place orders on behalf of customers and get their commissions once the order has been delivered to the clients. With JForce, we aim to bring on board and attract those who’re currently not online and unable to use the platform to also make purchases from the Jumia platform via an agent or third party,” noted Odando.

After signing up, an agent can – without investing any capital to purchase products – sell a huge variety of products (over 700,000) to customers in their neighbourhoods, thereby becoming their own bosses.

For every sale, JForce agents earn commissions ranging from 3 to 10 per cent. The commissions are calculated according to the categories of the products and items sold as well as the quantities moved in the preceding month.

Consistent and hand-working (and lucky) agents get paid even up to Kshs 1 million per month in commissions depending on the volume of sales made.

And talking of commissions, I can’t forget to mention Juma Cheja. Juma Cheja was introduced to the JForce program in October last year by a friend. He then reluctantly signed up for the program the following month in November.

“I had quit my former job working as a sales rep for XTigi mobile phones in 2016 and when I joined, JForce I had been out of job for over a year. After joining, I approached my previous clients asking them for orders and luckily, my first order was 10,000 mobile phones. Then others also followed during the month,” said Cheja during a get-together organized by Jumia to recognize and award JForce who’d performed well last year.

For his efforts, Cheja was surprised when he received an account notification that over Kshs 200,000 had been transferred to him from Jumia as commission for November 2017. This came just a month after he’d joined the JForce program.

“In December, I became even bolder and decided to talk to even more of my previous clients. I ended up making sales of more than Kshs 28 million in that month, with a commission of about Kshs 500,000. I just bought a car with the commissions, the key is with my wife,” an elated Cheja told me, while pointing at his wife who’d the car keys.

No wonder he emerged the overall winner of an all-expenses paid trip to Dubai for 5 days during which he‘ll get to share best practice with the wider Jumia team at the firm’s head offices.

Of course not all of us are gifted salesmen – or have such a wide client network – as Cheja. Remember his focus is B2B (business-to-business), meaning that he sells to retailers who buy in bulk and later sell the same mobile phones to individual users and earn their margin.


Another important aspect of this business is to tell people about what you do. A perfect place to get resourceful clients are


You Family members are the first people to put in mind first when you want to start a business because they are very likely to patronize your service without question.

Make sure to talk to you nuclear and extended family about your business.

You can inform your Dad whenever he wants to buy a new appliance and seal up the deal.

Your distant relations are not also left behind. Try as much to connect with extended families like Aunties, Uncles, Brother and Sister in-laws about your new business.

They can also tell their friends about what you do.

2.University Folks and Friends.

The next caliber of persons that would be likely interested in your new business as a J-Force agent are your friends in higher institutions.

Every semester or year they always would love to change and upgrade their gadgets and school appliances.

Let them know that you are in a better place to do this than even themselves.

You can walk and talk to other students in other faculties in your school.

Talk to lecturers and HOD’s and also class heads and governors.

You never know they might like to host a mega project and would like to order a whole lot of items.


3.Cooperate Organizations.

This is the best bet and the surest way to make money.

Corporate places and firms like the church, school and offices have a huge load of gadgets and equipment that they want to replace either yearly or monthly make sure to let them know about your specialty

4. Social Media.

Social media is another medium to connect with prospective customers and clients to connect with your business.

You can create a Facebook Business page as regards this or just create awareness via your personal social media handles like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


To give everything a boost you can place a Facebook Ad to cold call prospective clients all over Nigeria. You never can tell there are about a thousand people who needs your service.

In conclusion, You can make up to a million by just assisting people place orders on jumia, tap into this opportunity today and kick-start your journey to become a millionaire.

Your total income within a month will be sent to your bank account every month – you would have submitted your account details during your course of registration.

For more inquiries or support, contact JForce scheme on:; or call them on: 01 277 2365. Feel free to use the comment section also.

Good luck making money as a Jumia Sales Consultant!

Do you have any question on this or wish to contribute, kindly share your comments below.

What do you think?

Written by Udemezue John

Web developer| Digital Marketer| Entrepreneur


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