(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

tidio chat review

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website


In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into the products or services of a business. Leads can be created for list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or sales leads.

One very potent way to generate leads from your online business is to integrate chatbots alongside your website.

A chatbot is a software application used to conduct an online chat conversation via text or text-to-speech instead of providing direct contact with a live human agent.

Chatbots have been around for so long now, since the advent of the internet, to be more precise, so don’t see chatbots as a newcomer.

Here is an article where I broke down the need, importance and strategy used in leads generation.

About Tidio.

Tidio is a communicator for businesses that keeps live chat, chatbots, Messenger and e-mail in one place.

This software cuts down on time it takes to communicate with your customers while also boosting sales and satisfaction by engaging visitors in real-time.

They can immeasurably increase the potential contacts generation on their website or messenger, thanks to this.

Websites Built With Tidio.

To show you that I am not just an ordinary preacher, I will be outlining some websites that I built using Tidio; in case you don’t know, apart from being a blogger, I am also a web designer and a digital marketing expert.

Here are a very few websites that I built and integrated the Tidio Live chat plugin into.

1. Wisebrain Consults (

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

Wisebrain Consults Is a property consulting firm that helps people own property in Lagos, Nigeria.

I created this website in 2019 to help generate customers, I tried so many options available, but Tidio was the best of all.

2. Amilado Properties and Homes(

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

Amilado properties and Homes is also a real estate consulting firm that helps people own homes in Lagos, Nigeria, Dubai, U.A.E.

Amilado properties and homes use Tidio to interact with their visitors from anywhere around the world.

3. MC NdTalk (

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

MC NDtalk is a master of the ceremony based in Lagos, Nigeria; he uses Tidio to interact with customers and book live events.

4. Avallon Spa (

Avallon Spa is a beauty and spa consult; I integrated Tidio alongside Avallon spa to help generate leads and nurture potential customers likely to book spa and beauty services in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tidio Features.

Apart from being a chatbot software, Tidio also brings terrific features to work with, and some of them are.

1. Real-time chat.

With Tidio, you can interact with customers on your websites in real-time; think of it like having a regular Whatsapp or Telegram conversation; all it takes to have a smooth discussion is integrated alongside Tidio live chat plugin.

You can easily blend with your customers with chat features like Emojis, Media sharing and file sharing.

2. Colour customisation.

Another fantastic feature I love about using Tidio is the freedom to customise your chat widget to the colour and feel you want.

Just take a look at the website I designed above; the colour I used blends with the website’s theme colour.

All you need to do is use a drag and drop colour picker or use an HTML colour code if you are a web developer.

You are free to change the colour anytime.

3. Customizable chat widget.

Tidio allows you to customise your chat widget to your use when talking about customisation.

You might allow your Chatbot to collect details such as phone number, email, or even house address; feel free to do whatever you like.

4. Full customer details.

With Tidio, you never lose a lead; everything you need to catch a customer is built into your chatbot to help capture leads. With Tidio, you can see real-time information on every customer that engages with your chatbot.

5. Email marketing integrations.

You don’t have to worry about running a different email campaign because all can be done in one place.

6. Mobile Apps.

We now live in an all-mobile age where everything is relatively mobile; with Tidio, you don’t have to worry about scalability because Tidio has you covered even on mobile.

All you need do is download the official mobile app via Google Play and Apple App Store, sign in with your credentials, and you are life; you don’t have to worry about missing any chat from potential leads.

7. Live chat, email, and Facebook Messenger integration.

Tidio is not a stand-alone platform because it includes integrations from powerful platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Emails, etc. If you already have a Facebook Page and want everything to be in sync with your Tidio chatbot.

8. Automated messages.

We are human beings, and we cannot be there to handle everything most of the time; this is why Tidio has a built-in automated messaging function that allows you to create a chat flow.

A chat flow allows your customer to get automated responses to frequently asked questions they might want to ask.

Tidio Pricing.

Another reason I recommend Tidio to any online business is the level of affordability that comes alongside its platform.

Tidio is cheap and affordable for small, medium and large scale businesses.
Here are the full details of the pricing on Tidio.

1. Tidio Regular (Free).

Tidio is one of the most chatbot software that allows users to get started with a free trial without a credit card integrated. The free plan gives you

1. 3 chat operators.

2. 500 Emails per month.

3. Unlimited Chats.

4. Desktop And Mobile Apps.

5. Visitors Info.

6. 3rd part apps Integration (WordPress, HTML, Joomla and many others).

7. Javascript API.

2. Tidio Chatbot Plan ($18/ Month).

This is another excellent plan from Tidio that allows you to do even more. Here are some of the features to be unlocked with this plan.
1. All the Free Features.

2. Unlimited active chatbots.

3. Chatbot templates.

4. Increased limit of unique

5. reachable visitors/month from 5k to unlimited.

6. Visual chatbot editor.

7. Zapier integration

3. Tidio Communicator Plan ($18/ Month).

With this plan from Tidio, you are allowed to do even more. Here are some of the features to be unlocked with this plan.
1. All the Free Features
2. New Incoming Visitor
3. Notifications
4. Live Typing
5. Viewed Pages
6. Live Visitors List
7. Additional chat operator seats
8. 10$ per seat

4. Tidio Mailing Plan ($10/ Month).

Tidio decided to add yet another exciting new feature with the mailing plan. This plan helps if you are particular about email marketing. Here are some of the features to be unlocked with this plan.
All the Free Features.

1. Unlimited contacts
2. No daily sending limits
3. Email templates
4. Email address validation
5. CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliance
6. Contact segmentation
7. Automated and scheduled campaigns
8. Visual email editor
9. Increased email sending limit/month.

4. Tidio Professional Plan (Custom price).

Maybe you want to go Pro completely with this plan and enjoy all these functionalities in a limitless manner; then the Tidio Professional plan is definitely for you. All free features are featured in this plan, and you also get dedicated staff assigned to you.

Here are some of the features that you stand to gain.

1. Live Chat & Chatbots & Mailing.

2. Dedicated Account Manager.

3. Pay for Only What You Need.

4. Up to No Limits

In my own opinion, I highly recommend sticking with the professional plan so that you will not have any limits or restrictions.

How Do You Create a ChatBot With Tidio?

This section will walk you through how you can create a chatbot from scratch with Tidio.

I will be using this website as an example website so that you see it for yourself. I choose not to integrate a live chat into this blog because I want my website to run with speed. This website is built on top of WordPress, but I will be integrating Tidio the traditional way.

1. Login To Tidio and Sign up.

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

The first step is to log on to the Tidio official website and create an account if you don’t have one.

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

You can use your native email addresses, Facebook, Wix or even Shopify.

In this article, I will be making use of my Gmail account. Fill out the form with your prefered password and a link to your existing website.

2. Configure Your chatBot.

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

Now that you are in, the next step would be to start customising your bot, including giving your bot an A name, displaying the image, and choosing a colour.

I will fill in my name and use the same colour as that of my website. Also, to let you know, you can choose your prefered language; I will be deciding on an English off-course.

Although I am English, Nigeria was colonised by Britain, so I am an English speaking individual.

3. Fill in More details.

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

In the third part of the sign-up flow, you would be asked to fill in more details about your website’s niche and location; fill in as-is.

4. Setup Your default Chatbot behaviour.

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website


This section allows you to set up your chatbot’s default behaviour; all you need do is choose a default; note that you can change this later.

5. Install the code on your Website.

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

This is the final part before you are redirected to the Admin panel of your Tidio dashboard; all you need do is to choose a platform on which your platform is built and install the code.

At this point, you might need to have a piece of coding knowledge, and if you can’t code, I suggest you source for a developer on Fiverr to help you.

You can chat me up or book me on Fiverr, I charge very little for this service, so you don’t have to worry.

Here is a link to my Fiverr chatbot Gig

6. Play Around the dashboard.

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

After you finish the installation on your website, you will be redirected to your dashboard, where you see everything going on at the backend. The dashboard allows you to set up your chatbot behaviour and deep settings.

7. Check it out on your website.

(Tidio chat Review) Why Tidio Is The Best ChatBot Solution For Your website

The last and final thing to do is to check if the chatbot was successfully set up on your website; the only way to do this is to log on to your website via a browser.

Here is my website, for example; as you can see, it is fantastic and exciting. You are also free to try sending a message, and you will see the feedback you get.

8. Download the app.

You don’t always have to be on your desktop to respond to customers or potential leads; you can get the official Tidio mobile app on Google Play and IOS Store, respectively, to make the process seamless.

Why Should You Use Tidio?

Maybe you still have other alternatives to Tidio. You are just comparing several options, or perhaps you even have a live chat installed on your website; I can boldly tell you to give Tidio a trial, and here are some of those reasons.

1. Clean UI.

With Tidio, the user interface of your chatbots is Usually sleek and does not experience any form of glitch.

When visitors come to your website, one thing that puts them off is the unresponsiveness of your Chatbot. Tidio has one of the best UI on the web for a chatbot.

2. Tidio is cheap.

Tidio is one the most pocket-friendly chatbot to get started with; you even get a no credit card sign up and even a lifetime of use with limited functionality; eventually, you decide to switch to a paid plan, then you never have to worry about pricing because Tidio is relatively cheap.

3. Tidio can be integrated alongside your other marketing channels.

There are so many ways to generate leads, and one of them is the use of chatbots; other methods that you might have subscribed to before now are social media and even email marketing, but with Tidio, all can be brought into one.

You never have to worry about running a separate Email or social media campaign without Tidio.

To bolster more on this, Tidio can be integrated alongside your Facebook Messenger bot and your existing E-mail campaign.

Try out Tidio now.

4. Tidio has various implementations.

No matter what technology is used to build your website, Tidio has you covered; from WordPress, Joomla, Shopify or even plain HTML, you can enjoy a seamless and smooth implementation with Tidio.

Getting started is all it takes to begin enjoying the awesomeness attached to using Tidio.



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