How To Create Rain In Minecraft



Ever wished you could control the weather in your Minecraft world? Whether you’re looking to quench your crops, create a dramatic atmosphere, or simply enjoy a rainy day, causing precipitation is achievable! 

This guide will explore various methods for bringing the rain, from simple in-game commands to creative coding techniques. 

So, grab your raincoat and umbrella, and let’s dive into the world of weather manipulation!

How Do I Create Rain In Minecraft?

The weather in Minecraft can be unpredictable, sometimes leaving you longing for a refreshing downpour. 

While you can’t directly control the natural weather cycle, there are several ways to trigger rain in your Minecraft world, depending on the version you’re playing and your comfort level with modifications.

1. Embrace the Elements (Java Edition).

If you’re playing Minecraft: Java Edition and have cheats enabled, you can use the in-game command prompt to bring on the rain. Open the chat window (press “T”) and type the following command:

  • /weather rain <duration>

Replace <duration> with a number indicating the desired rain duration in seconds. For example, /weather rain 60 will make it rain for one minute. You can also use /weather clear to stop the rain.

2. Code Your Rain (Education Edition).

Minecraft: Education Edition offers a unique way to make it rain through coding. In the “Make it Rain!” lesson, students can drag and drop code blocks to create a function that triggers rain. This is a great introduction to coding concepts within the familiar Minecraft environment.

3. Command Block Automation (Java Edition – Advanced).

For seasoned Java Edition players, command blocks offer a more automated approach. 

You can create a redstone circuit that activates a command block containing the /weather rain command when specific conditions are met, allowing you to trigger rain at desired intervals. 

This method requires some knowledge of redstone mechanics and command blocks.

4. Mod it Up (Both Editions).

The modding community has created various mods that alter Minecraft’s weather mechanics. 

Some mods allow you to control the weather directly, while others introduce environmental changes that increase the likelihood of rain. 

Exploring these mods can be a fun way to customize your Minecraft experience, but be sure to download mods from trusted sources.


It’s important to remember that using commands or mods might alter the intended gameplay experience. 

If you’re playing on a server, make sure you understand and adhere to the server’s rules regarding weather manipulation before proceeding.

So, the next time you crave a downpour in your Minecraft world, you have several options to summon the storm, from simple commands to creative coding and even utilizing mods. 

Choose the method that best suits your gameplay style and version, and enjoy the refreshing rain!

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