How To Remove Unity Ads From Android Phone

How To Remove Unity Ads From Android Phone



Unity Ads is a popular advertising platform that allows developers to monetize their mobile games by displaying ads to players.

While ads can be an effective revenue stream for game developers, some users may prefer to remove Unity Ads from their Android phones for various reasons, such as avoiding interruptions during gameplay or enhancing the overall user experience.

If you want to remove Unity Ads from your Android phone, this article will guide you through the process, providing you with different methods to disable or uninstall Unity Ads and enjoy an ad-free gaming experience on your device.

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How Do I Remove Unity Ads from My Android Phone?

Unity Ads is a popular advertising platform used by many app developers to monetize their applications.  While these ads can be beneficial for developers, they can be intrusive and annoying for users. 

If you’re tired of Unity Ads popping up on your Android phone and want to remove them, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this section, we will guide you through the process of removing Unity Ads from your Android device.

Before We Begin

Before we jump into the steps to remove Unity Ads, it’s important to note that Unity Ads are typically displayed within specific apps and games that you’ve downloaded. 

You can’t remove Unity Ads system-wide, but you can take certain actions to reduce or eliminate them within individual apps.

Here’s how you can remove Unity Ads from your Android phone:

1. Identify the Culprit Apps.

The first step is to identify which apps on your Android device are displaying Unity Ads. Typically, you’ll notice Unity Ads when you are using specific apps or games. These ads can be displayed as banner ads, interstitial ads, or rewarded videos.

To identify the apps displaying Unity Ads:

  •  Pay attention to the ads: Take note of the apps where Unity Ads are most commonly displayed. These are the apps you’ll want to focus on.
  •  Check app settings: Some apps allow you to disable ads or purchase ad-free versions. Check the settings within each app for such options.

2. Upgrade to Pro or Premium Versions.

Many apps that display Unity Ads offer a premium or ad-free version for a small fee.  Consider upgrading to the premium version of the app if it’s available. This will not only remove Unity Ads but also provide you with additional features and an ad-free experience.

3. Use an Ad Blocker.

If upgrading to a premium version isn’t an option or if you want to block ads across multiple apps, you can use an ad blocker app. 

d blockers like Blokada, AdGuard, or AdAway can effectively block Unity Ads and other ads from appearing on your Android device.

To use an ad blocker:

  • Download and install the ad blocker app from the Google Play Store. Make sure to follow the installation instructions carefully.
  • Open the app and configure it according to your preferences. You can typically choose which apps to block ads on and customize other settings.
  • Enable the ad blocker, and it will work in the background to prevent Unity Ads and other ads from being displayed.

4. Root Your Device (Advanced).

Rooting your Android device gives you complete control over its operating system.  This advanced method allows you to remove Unity Ads and other pre-installed apps that you can’t uninstall through standard means.

However, rooting your device can be risky, void your warranty, and potentially harm your device if not done correctly. Proceed with caution and research thoroughly before attempting this option.

5. Uninstalling the Game.

  • Locate the Game: Find the game icon on your home screen or in the app drawer.
  • Uninstall the Game: Press and hold the game icon, and select the option to uninstall. This removes the game, along with Unity Ads, from your Android phone.

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How To Remove Unity Ads From Android Phone

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Unity Ads can be a source of frustration for Android users, but you have several options for removing or blocking them. 

While it’s not possible to remove Unity Ads system-wide, you can take steps to eliminate them from specific apps or games using the methods mentioned above.

Remember that when dealing with ads, it’s important to respect the developers’ efforts to monetize their apps. Consider supporting them by purchasing ad-free versions or using ad blockers responsibly.

Also, remember to support game developers through alternative monetization methods when available, as they rely on ads to fund their creations. Enjoy your ad-free gaming experience!

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